Miku Hatsune 1/8 Cheerful Ver (GSC)Miku Hatsune 1/8 Cheerful Ver (GSC)Review


On March 11th, 2011 a 9.0 earthquake struck Japan triggering a 23-ft tsunami that swept through northern Japan that devastated the area. According to official numbers close to 16,000 died around another 6,000 were injured and around 2500 were missing from the disaster. The damage to the area was also estimated to be from anywhere between 15 to 40 billion dollars. The matter was made worse by the events that occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant causing the area to be exposed to radiation. Now I don't know if GOODSMILECMPANY set out to make this figure exclusively for helping with the Japanese relief efforts or if this was originally just going to be another figure. But sales of this figure would see 2,000 Yen donated to those relief efforts for each figure sold. The figure was based off of the illustration shown on the left by Bun150.

The figure is of Miku Hatsune, a very popular Vocaloid character. I don't think there is anyone on there that does not know who she is so I will dispense with her background.

The order period was during March of 2012 and she was made to order from the GSC online store. At this time she is only available on the secondary markets or sellers/stores that purchased several with the intent to resell. Even though the order period is over and no more donations are being made by the purchase of these figures, technically when you buy a brand new figure you helped contribute. This is because the figures had to be paid upfront so any existing figure already resulted in money being donated to the relief efforts. Now that doesn't mean those reselling for a substantial markup have any intention of donating further to the relief as well as the pre-owned figures. With so many Miku Hatsune figures out there the goal today is to see if she's worth considering out of the many figures to choose from.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Packaging: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆








GSC went with a windowless tower box design. More than likely they went with this approach since this wasn't a standard release not requiring viewing of the figure while in the packaging and of course to keep costs down. They do make good use of the increased surface area with the inclusion of the illustration the figure is based off of as well as the choice of pictures that show off the figure quite nicely. The colors are fitting for the theme of the figure but I doubt you really have the option of leaving the figure in the packaging since you can't see her!

Packaging weight and dimensions:
Weight 680 grams
H: 300 mm
W: 282 mm
D: 172 mm

The packaging is made of a lightweight non-corrugated cardboard. The weight was kept down due to the use of the lighter material however strength does suffer. The lateral compression resistance is sufficient but any compression from the front or back will cause the packaging to deform until it is compromised. Also, it seems that GSC or at least the shipping company they utilized packed the figure boxes badly in quite a few cases. This means the chances of you encountering a brand new figure with a beat up/damaged box is unfortunately good. The size of the packaging seems sufficient for the contents but it is big and may impact shipping costs. In the case of mine, they did not do a good job packing the the figure but the figure did arrive safely and the packaging was not damaged except for some rips on the tissue paper used to protect the box. She might get to you safely but the concern is the figure may already have been damaged getting to the seller first and since you can't see the figure inside without opening the packaging it is a gamble.

The bulk of the strength was provided by the two piece blister shown above. The pieces were secured by tape as well as a metallic wire to further secure it. The tolerances on the pockets seem sufficient and the figure is covered in plastic sheets to protect from rubbing and paint transfer. Instructions on how to mount the figure were included and it is appreciated as it is just not done enough.

A poster of her in a different pose is included. They stored it between the inner lining and the packaging so it maybe missed. This is definitely a nice bonus.

GSC did a decent job with the looks of the packaging. The pictures used showoff the figure quite nicely as well as the inclusion of the illustration. The protection could have been better but it is a common issue with most figure boxes. The real concern is how the figure may have been shipped by GSC. She may or may not get to you safely and shipping costs may be high depending on where you live. So my feelings are mixed but I guess expectations were met if you disregard the possible shipping issues by them.

Sculpting: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆
Sculpting credits go to Kiking who appears to be new on the scene with only a limited number of previous figures. Basically it looks like this figure will have to do all the talking and set the tone of what to expect for future offerings. In any case let's move onto the main attraction.


She looks good, right? Well this dynamic figure actually looks better in person. Let's start with her face. She looks great from various profiles and the transition from her jawline to neck is seamless and looks quite natural. The shape of her face appears accurate to the illustration and I love the job they did on her mouth. She appears youthful compared to the usual Miku figure as well.

Moving on down I think you'll agree her twin tails easily steal the show. The execution and level of detail is impressive for her scale. It looks great from various angles and makes her very dynamic. Just look at the detail put into those long strands of hair. The same can be said for her pompoms. Each streamer that makes up the pompoms are actually individual pieces! They are just as rigid as her hair so care should be taken with them as well less you break a piece off.

Taking a closer look you can see the details better. The only real concern is her hair is fairly rigid and the various strands could get caught on something and snap/break. They did a great job of miniziing the lines/seams you normally encounter. I love the job they did with her ribbons as well. Her headphones are mostly hidden behind her hair but from certain angles you can see they did a nice job with it. However it is just as fragile as her strands of hair. In any case her hair just looks fantasic and you can tell the time and effort they put into it.

Moving on down to her skimpy top, note her tie. Just like her other outfits you have a tie. This is because her original outfit was based off of a school uniform and this particular feature is often carried over to her various forms. Just like her hair it is very rigid and could break if you are not careful. Her outfit matches up nicely with the illustration and is detailed. The transparent portion showing off her cleavage does make this loli a temptress as well. I don't think I can think of another figure off the top of my head that shows of her cleavage. There are other figures that show off her underarms but I'd have to say they did a lovely job with the transition from her breasts to her shoulders. The skimpy top barely covers her body showing off her delicious midriff. If you needed a reason to get her this is probably one of them. No other figure readily comes to mind that shows of her firm tummy. And she's actually wearing that top. If you were to peek up her top from underneath you can see her flesh all the way to her breasts.


Her skimpy skirt matches up with the illustration quite nicely and is nicely detailed. It really looks like it is fluttering around as she leaps into the air. Unlike her top her skirt isn't fixed in place and can actually move around. It can't be shifted much but the amount you can move it does allow for more of her panties to be visible if desired. You'll probably want to avoid moving it around too much as it could scuff up her tummy. The transition from her flesh to panties was seamless and looks natural. The transition from her thighs to the knee guards was also seamless and looks natural as well.

Look at the detailing in her shoes. They used multiple pieces instead of trying to make it out of one. It all came together perfectly without any seams or gaps in sight. The attention to detail can be seen at the wrinkles in her shoes where they bend making them look realistic.

They did a fantastic job with her in regards to sculpting. The fit and finish were top notch and definitely something you expect from a made to order exclusive. The details were plenty and she appears accurate to the illustration. This porcelain doll met and exceeded expectations.

Painting: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆





GSC usually does a competent job coloring their figures using all the tools available. This figure isn't any different. Starting with her face you can see they placed her eyes precisely and they look bright and vibrant. They did a great job on her mouth and most importantly she has a blush. I've lost count of the times a blush was shown on the prototype or illustration but the manufacture did not deliver. And her complexion is quite fair while the prototype was more warm. Usually the flesh tone on the Miku figures I see are warm as well but this one is almost white as snow. She really is a porcelain doll. Her flesh isn't one flat color either as you can see they airbrushed it breathing life to it with accents and shading. You can easily see those at her tummy and transition points at her legs.

Note the details in her hair. It isn't one flat color but various shades giving her hair more depth and dimension. They did a great job accentuating the details. They even did the same for her pompoms. Her outfit seems to match up nicely with the illustration as well. The parts that were hand painted was done very precisely.

Just look at the stripping on her skirt. They did such a nice job I can't tell if those were painted on or decals. If they were decals then my hats off to them due to the uneven surface they had to work on. However it does look like they were hand painted but with pretty high precision. The decals used on her were kept to the bare minimum. The tinting used was strategic as the figure was heavily air brushed and painted so it looks like they didn't try to cut some corners on her and it really shows.

Look again at the lovely job they did on her midsection and legs. Even the trimming on her panties were hand painted with a high degree of precision. They didn't skimp at her shoes either. Look at the gradation used as her shoes shift from a dark orange to a lighter shade giving it more depth and dimension. From head to toe they did a fantastic job coloring her. If they skimped on her it wasn't in the coloring of her.

My expectations were met and possibly exceeded. She seems just like the prototype and close to the illustration. From head to toe they did a great job.

Posing: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆
There isn't really much to say here that you can't see for yourself. Below you can see the illustration that they based the figure on and she looks pretty close to me. Her positioning is slightly off in relation to the speaker but I don't think that really matters as almost everything else was spot on. The poster included is of a different pose though. Looking at it I'd say I preferred the one they went with due to the profile she presents. The way she looks back and the emphasis put on her taut frame as she strains makes her look both cute and sexy just like a Loli should be. 8Þ I think the positioning in relation to the speaker was probably more to minimize the mounting rod. If she was more close to the illustration the mounting rod would definitely stand out. She makes for a very dynamic figure due to the state of her hair, pompoms and pose. She looks great from various angles but display wise it seems she looks best at around eye level.

There really isn't much more to say. They did a great job replicating the illustration. They brought loli Miku to life successfully. Cheerful was definitely a fitting and accurate description of both her and how she'll make you feel as you look upon her. I don't think it would be possible for you to walk away without a smile on your face after looking at her and that happy face of hers. Expectations were met and exceeded.

Base: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆
Usually the base of a figure doesn't serve any purpose and sometimes they assist with the theme. However every once in a while the base is almost as important as the figure. I would have to say this is one of those cases. They could have just went with a regular base but instead they went the extra step to replicate the illustration almost perfectly. This was really appreciated as a nice base can make a great figure even better. They even went through the extra effort of providing instructions on how to setup the mounting rod for her even though it wasn't really necessary. The placement of it seems deliberate as it is almost impossible to see the mounting rod unless you look for it.

Below you can see the base sitting on a CD to give you an idea of just how small it is. You should have a lot of options for where to display her as it is just right for the figure and not take up too much room. The metal rod is pretty thick and I doubt it will break unless on purpose with the aid of tools. My only "issue" is that she wobbles somewhat on the figure end where she is mounted so if I'm not careful she could fall off from wobbling too much at the wrong angle while moving her around. Results will probably vary between figures and of course I could probably "fix" it if it really becomes an issue.

Expectations were met. The base gets the job done and more. It really adds to the figure especially with bringing the illustration to life. It's not too big so you should be able to display her in a lot of places without issue.

Enjoyment: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆
With so many Miku figures out there is this one worth considering? I'd have to say she is one of the best Miku figures I've seen to date and if you have the opportunity it would definitely be worth it to get her. Even if you are not a Miku fan she is a fantastic figure on her own. she is a dynamic and lively figure that looks great from various angles and can easily put a smile on your face. She was worth 12,000 Yen I paid for her and I do not regret it. From head to toe her fit and finish was top notch and I just don't see it varying much between figures. She is definitely the quality I expect of a made to order exclusive and I hope more companies follow suit with their level of quality and attention to detail. My expectations for this figure were met and possibly exceeded.

See you later.
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Awesome review as always, I want her even more now! ;_; So sad I missed her.
7 l. temu
"If you were to peek up her top from underneath you can see her flesh all the way to her breasts."

Nice discrete review, just the way I like 'em! Nothing gets left out. :P
7 l. temu
I love reading your reviews; the photos cover every inch of the figure and in great quality, and the size comparison to a CD is particularly helpful, as they're a standard size. Too often do I see comparisons given to things like coins that vary vastly in size xD The categories and scores are really well laid-out, and you justify your scores really coherently and fairly (I actually like that you don't give full marks). This Miku is a lovely figure and although I don't own her (she's a little out of my price range at the moment, sadly) I think you gave her the attention she deserves :) I hope you'll review the 1/8 Godoka figure after she's released!
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
I'm glad you decided to review her. I own this fig, but haven't gotten a chance to see her yet. Good to know she's spectacular!
7 l. temu
Now searching for her (and the money to get her) after reading this review
7 l. temu
I just had to comment and say, amazing review! I'm very proud to own this figure. It has a lot of sentimental meaning behind it, and I was happy to contribute to its cause [I also donated through Red Cross itself several times].

Here's hoping that something of that magnitude never happens again, and that Japan [and its people] continue to recover at a fast rate. To a country that has provided so much, it was heart-breaking to see. :(
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ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
The review is awesome as usual, but I can't keep wondering how do you scale the images to fit the page? No matter what I do the images always remain the same size they are :(
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iTheShirt Seasonally Otaku'd
Great review. This figure is practically priceless now. It has a lot of meaning under it. I wish I knew about it when I was donating to the red cross.
7 l. temu
StarshipPooper7 l. temu#1264335yes, 4/5 or 4.9/5 would be the max if that was the scoring.
If you honestly think something deserves 9.99999 surely it's more helpful to round it up and show it as 10. It sets apart the areas you think are pretty much perfect (9.99999) to the bits which are just great (9.0).

But again your way of scoring - I just think it's weird :p
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nofuture7 l. temu#1264320If MFC's rating system was out of 5 instead, would your maximum be a 4/5?
~9.5+ should be 10 imo, but up 2 u.

yes, 4/5 or 4.9/5 would be the max if that was the scoring.
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