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Whit the rise in price for scales and shipping I’ve started looking more into prize/low price figures to keep this precious hobby alive.
I already own a few PUP’s, a couple from Bandai, one sega and one Coreful by Taito. My favorites are the Coreful and PUP’s, are they perfect: No, but over all the finish is better than sega’s and Bandai’s offerings.

Is there’s a line or manufacturer you prefer? Is figuarts Zero any good? I’ve seen a lot of ppl not happy with them lately here on mfc. Is furyu a good option? All feedback is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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Without question, if there's one company I turn to for prize figures, it's gotta be Taito. I'm consistently surprised at their size and the quality of their sculpt. More than once, I've gotten a Taito prize of a character that cost me ~$30, and not only was it bigger than the equivalent $100+ scale, but it also looked a lot better.

So yeah, I go to them a lot. Other fallbacks are Sega SPM and Banpresto EXQ. Pop Up Parade is good, but not quite as diverse as the other two, and just simply do not have all I'm looking for yet, and with the L and XL lines they're releasing, they're not going to be all that cheap anymore either.
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Taito's prize figures continue to impress me year after year, they're definitely my go-to cheap option.
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As a Miku collector I have dozens of prize figures(´-﹏-`;)

Taito is probably my favorite haven't had any issues with the prize line and they have cute bases every time. I don't recommend the ones that retail for $80ish not worth it.

Furyu has some really good ones and really bad=_= noodle stoppers tend to be bad, I do like the bunnies cause they have real tights on a prize figure.

The only reason I like Sega is they'll do outfits/themes from the series that other lines won't. The quality is pretty consistent so far not great not terrible.

Banpresto is just eh never been disappointed or impressed by the line
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I own a few PuP and they're a bit... Varying, in terms of quality. Some have been pretty good, and others have been fairly lackluster.

I'm usually pretty fond of Furyu game prize figures, at least the Miku ones. They're not flawless, but for the price (if you snag em around 25-ish) I think they're worth it.
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i don’t really go for any manufacturers, i just buy things i like..i also know furyu is really good from what i’ve seen
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I'm new to collecting, and from what I've gathered, PuP are decent (although I find their figures lately have been on the lower quality, but a few newer ones are starting to pick up again), Furyu seems to be a miss (seeing the customer reviews & pictures). I'm one that usually waits for customer reviews, since you never know what you're actually going to get as a finished product (ex: sorry for the Eren fans, but that PuP figure ... Well yeah!)

At the moment, I have a Taito figure (Nanami), Banpresto (Eren Yeager, and he's so worth it for 40$) and a Bandai Spirit (Hawks, not my favorite, but ok for my 1st prize figure).
For Prize Figures, from my experience, I'd keep looking into Taito & Banpresto!
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I'm sort of impressed with Pop up parade line, the diversity of characters available is a great thing and they overall seem to have a nice pose and decent quality, even tho I'm not actively collecting nowadays, I might get some Pop up parade figures in the near future.
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FZO kinda good, but not everything is good (kinda like PuP not all figure in PuP are great quality) i think they are better than some prize figure, kinda like PuP but with effect
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