Komentarze One Piece - Sanji - Portrait Of Pirates Strong Edition - 1/8 (Me

  • well although i agree with you about the pose .. which yeah .. isn't anything special ... his face makes up for that. :3 i mean DAMN! megahouse ... that's how he looks like .. not like his Neo POP .. so in the end .. i don't care for the pose! next to SW brook and franky SW sanji is my favourite POP from the strong world line. *__* it's just so much like the real deal.
    9 l. temu
    Glad to see I'm not the only one complaining with the pose.
    10 l. temu
    your completely right, there's no killer pose...Megahouse should have put more effort into Sanji.
    I only need him to complete the collection, and I got him at the 40% off sale, or else I would have skipped him entirely.
    10 l. temu
    He's ok though .
    10 l. temu
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