Queen's Blade - Aludra - Revoltech - 1/12 - QB-011 (Kaiyodo)Queen's Blade - Aludra - Revoltech - 1/12 - QB-011 (Kaiyodo)Review

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I want to start off this review saying how much I wanted this figure since I saw it all those months ago. I originally just wanted the art book but when I heard that the limited edition came with a Revoltech figure I had to have her. She is by far my favorite Queen's Blade character other then Alleyne and she's just so kick ass. Anyway on to the review.

Being a pose-able figure the sculpting is quiet good, her joints move very well and the material used to make her is high quality and feels pretty good. They've got the feeling and the look of this character down pat and this is shown through the sculpting of this figure.


The paint job like the sculpting is done excellently and the colors match the exact colors of her in the art books. The reds look very good, with a good shine to them. The gold color on the metal parts are well painted. The Sword's color is fine and finally the skin texture and color are excellent and pure perfection.


Being a pose-able figure, all her joints are flexible and offer a wide variety of poses and joint manipulation. A word of warning though, when you first get the figure some joints are stiff so you have to play around with them before they become less rigid. Other then that this is one of the best pose-able figures out on the market today.


The base is pretty good, it offers a pose able arm that lets you adjust its height and is particularly good for falling poses and god like poses.


The packaging is good, since it comes with the art book the box is bigger then the figure. The front of the box has some nice art and the back has pictures of the figure in poses. It is a little hard to get the box open but it's nothing that serious to get mad at.


Finally, I really enjoy this figure (for obvious reasons) and the flexibility of the character makes this one of my more enjoyable figures.

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And you didn't complain about her spike falling off because?
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