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Sorry for my horribly unwitty title. Today I'd like to share and review some of the new Sailor Moon merchandise made for the American market by Great Eastern Animation. I don't have a lot of items, which to me makes it all the more special because these are the few items I felt were worthy of my money. Not that the other items aren't, but when you don't have a lot of money like me, you really have to pick and choose. So here is what I chose! Hope you enjoy!


PVC Keychains. The Luna Pen was the first thing that I bought of the new stuff. The first one went on my keys and the rest I just had to get! They are so adorable and everyone was happy to see the Luna Pen and Crescent Wand made into merchandise. These are very lightweight, as for as much as I abuse my keys, I find them to be very durable. The bow/brooch was a very creative idea. They are currently making chibi senshi PVC keychains too! I highly recommend these if you like keychains.


Playing cards, something that GE is pretty famous for. I've got about 4 other anime decks from them myself. Usually they use screencaps and other art images, but they didn't have much to choose from for this deck since it probably had to be all new art. As I said, I'm a trump card collector so I had to have it, but it's definitely not for everyone. Unless you really want to use them. It's basically the 5 senshi and Tuxedo mask in various poses and that's it.


The first season brooch! Obviously not the most interesting by any means, but it was a good start since the brooches and wands are most coveted! This is a pin brooch made of metal and really heavy. Many complained the pink jewel was too small and I kind of agree, but if that's my only complaint, oh well. The price, I bought it at FYE, was tad high (14.99), but this was during the summer and I wanted it. So if you can find it for $15 shipped, pick it up. It doesn't disappoint.


If there was one thing some people complained about, was that GE was nothing more than a trinket manufacturer. They're buttons. But personally, I think they're great. They're pretty big and the artwork is super colorful and it stands out. I like the new artwork so I think these buttons are cute. They were cheap at Hot Topic, like 4.99 or something, and if you're someone who likes buttons on their bags, get these. So worth it.


HOLY CRAP IS THAT? Why yes it is! It's the ever coveted star locket in necklace form! Sorry about the angle, I didn't want myself reflected in it!

It's made of metal and does not open. GE is not a toy company. It is pretty heavy just like the brooch pin, and it would be super pretty if they had used a different metal. It's not even a shiny metal, it's kind of dull for my tastes. These were not very well made. Many people received theirs with stains and spots and scratches. I guess the metal doesn't hold up too well. The one in the package is pretty good, but the one I've taken out is starting to get spots in places. I also found a crack in it, but it's only been sitting on a shelf so it must have been there when I got it. So forewarning, yours may have some of these imperfections. If you love the star locket and can find this cheap, I'd say go ahead and get it, but it's probably best if it's just for your collection and not for every day use.


So GE made it known on their Facebook that they never got the license to the second season, Sailor Moon R. Which is why their merchandise seems to go straight from first season stuff to third season stuff.

This is the Cosmic Locket keychain and necklace. The most loved of all the brooches, from what I've seen, and many were excited for these. But then the love fell flat. Why? The second picture, the top of the crown is yellow, not gold. Apparently this irked a lot of my friends and ultimately made them not get it. GE said they did that because that's what their official artwork showed. We asked, but they couldn't reveal the artwork so we could see for ourselves.

I personally don't care. The cosmic locket is my absolute favorite and I had to have these. Can't afford the stupid plastic toy version, so I have to settle for these, and that's okay! They seem to be light weight and I find them to be very beautiful. I would personally recommend these if you love this locket and the yellow part doesn't bother you.


Excitement rose quickly with this tote bag because it has all 10 senshi on it! Which is something that's quite rare even in older merchandise. Why? I really don't know. But I know it made me want to snatch this up quickly! It's very lightweight and thin so probably won't last too long, but I'll probably get a second one to use on special occasions. There were complaints that the background was pink, but I think it makes the picture stand out. And the picture itself, especially Super Sailor Moon, is gorgeous! It has a zipper at the top, so it's not always open in case you like having bags that can close.

Two other things I've gotten are a wallet and hobo bag, both Hot Topic exclusive items. As I am currently using and abusing them, and I don't consider them part of my collection, I felt no need to review them.

So there you go, a few new Sailor Moon things I felt worthy of being bought and displayed. I hope to get more stuff in the future, but it will probably be many months before I get enough stuff to warrent another full length review. Go buy this stuff moonies, show your support!
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Everything looks great! But I'm saving my money for the possibility of Sailor Uranus and Neptune figures. They better not let me down.
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nice ! its really nostalgic for me.
I like the keychains and that playing cards.
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mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
rapido7 l. temu#1236289Nice Sailor Moon stuffs... it seems your getting ready for the 2013 new Sailor Moon anime...

I am very excited! It was news no one was expecting! Although I can hear my bank account crying harder the closer we get to next summer. I'm super excited for all the new Japanese merchandise that will follow!!
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Nice Sailor Moon stuffs... it seems your getting ready for the 2013 new Sailor Moon anime...
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Awesome! I think I fell in love with the bag.
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mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
The only thing I would have wanted from R, the only thing, would have been a Crystal Compact. A keychain, a pin, whatever. I love the brooches, so that would have been nice. But yeah, I'm not all that upset that they skipped it either. I feel like a bad SM fan, but the third season is my favorite.
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Haha I really disliked Sailor Moon R, and the 1st and 3rd seasons were my favorites, so it's good they didn't liscence R!! :D I really, RELLY want that Necklace though!!!
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mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
ghirahim7 l. temu#1235798Everything looks so good! Mind telling me where you got them from? :3

Yes, definitely! Since most of this stuff is still in stock from most places, do support those stores! I bought some of these items from FYE and Hot Topic, but most recently the cosmic locket and the tote bag from www.circlered.com. They are the best!

And Rightstuf! They are awesome as well, but I'd only recommend buying what's labeled as 'in stock' if you don't want to wait forever. :)

I also want r_dorothy to know that they have officially made my day. 100% better in every way. Thank you. :3
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ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
Everything looks so good! Mind telling me where you got them from? :3
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