Komentarze How did you end up getting interested in Anime?

Whilst I don't remember when I got into anime (I think around 8 years ago), I do remember how and man it was a journey.

I was busy browsing the app store on my tablet looking for games to play, as I was going through a bored phase, and needed something to play. After some browsing I came across a music rhythm app called Groove Coaster Zero. Groove Coaster Zero had lots of great songs on it and one of them was "See the Lights feat IA" (Fantastic song I recommend people listen too but sadly was time limited for the app).

This song was really great to listen too and play so I eventually decided to look up the full version on Youtube. I find the music video and to my surprise, the song wasn't performed by a real singer but a virtual one called IA (the one who led me down this rabbit hole XD). Youtube recommends me some other songs by IA which then lead to a certain twin tailed singer called Hatsune Miku coming up in my recommended list. From there I found the Project Diva songs which then lead to MMD's and then I found an MMD of the Red Trailer for RWBY.

After watching the trailers I decided to try watching the show which I enjoyed. It took a few months later, after some more Youtube recommendations, where I started watching AMV's. Eventually I decided to watch one of the shows in the video which was Guilty Crown and from there I was too deep in this rabbit hole.

Around the same time I was also getting interested in the Touhou bullet hell games and the Neptunia games so that is sort of where me playing anime games began.

For the other questions:
First Ecchi - First proper one might have been Trinity Seven, though I can't remember (Still one of my favourite anime of all time) however, if you consider Date A Live ecchi then that was earlier.

First Manga - Might have been Clockwork Planet which was then shortly followed by Trinity Seven.

In the end my journey down this rabbit hole can be traced back to a certain singer called IA.
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totofromkansas Mechas and Nekos
I started with Gundam Wing when I was 7. I thought it was the coolest thing ever and was obsessed, later falling in love with the entire franchise (mostly the UC timeline). Cowboy Bebop, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Rurouni Kenshin, where also my favorites on Toonami at the time. I didn't care for any new anime for a while and rewatched those aforementioned shows several times over the years, until I came across High School DxD. Now I'll watch anything thats a mix of comedy and fan service.
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paw5 ‧₊˚✩彡
I was a hardcore Powerpuff Girls fan as a kid. I obviously very quickly discovered the Powerpuff girls anime reboot and loved it. I eventually fell straight into the rabbit hole of anime and became an otaku.
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My introduction to Anime was before I knew what anime was. Some of my earliest memories are of Robotech and Voltron. Back then companies tried to wash away the foreign origins of things as much as they could, but the art style was distinctive and I was drawn to anything that was made with it. I later watched Ronin Warriors and Teknoman (Tekkaman Blade) and around the same time discovered actual hentai via pictures on the internet. My first foray into Manga was with Berserk and Trigun.
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My dad was the one who got me into anime. When I was about 5 or 6 we used to watch Dbz with each other every Saturday. What drew me in were the fight scenes. So he showed me a bunch of other animes like Gundam and bleach. My first manga was Jujutsu kaisen.
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When I was little I used to watch all the big Animes such as one piece, db, naruto etc. on TV, as I got older I spend a lot of time on the entire and saw a diabolik lovers amv which made me watch it, shortly after that I watched Kamisama kiss which started my interest in anime
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I've been watching anime since I was like 3 or 4, even if I just thought of them as cartoons at the time. Pokemon or Dragon Ball Z were my first, followed soon after by Digimon and Yugioh. Even as a kid, I just found them much more engaging than the majority of American cartoons.

First Ecchi- It's hard to be sure, but I think it was Girls Bravo.

First Hentai- Bible Black. Now this I remember vividly because one of my friends showed clips of it to me and some other guys on a computer in the library when I was in 7th grade and we were all like "Ayo wtf?" And then watched it on our own in the privacy of our own homes, of course.

First Manga- I've never been much of a manga reader, but I read the Shonen Jump magazines pretty steadily from the early 2000's to the late 2000's, so DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, One Piece, Naruto, Shaman King, and anything else in the magazines at the time would be my first collectively.
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CybrgN00DL31 r. temu#105646713When I was like 11 I started actually watching Pokemon and enjoyed it, but one day I saw a video on YouTube about Black Butler and that's what really pushed me to start watching anime.
...I guess my origin story isn't that unique
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Youtube recommended me a Black Butler Amv
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First anime I ever saw, technically, was the original Macross back in the 90's. Bro showed it to me but it wasn't really grabbing me. Next I saw Voltron, without knowing it was anime. Then Transformers. Then Sailor Moon on USA early mornings. Then Ronin Warriors on Saturday's on Channel 6. Then Ranma 1/2. I've pretty much been in to anime all my life.
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