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i recently got ITEM #528671 from mandarake, and am super happy with how she looks. she's got beautiful hair, great details and a cute smile. i didn't expect to get her because i thought it'd be hard to obtain, but i just managed to get it by chance. so now i'm thinking what to do with my pre-order for ITEM #1047309. on one hand, i like her pose better and she looks more "show-accurate" imo, but on the other hand, she's a lot less detailed, and is a PUP figure. i'm not too big on having more than 2 figures of 1 character unless if they're wearing a different outfit, but it isn't too much of a dealbreaker if i have a few more figures either. i am unsure on whether i should cancel now or not though.

what do you do with your pre-orders when you're considering cancelling? what's your thought process on whether to keep a pre-order or not?
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keep pre-order, or cancel?

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thanks for the help! i decided to go ahead and cancel. it helps me too financially since shipping price is much more than it really should be. it has made deciding what to do much easier :]
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I'd get it anyway, and ultimately whether or not to keep it when it is in-hand. If no then sell it away. :)
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becareful of trying to cancel too many. depending on the retailer and how much you ordered from them you can get banned.
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PUP figures don't really change in value so if you cancel it you can always pick it up later for about retail
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If the thought of canceling creeps up on me frequently, I'll put the thought into action. Especially with cheaper figures, as I know I could still potentially get them for a good price later.

So far I have canceled two preorders (a price figure and a PuP figure) and I still feel good with that decision. Not having to deal with those two orders and not paying for them made me feel a lot ligther. I used the money on another hobby/passion instead.
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