Why to Sleep with a Dakimakura and a ReviewWhy to Sleep with a Dakimakura and a ReviewReview

kemandokemando7 l. temu
Alright, this is kind of a review for a Dakimakura cover I got. It's probably the only one I'll ever get because of the price on these things, but here goes.

So, for some reason it seems Dakimakura covers are only for max otaku, they're expensive and most of them are sexually suggestive, and they are made to sleep with. Now, in my mind I'm thinking "what's so weird about sleeping with a big ass pillow that happens to have one of your favorite anime characters on it?" Lots of people seem to think it's about wanting to sleep with said character, or something like that. Well, at least for me anyway, it's about sleeping with a super soft big ass pillow that offers comfort that's incomparable to any pillow I've ever owned, that happens to double as a wonderful piece of anime art for your bed when not sleeping.

Maybe I'm different than most users of these pillows though, because I got my pillow about a month before my cover, and I used the giant pillow before I even got my cover because it was soft, and offered amazing comfort, imagine my surprise when my cover came in and it was even SOFTER.

So, that's my reason for sleeping with my Dakimakura Pillow, it's soft, huge, comfortable, and accents my bed with nice anime art during the day, and it's not about sleeping with the anime girls in replace of a girlfriend or something, though I won't lie it does feel super awesome sleepng with a big ass pillow, of course the cover I'll be reviewing isn't as suggestive as a lot of the ones out there, but if that's the kind of artwork you like to have displayed, go nuts. I mean it's not like you can even SEE the cover during the night when you go to sleep anyway.


The cover I will be reviewing is the Sena Kashiwazaki Smooth Knit one.

ITEM #99563

Alright, so as you can see the packaging is pretty simple, some plastic with the cover inside folded in such a way that her face is on the front, it has a panel on there showing the 2 sides, and some japanese writing probably saying the material, how to wash and whatnot (How DO you wash this? I might need to google the issue when the time comes)


And here is the cover on my pillow, the dimensions are 150cm x 50cm I believe.



I didn't do pictures of the other side, because I uploaded these to facebook and didn't plan on doing a review, sorry.


The cover was packaged nicely, and simply, it was easy to open, I didn't even need to cut anything. The cover was folded nicely, and it fit perfectly onto the pillow, though both are from Cospa so I'd assume as much. The "smooth Knit" material is thin, and has nice elasticity, it doesn't wrinkle permanently, like, wrinkles go away when you pull them out, and it is the softest material I have ever used on a pillow, or blanket, or anything for that matter. And the artwork is nicely done, with nice colors, shades and details that all stay true to the original character, art design wise, though I'm not sure Sena would ever do any of the poses, lol, maybe she would. Anyway, is it worth the 115 canadian dollars? well the smooth knit costs more than the 2 way tricot, but from what I've read (and experienced) the smooth knit is superior in quality and softness, I'd have to say yes, for me, the total price of 55 dollars for the pillow plus the 115 dollars for the cover are well worth it, they will offer me many nights of comfortable sleep, which is somewhat hard to get these days, and it offers nice artwork I can have on my bed with 2 different presentations, one for each side, so I can change it around day to day. And of course you can always buy the cases like some people do and hang them on the wall like a wall scroll, but imo you don't get the full experience.

So, in my opinion this pillow/case is for anyone who wants to sleep comfortably with a super soft pillow and have some nice anime flair on their bed during the day, I don't think that Dakimakura covers are for perverts or crazy otaku, but for people who want a great nights sleep and some nice artwork for their room, I find it kind of weird when people sleep with them in replacement of girlfriends and such, but hey, people can do whatever they want.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully I'm not the only one who thinks of Dakimakura Covers in this way, and not in a perverted kind of way, and maybe I've opened some of you up to checking them out, they are wonderful, soft pieces of artwork.

The MAIN point I'm trying to make, is that Dakimakura covers are soft pieces of fabric that have wonderful art designs on them, and should not be used by pervy otaku to fantasize and freak out over.

Editing a post on the poll deletes the votes... I now know.

Changed "I have one." to "I have one, it's FANTABULOUS." lol.
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Will you buy a Dakimakura Cover?

33%I have one, it's FANTABULOUS.
23%I'm thinking about it.
17%I want one but can't afford it.
6%No way, sleeping with a big pillow is creepy.
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I was actually searching for something and I ended up here ... no idea why but since I'm here anyway .... :D

I actually never thought about it as sleeping with a character. I personally bought it so I had something to cuddle with since bears and such were so clumpsy. The reason to why me -at the point I got it- an 18-19 year old guy wants to cuddle with something in bed is not as straightforward as most people might think ... It's so I don't move to much while sleeping. When I feel something next to me I don't move as much as when I'm in an empty bed. Some people might not see the problem with that but waking up hanging half out of bed became quite a problem for my back, neck, etc. I actually bought 2 pillows at once but only opened the second one almost a year later and never really had both in bed at the same time. After my sleep got worse again I threw my second one in there ... it helps quite a bit for me.
And tho the dakicovers themselves are rather 'sexually' shown off, it's something that I don't really notice (idk if that's the correct word here). A fully clothed person and a nude person is still the same person for me, I see no real difference (think that explains it better).

Also it's a lot easier and more comfortable to sleep with a giant pillow than it is with a girl/guy ... at least my pillow isn't constantly elbowing me in the stomach XD
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Nice review, I agree with Zukin-Man on getting the dakimakura dirty.

You know what, I just got mine a last week at animedakimakurapillow and I managed to find some cleaning material to keep the fabric fresh all week. Also sprayed some perfume to keep it a nice smell when sleeping. I should buy some more at the store because they got free shipping and not bad as a started. Also got a live chat and free guide to download so it was really helpful for me to start my first dakimakura.
7 l. temu
Looked through all the Evening Call dakis, and the only one that really caught my eye was the Panty & Stocking one. I'd much rather get one from dakemakura.com; there are 12 from there that I want. :3
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thephotomatt7 l. temu#1225806If it were up to me, I'd have a dakimakura (or two). But my wife wouldn't have me sleeping with other women! o_Osubstitute the head part with your wife's pic :)
7 l. temu
If it were up to me, I'd have a dakimakura (or two). But my wife wouldn't have me sleeping with other women! o_O
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dmil55127 l. temu#12249372. I've found that sleeping with any anime-related merchandise on my bed makes me a little uncomfortable, personally. I just can't seem to rest properly that way. Or it could be the thought of drooling on Sena's face...
This for me. I have a few dakimakura covers, but I don't actually use them because I'm afraid of dirtying them up.
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Congrats on getting your own dakimakura kemando... once you sleep with dakimakura you can't go back hahaha!!!

Me also got my favorite characters... but I only have one body-pillow so I always interchange the covers whenever I want to...

I find it creepy at first... it's like someone staring at me every-time... because of it's life-size scale... plus it's butt-naked ahem-ahem...

What makes it more creepy... some people might think that your doing something with it... dakimakura's are really for matured collectors that can control their urge not to rape their pillow... it's the same as having cast-off static figs... which you don't do bukkake on it...

Since I got my first dakimakura I'm always hunting for doujin-types like this at Mandarake...

picture/136904&... picture/136903&...

Congrats again and cheers to more dakimakura... should I say sweet dreams...
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SNL7 l. temu#1224743Creepy is not the world I would use but you know, each to their own, whatever floats your boat and any other cliché sayings that might help me not be rude... but it's very weird.

This^. Although I have to admit, I AM considering getting a body pillow, simply because I sometimes hug my blanket off of myself and then I become cold and wake up from it :)). No anime characters though, I wouldn't be able to see it as completely innocent in a million years.
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well yes, it's soft indeed. Usually made in a very expensive material. So, yes, as long as it delivers this function: comfortably, I'll use it lol.

and yes I have all of tony taka's comiket dakimakura
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well... I have 3 Dakimakuras until now.
ITEM #39332

ITEM #82188

ITEM #82185

I ordered at my friend shop (he can make it).
but I dont use them to sleep, just keep them on cupboard and sometimes I look them for refreshing :D
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