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Tony Stark: "Well, good, because that would be outlandish and, uh, fantastic. I'm just not the hero type. Clearly. With this laundry list of character defects, all the mistakes I've made, largely public.The truth is...I am Iron Man."


This month I'm diving back to one of my favorite Movie Trilogies and that's the Iron Man Movies that launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

After watching Iron Man and Iron Man 2 I'm currently moving to watching Iron Man 3 and then Captain America The First Avenger.

Finding myself in a unique situation.

There are a TON of Iron Man figures and statues to choose from!


At the moment focusing on getting the Diamond Select Statues that are out for the Iron Man Series and it's nice to see there are a few Avengers Endgame Statues out and they don't cost that much!


That is the main statue that is planned to pick up this month and it's a very affordable statue and looking at the various S.H. Figuarts figures and Kotobukiya Statues for Iron Man finding myself looking at Marvel Legends figures and again it'll take a short time to select which one to pick up.

Iron Man is one of my top favorite Marvel Super Heroes so I'm happy that there are plenty of statues and figures out of this character look for.


I like the Tony Stark ITEM #361307 S.H. Figuarts so will be looking for that figure probably this month or next month.

The Aesthetic of the Iron Man Suits always appealed to me and with there being lots of various Armor forms my favorite is the Iron Man Mark II, Mark VI, and the Hulkbuster Armor.


There is a lot out there to choose from MFC when it comes to figures of this character and at the moment Tony Stark/Iron Man is one of the main characters to pick up this month for the collection.


Have you ever had difficulty choosing a figure version of a character you wanted to get into your collection?
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Favorite Iron Man Film?

85%Iron Man
12%Iron Man 2
4%Iron Man 3
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Iron Man is one of my favorite MCU characters (My top favorite is Spider-man being the big Spidey fan I am. Mark 85 is my favorite armor!

I typically have a good idea of what figures of which character I want to buy. Since I mostly get video game action figures, I tend to gravitate more towards GSC. For superheroes, I go big and collect the 1/4 Neca figures. But I don't usually run into that dilemma of which version of a figure I want to buy.
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There's a reason I have 4, soon to be 5, Iron Man figures...
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Big fan of MCU's interpretation of Iron man armors. I have the SH Figuarts mark 42 and it's super accurate and posable
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Believe it or not, I've never seen any of the Iron Man movies. When someone says Iron Man, my first thought is always the song by Black Sabbath :).

To answer your question, my collection is lacking a figure of Kan'u ENTRY #1834 from Ikki Tousen, but I've never bought one in part because there are so many figures available of her character. I don't necessarily need more than one Kan'u in my collection, so whenever I think about buying one, I waffle and ask "is this really the one", and ultimately I pass on the purchase.
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