Your Opinion on Kotobukiya: What do you think of their figures?Your Opinion on Kotobukiya: What do you think of their figures?Ask MFC

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-Reached 100 Blogs finally! Figured it's time to talk about my favorite Manufacturer.

I LOVE Kotobukiya.

Because of Kotobukiya I am a Anime Figure Collector!

Most of my scaled figure collection is made up of Kotobukiya figures and over the years they have been my favorite manufacturer and they have put out so many figures of characters I love that I'm going to be sticking by them till the day I stop collecting Anime.

Kotobukiya has always been to me a budget friendly manufacturer and Koto's Statues always went on sale often so it was great to find some excellent scales on sale plus the aftermarket prices aren't that bad on some of the older figures.

Most of my Koto collection is from the Shining Series, MuvLuv, and non Anime series like Star Wars and I just love Kotobukiya a lot and they always manage to get my interest when they put out new figures!

Here are some of the Kotobukiya figures in this collection.


Kotobukiya has managed to keep me collecting figures over the years and I always check for anything new from them whenever there is a figure event going on.

They have gotten more expensive lately but everything is getting more expensive, I always wait to see if the new releases go on sale and I love that they put out a lot of non anime series figures.

The Bishoujo line of theirs is pretty nice and I love the ArtFX Star Wars line of Statues that they have put out, in fact this month instead of looking at the Fate Maid Set I was going to get finding myself drawn to getting the Kotobukiya Art FX Lando ITEM #1009412 Statue and might pick that up this month.


They have put out Lots of great Star Wars Statues over the years and there are still some older ones to get for this collection.

I love that the price ranges of their figures are anywhere from $70-$150 and they have always been pretty easy to find on the aftermarket at excellent deals over the years.

Kotobukiya has always managed to keep me interested in collecting Scaled figures and since my interests shift from Anime to Comics to the other series I like they have put out a lot of figures for the series I enjoy so there's always something for me to look for.

There are too many favorites for me to list right now but what are your favorite Kotobukiya Statues?

Here are some of my favorite Kotobukiya Statues

ITEM #117547
ITEM #127080
ITEM #127079

I love that set of MuvLuv Figures they are some of my favorite figures in the collection.

ITEM #78669 Lorna is one of my favorites, I love Fox Girls so she's at the top of my list of Favorites from Kotobukiya

ITEM #235570 Xiao is one of my favorite Catgrils and I love her Kotobukiya Statue.

ITEM #117206 One of my favorites and one of my largest items in the collection, I love the base and this is a huge figure!

ITEM #34540 Indiana Jones is one of my grails of the collection and one of my top fav movie characters so he's one of my top favs here.

ITEM #946016 Black Cat is one of my favorite Comic Characters and I just love the Bishoujo Black Cat figure that was recently released.

ITEM #499952 One of my favorite Star Wars statues in the collection, Poe's one of my fav Star Wars characters and this is an excellent looking statue!

How many Kotobukiya Statues do you have in your collection?

What do you think about Kotobukiya's Statues?

What are your favorite Kotobukiya statues?
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I like the Kotobukiya figures, especially the Artfx J series! They're always super detailed, and well thought out, like how the character is posed or how the bases seamlessly work in with the figure, this is mostly the reason why I like to collect them.
11 d. temu
I love Koto so much. Every figure I have from them is stunning.
12 d. temu
Koto has good variety versus other manufactures. One thing in particular I like about them is their figure base’s are on point and not just generic like most other companies. However, their QC can be spotty. Poor paint, glue ect. But overall a very solid company.
12 d. temu
They're my favorite figure company. I love the insane amounts of detail they put into their figures. They're very well priced as also, and all of their figures I own have been so well crafted.
12 d. temu
I pretty much am only collecting their Pokémon series these days, so I like Kotobukiya, haha.
12 d. temu
To say that I love Kotobukiya would be a bit of an understatement. I always love their figures. The greater portion of my collection is mostly Koto, and while they weren't the first figure, or the ones who got me into collecting, they are the ones who kept me collecting when I felt like dropping it altogether.

The fact that they are usually less expensive than the other manufacturers out there is definitely a plus, and every figure I've gotten from them has 'gotten the details right,' in the fact that the character usually looks like they'd just stepped from the screen into their figure form.

They're not exactly top-tier like some manufacturers out there, but I honestly don't mind it. Because, the figure I'm getting when it arrives, I almost expect to pay those top-tier prices, but I'm not, and that's perfectly alright with me.
13 d. temu
I LOVE Kotobukiya!! They deliver great figures at great prices and make figures of male and female characters! I own 9 koto figs and every single one of them are wonderfully sculpted and painted. The figure that got me into collecting was the Shrina artfxj ITEM #863392 and he is still one of my favourites. I feel like koto really thinks outside the box when it comes to figures and it shows. I will forever support them!
13 d. temu
I feel like Kotobukiya does scales that really capture the essence of a character. What I mean by that is that they do characters in their iconic outfits and poses that really capture the feel of the character which is a blessing, as well as their affordable prices. They also have relatively short wait times between pre-order and release.
13 d. temu
I like Kotobukiya a lot, most of their scales are of the kind I prefer the most -
Interesting base, cool pose, and don't cost an arm.
Their quality isn't the best out there but since the scales are relatively cheaper I think it's fair game.

I have ITEM #198329, and ITEM #806092 is on her way.
13 d. temu
My collection might as well just been called, "my koto,mega house, and alter collection"
13 d. temu
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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Hoping to spread some positivity here and share my passion and enthusiasm for collecting.

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