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Today we'll be taking a look at native's latest figure, Elfriede. This figure was based off the illustration by Hiroe Rei, AKA TEX-MEX in the doujin circles. He is the creator of Gunparade March and also responsible for other series such as Black Lagoon.

The figure was released in August of 2012 as a native exclusive. This means you had to either order her through their online store which isn't possible now as the order period for the made to order figure has since past. Your other option was to go through a proxy. You're best bet now if you still want to acquire her is to look to the secondary market or scour the foreign stores that stock native figures. She retailed for around 8,000 Yen but since she was an exclusive you're going to be paying a whole lot more especially if you do not live in Japan.

The goal today is to take a closer look at the figure and what she has to offer.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Warning!!!!!! This review contains NSFW images, proceed at your own risk.
Packaging: 8/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡
Depending on where you buy your figures you usually don't see the protective box used to protect the figure box during shipping/transport. native usually employs this method to protect their figure boxes. This isn't exclusive to them but they do tend to use much sturdier boxes than others. Below you can see the protective box used for this figure box. The figure box fits snugly within and is well protected by a medium weight corrugated cardboard. If the shipper should do a lousy job with the packaging I'd say this box will definitely help protect the figure box and figure within. The only real "issue" is that it does add some weight.

Packaging weight and dimensions:
Weight (Protective Box): 1.150 Kg
H: 212 mm
W: 255 mm
D: 260 mm

Weight (Figure Box): 825 grams
H: 190 mm
W: 244 mm
D: 236 mm

Another practice commonly used is the tissue paper used to protect the figure box. And as usual for a native figure box you cannot see the figure while in the box. This is to both protect the figure by the increased strength of the structure and to protect you from prying eyes due to the nature of the figure. Unlike the protective box the figure box is made from a lightweight corrugated cardboard folded over several times increasing the strength substantially. Even by itself you're almost guaranteed that the figure will arrive safely to you. However it does seem to be bigger than it really has to be. Considering what you get the weight isn't that bad. So if anything they did a decent job but definitely could have reduced the size somewhat. I can't find my paperwork but the shipping weight was around 2 Kg but total shipping size wasn't that bad.

As for the design on the actual figure box, look at the picture below. I put the figure box on top of what they were trying to copy... an ammo box. As you can the resemblance isn't that great but I guess function is more important than form. The figure is well protected and I guess that's good enough. As mentioned there is no way to see the contents unless you actually open the figure box.

A typical two piece blister was used for this figure. A generous amount of plastic was used to protect the figure from rubbing and paint transfer during transport. For the most part the pockets secured the accessories but her panties did get loose for me and bounced around. Looking at the tolerances on the pockets as well as the fact the blister pieces were taped together I think it was the panties that were just placed badly and didn't get loose during transport. Her base is protected within it's own blister which is nestled within the primary set reinforcing the strength further. I would say they would really have to make an effort to damage the figure considering the protection offered by the blister, figure box and protective box.

Detailed instructions were included for the care of the figure. This is still a rare practice especially the in-depth detail they go into so it is really appreciated. And like usual native included an illustration card they based the figure on. Again that is also an uncommon practice, sometimes they don't even include the illustration on the figure box. In the case of this figure that can be excused.

native usually does a good job protecting their figures from damage and prying eyes and they delivered again this time. However their creativity sometimes miss the mark and I'd have to say they could have done better with this one. The theme was fitting but the execution was definitely lacking. She'll get to you safely and I guess that's what is important. Overall expectations were met.

Sculpting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
Sculpting credits go to Eriko who seems to be making the rounds at the various figure houses. He's been working with figures for a few years now and only has a limited number of lovely ladies in his stable but those few show a lot of promise. Below you can see one of his other figures to get an idea of what he can do with the female form. Even when clothed not much is left to the imagination as her lovely curves and details can be seen through the skimpy outfit. Just look at those body lines and the attention to detail as well as the dynamic pose. It really looks like she's in mid-spin. Looking at his past work you can see a gradual improvement in those areas but especially the face.

Below you can see the accessories she comes with. They are as detailed as the figure and I especially love the job they did on the rifle. I have no idea what pattern it is but it looks like some variant of an Enfield rifle. Whether it's accurate or not to the real world counterpart doesn't really matter as long as it matches up with the illustration. The strap is actually made of real leather and fairly easy to install. The same can be said for the bayonet but it sure doesn't look like any bayonet I've ever seen before.

Below you cab see how the figure looks with and without the panties. It was a tough decision but I decided to match the illustration and use the panties. The installation of the rifle into her hand was pretty straight forward which is probably why they didn't include it into the instructions. You basically have the top of the rifle face the palm of her hand and insert. Then you twist so the bottom of the rifle is facing away form her and you're done. The clear plastic piece is molded to conform to her curvy buttocks and is not used when she has pants on.

Her uniform pretty flexible and there should be little risk of the insides transferring paint to her flesh. However, you still need to be careful with the exterior of the pieces. The material is very flexible and durable but constantly putting it on and removing it will eventually lead to some tears so you probably should decide soon on how you want to display her, clothed or not. The details are not lacking as the execution was actually pretty decent.

They did a nice jobs on her boots as well. They're easily to install and the fit is snug. They are nicely detailed as well. My area of concern is her pants. These are probably the most fragile of the clothing. Due to numerous pegs that could be sheared/torn off when installing or removing the pants as well as just the pants being ripped/torn. Another issue I ran into was the pant legs sometimes didn't fit perfectly with the boots and you had to constantly adjust until everything fit. Also at least for mine no matter how much I tried there were ugly gaps as the pants just didn't closes up completely. Her sleeves were pretty easy to install and remove but again one of the sleeves has a peg that could eventually wear out if you constantly dress and undress her. One thing you probably want to be careful of is removing her arms from the sleeves. The sleeves are a snug fit and the surface tension is pretty strong that you could end up damaging something if you're not careful struggling with it.

As you can see she is breaks down into six pieces. It's pretty straight forward on which part goes where. The tolerances on the connection points may vary between figures but for mine they were sufficient.

In any case let's move on to the main show.





I'm still getting used to my new camera so the pictures are not as good as I would like them to be but hopefully you can see her qualities? The pictures do not do her justice as she looks better in person. In any case Eriko did a competent job matching the details seen in the illustration.

Starting with her face you can't help but focus on that grin of hers. Her pearly whites just seem off when compared to the illustration as well as her lips. It still looks good but I think they could have done a better job. Basically her teeth are too deep in her parted lips while the illustration has her bearing them. It does change the look of her expression especially with the shadows. Aside from that her features look pretty spot on with the illustration and I love the job they did on her jawline. Now there are transition issues that I will bring up later.

Her hair easily steals the show. It looks great from various angles and is very detailed. Her hair is very rigid and care should be taken less parts of it gets caught and snaps off. The seam lines are integrated with her hairstyle and do not distract. The way her hair is fluttering about looks so realistic and is quite dynamic.

Just look at the attention to detail put into her. From every angle she is detailed and looks accurate to the illustration. Every square inch of her has details you see in the illustration and more. The interpretation and execution was top notch indeed.

Sometimes when a figure is cast-off enabled they look only good either clothed or unclothed. This figure on the other hand looks good either way. Whether fully clothed, partially or naked as a jaybird she looks great. She's just as detailed in any state and there were really no sculpting issues to mention. It really does make it difficult to decide how to display her.

Eriko did a fantastic job on her lovely body. She's shapely with a set of curves that could kill. Her pendulous breasts look good especially the way her teardrop shape breasts end in perky nipples. Her underboobs have no ugly scars and her cleavage looks great. They seem accurate to the illustration. Her abs and slim waist look good and I just love that transition to her hips and pelvis. Just so hot. Her body looks great from all angles.

Now I did mention some transition "issues". The biggest one I guess would be from her jawline to neck. If you don't make sure everything is connected tightly then you will find gaps like you've seen above in her arms and neck shown below. As long as you make sure everything is fit together tightly you really shouldn't have an issue but results may vary. Basically anywhere you see a bandage could have some gaps and seams. Even her thigh depending on how she was assembled. They probably could have refined the areas more but all things being said they did an OK job.

Like most native figures she is anatomically correct. However some of the recent girls were not as detailed as this one. As you can see she's pretty detailed and clean shaven. Very erotic indeed. As you can also see she has a shapely butt with a nice set of curves that just won't quit. And as mentioned when she's displayed at least with her pants off you will have to use that clear support designed to conform to that lovely rear end of hers. It is needed or you risk damaging the base mount due to the angles involved from the figure resting differently unclothed. Lastly those pale butt cheeks are just begging to be spanked! 8Þ

Moving on down you can see her legs are long and shapely. The transition from her legs to her boots look natural and quite good. Her legs have the right balance between muscle tone and curves.

Eriko did a great job bringing the illustration to life. She's nicely detailed and looks accurate to the illustration in regards to the sculpt. native also did a decent job assembling her. Her accessories are detailed and look good and even her uniform. She looks great with the uniform on or off which usually not the case with some figures. Expectations were met and possibly exceeded.

Painting: 8/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡
native usually colors their figure competently using all the tools available. This figure isn't any different and I really loved the job they did with her flesh.

However there are three "issues" concerning the accuracy to the illustration. One is pretty obvious, if you look at the color of her uniform? Now I have no idea what nationality her uniform is supposed to be from but based on her rifle I'm going to assume it's either British or Commonwealth? So in their defense the uniform itself does seem to be a color you would find on something like a British uniform but it still doesn't match the illustration which is more important to me.

The other one is harder to see unless you look closely at her eyes which appear to be green in the illustration but blue on the figure? The uniform I can forgive but the eyes?

And last but not lease, where the heck is my freaking blush? How hard is it for them to freaking put a blush on a figure?





Starting with her face you can see she has a lovely fair complexion that matches up nicely with the illustration. Even though her eyes are the wrong color, they do seem to match up with the illustration in regards to design and look good in their own right. I'm not sure about her teeth. They are outlined by black but since there isn't much surface area it sort of looks weird when compared to the illustration. Or it could be because they didn't paint her lips?

Her hair isn't one flat color but still pales in comparison to the illustration. I wish they would have tried to match it more closely as that would have made this figure even better.

Where she does shine is of course her flesh. native delivers again with the lovely job on her flesh especially her naughty bits and breasts. Those nipples are just begging to be pinched and that butt to be spanked. 8Þ They breathed life into her pale flesh which just makes it difficult for me on deciding how to display her, clothed or not? Note the shading and accents used all over her body to bring out the details and her lovely figure more.

Now I know we already talked about her uniform but even if the color is off compared to the illustration, they still did a decent job coloring it. Look at the details put into it. The shading and color graduation accentuate the various folds and wrinkles making it look like she's really wearing the uniform.

native did a nice job coloring her. They used all the tools available which is easy to see. She was heavily air brushed with some tinting and hand painting. A lot of effort was put into her but accuracy issues do bother me. I really think if they matched up the hair better and those eyes she would be an even better figure. Expectations were mostly met. It wasn't as good as I would have liked her to be but she definitely turned out better than the past few native girls of late so I'm hoping this is a continuing trend.

Posing: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
Excluding the inaccuracies already mentioned I think you can see they did a decent job bringing the illustration to life. I do wish they would have matched the illustration more closely in regards to the colors as that would have really made this great figure even better. I mean just look at her face, her expression is just not the same without that blush.

Display wise she's best displayed at around eye level. If you can't then it's really best if she goes high, unless all you care about is seeing her cleavage I guess. The biggest thing for me is the display options. I mean it's not just hat or no hat.

Unlike some cast off enabled figures, she looks great in various stages of dress. Whether fully clothed or naked, she looks great. I mean just look at the option of just displaying her with her pants on if seeing her naughty bits is too much for you but you still want to see some skin. Or you could go for just the jacket and yet see most of her lovely physique.

I'm sure they didn't mean for it but you can even display her sleeveless and it still works.

And of course as mentioned she has a lovely physique so you can could just display her in her birthday suit. She just looks great in any state which really makes it difficult for me to decide on how to display her. If you must know I normally try to stick with the illustration. If just can't decide I usually end up getting at least two so I can display at least two different ways. I'm very temped to get another due to the display options.

As mentioned, they did a decent job matching the illustration and the display options! She has so many to fit almost any tastes. Heck I didn't even go into displaying her with the rifle or not as it serves to obscure her naughty bits. Eriko did a great with the pose. Expectations were met and exceeded.

Base: 7/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡
The base isn't anything to write home about but at least it does seem like they did put some effort into it. The foot peg is quite big and sturdy and you would have to make some effort in breaking it so I give them high marks for that. The size on the other hand I'm not sure they could do much about it but it is still quite big. Below you can see a CD on it for an idea on the size.

What I really liked was they actually tried to replicate the illustration even with the base. Again the color was off.

I'm not really sure they would have been much else they could have done with the base. I appreciated trying to match the illustration but maybe a battlefield theme base would have been just as nice?

Enjoyment: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
So we've taken a closer look at her and hopefully what she has to offer. She was well put together with little to no sculpting issues to mention. Some of the colors were off and where the heck is her blush!? However, what was colored was done nicely. She is loaded with a ton of display options and for the most part matches up nicely with the illustration.

In regards to enjoyment, I'm looking at the cost and whether I think she was worth it. Considering I had to go through a proxy and EMS shipping, I'd say she was worth it in the end to me. I do not regret getting her and actually would like to get another due to the display options. Eriko did such a great job I didn't hesitate in ordering his next native girl.

See you later.
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Pedropinilla7 l. temu#1218698She's a nice figure with many details but I don't feel that face very much, maybe it's just me.
But everything else is very well made (well, we're talking about Native after all) and your review is great as always.

Till now, I'm only waiting for this one by Native ITEM #99092 because that police girl is too much ecchi ehehehe ^^.

Thanks for your review~

But how is that one not any less ecchi?
7 l. temu
She's a nice figure with many details but I don't feel that face very much, maybe it's just me.
But everything else is very well made (well, we're talking about Native after all) and your review is great as always.

Till now, I'm only waiting for this one by Native ITEM #99092 because that police girl is too much ecchi ehehehe ^^.

Thanks for your review~
7 l. temu
euler2717 l. temu#1218027dont worry, she is SALable.

Ok, that's good to hear! :3
7 l. temu
Raiski7 l. temu#1217945Wonderful review! She's really awesome looking and you did a great job showcasing her various display options. So, she's not SAL-able? :(
dont worry, she is SALable.
7 l. temu
Raiski7 l. temu#1217945Wonderful review! She's really awesome looking and you did a great job showcasing her various display options. So, she's not SAL-able? :(

I don't use SAL so I don't know the general requirements. I provided the weight and figure box size so you can normally figure out that way.
7 l. temu
Wonderful review! She's really awesome looking and you did a great job showcasing her various display options. So, she's not SAL-able? :(
7 l. temu
I absolutely love Hiroe's work and military uniforms in general, as well as this figure, but I'd kill for a male figure in this uniform! I know I'm exactly in the right place for that, but to me that would be awesome!
7 l. temu
Excellent review, I think the photos were beautiful.
I quite like her, but her wasp-thin waist and rather perky chest rub me the wrong way - something's off about them, but they are faithful to the illustration and I like that! Plus, I'd be leaving her fully clothed if I got her too.

I like the liberty they took with the eyes, the vibrant blue is much nicer, IMO. The hair ought to have been much richer and golden though, I agree.
7 l. temu
ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
Great review as always! Now I just can't wait for her to arrive at my place :3
7 l. temu
Amazing job with the pictures, bro.
7 l. temu