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Final Fantasy IX - Garnet Til Alexandros 17th - Play Arts (SquarFinal Fantasy IX - Garnet Til Alexandros 17th - Play Arts (Squar

AsheAshe8 l. temuReview
And the third one.
It's about the Play arts action figure of Garnet Till Alexandros XVII. from Final Fantasy IX.

Please click on the pictures for bigger size! ^^

Garnet how she looks like in Final Fantasy IX.

The sculpting

Garnet is about 15 cm, what is rather small for a Play arts figures. BUT the Final Fantasy IX characters, especially Zidane, Garnet, Vivi and Eiko ARE very small.
I like it that the FFIX Play arts (there's also Zidane and Vivi) aren't that big. It just wouldn't fit.
The sculpting is beautiful.
Her face doesn't look exactly like Garnet's, but it's very pretty.
Garnet's hair is sculpted very good, the spiky parts in the front are spiky and not too round and even the back of her hair is very detailed. I'm not sure, but it looks like that on the top of her head you can see that it's made of two parts.
The clothes are so detailed. The folds on the front of her blouse look so cool~! ^^
I think it's good that her body is made of harder material. Most female Play arts figures that I own have a soft body. The problem with that is that the base can kinda "hurt" them, if you know what I mean. The FF7 Aerith figure has a very soft body ... and because of the base it's even softer now. >__<
Garnet's necklace is a real chain with a pendant.
Look at the pictures for more details! ^^



The painting

The painting is very good.
Her hair is just black, but her clothes have some kind of shading. Some parts of her jumpsuit are a bit darker than the rest.
Even the painting of the "seams" on her boots is very clear and almost without flaws.
Do you know the Bandai Extra soldiers figure of Garnet?
It has a shiny blouse! Compared to that, the painting of the Play arts Garnet's blouse looks so tacky. I wished it would have been painted like the small Bandai figure.
Garnet IS a princess after all. ^^


The posing

Garnet is an action figure, but somehow ... you can't let her make so many different poses. For example, her legs aren't that moveable. If you want her to sit, forget it. It looks so strange. But all of the old Play arts figures can't sit very well. There's another problem with making her pose, but I'll explain that later.
I mostly end up making her just stand.

Her left arm always comes off! o___Ô


The base

The typical old Play arts figures base.
Actually, those bases work anyway, but this time we have a problem: Garnet's hair. As seen in the second picture, Garnet has to turn her head and/or her upper body to not make the base "interfere" with her hair.
To still have a normal head position, you can only put her hair on the right side, meaning she always has to pose her head the same.
Maybe you're lucky and you have a Garnet that can stand without a base. But for our one, if we try to, she'll fall after a few hours. So we have to use the base. Sigh.
Also, after a while, the figure itself or the base always moves a little bit up or down, so that her feet don't touch the bottom anymore.



The packaging

Like the other Play arts boxes, her box is really cool.
The colors are pretty and I like the pictures. ^^
There are four sides with windows.



The accessories / figure parts => enjoyment

Garnet has one pair of extra hands. I don't use them because they are fists, but maybe I'll need them someday. xD
She also has her staff.
Again, there is a problem. The hole in the staff is too big for that thing (What's the word for it? I don't even know it in German ... ^^') on her hand. It falls down much too easily.


Accessories: 7/10

But after all, I like this figure very much. It's so cute, the colors are great and I like Garnet.

Thank you for reading! ^^
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Well, I don't know if other Garnet Play arts figures have the same problem.
But if you don't move the arm to much it will hold. Just don't try moving that damn arm. xD
But if you leave your figures in their boxes, you don't have to be concerned. ^^'
8 l. temu
R_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
Play Arts bases: can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

Thanks for writing this review! Already have this figure, but haven't taken her (or Zidane, or Vivi) out of the box yet. And now I'm concerned about that left arm o_O;
8 l. temu
Nice review. ^_^ It's incredible how that base is bad, but the new one is worst. >.< And it's even worst without a base...
8 l. temu