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rumour92rumour921 mies. temu
Here's just a little peek at my current DKBK/BKDK collection ! It's tiny right now, but I'm really happy with it ! :)


here are some closeups~~

(i posted a review on this bakugou figure, check it out if you want :) )

ft. a little Moira sticker my sister gave me ^^

The Go Beyond/Plus Ultra prints are from user spirutts on Instagram, the mini print of the lake scene is from oceanwrathArt on Etsy, and the charm in the middle is from lstrikesart on Instagram :)

And that's it! My two favorite boys ^♡^ I love it! Can't wait to expand.Hope you all like it! <3
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very cute set up!! i looove the prints/art standing up, gives it a nice touch! ^_^
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This is soooo cute, I love it!
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rimi kacchan<3
ooooohhh i love this very much!!!! your shrine is so nice and set up so neatly!!
i also have a super tiny bkdk shelf and an ita bag
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The prints are very beautiful! I think the whole set up flows beautifully and the colors complement one another.
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