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Hello all, and welcome to a new article.
As Sora in No Game No Life said, "cute is justice!" However, considering just what is so cute and who is the cutest, those aren't common occurrences.

Cuteness doesn't exist in a vacuum of just sweet and affectionate girls, after all.
Just what is moe? To you?

And so, the question of the hour is, who is the cutest girl of all the anime you've watched, or of the manga and LNs you've read? Whether you take an objective or subjective stance, enthrone in the comments a character as the cutest anime girl to you! Which qualities do you find cutest in the character(s), and are they related to real-life preferences, like for friends, lovers or just personalities you mesh with? Maybe you like the cool types with muted cuteness, or bubbly and lively character types with cuteness 24/7.

My answer under the cut:
Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoilerahttps://i.pinimg.com/originals/7f/8a/39/7f8a39e527ac1ed3f24dfa431b8258b4.gif

Now, usually I'm not one to talk about or refer to "protecting" an anime character. I know it is in spirit and just a joke, lol, but classicly-cute characters are not what I find to be cute, anywhere below the surface. Universal cuteness isn't for me. Kanna, on the other hand, I would be gladly willing to "protect". So cute and well-written for a slice of life character, she's quiet, stoic and warm-hearted.


Shiro's so serious a kuudere, so blunt and deadpan at times, and as someone with a knack for calling out and defeating the dark cracks of society, she can cook up some diabolical schemes. Complimenting it is the inspiring and delicate compassion she has once in a blue moon. Her satirical jokes, sadistic side and how she's somewhat inwardly a softie (seen in her love of Izuna's fur and the care she has for Sora) make her absolutely adorable. Pastel hair and shimapan seal the deal. She's equal parts cold and cute; it doesn't get much better than Shiro.



Komi-san is my pick who I consider overall to be second cutest. It's nice that the series has gotten so much traction in the west at least, seeing as how those with communication disorders are often shunned or denied services in Japan. Few characters have the piercing gaze that's so approachable like Komi. Dark, dignified eyes and her elegant black hair are spellbinding. Beyond that, her determination to make friends, her famous cat-mode, awkwardness and innocence are so nice! There is an airiness and this zing to her, that you can only pick up on if you read the manga. Tenderness, kindness and cuteness; that's Komi-san. Cute from her oddness, her quirks, and her whimsy at the little things.


In recent years, people have become crazy for pouting anime girls. Personally, I would give them a light slap on the cheek and say "life isn't fair" if I knew them in real life, but hey, it's just anime and in anime-world, pouting is cute. The equation for pout is...and yes, I am a scholar of cute...the equation is directness + defenselessness = pout, where said pouter is upfront about what they want but embarrassing themself with how much they want it. Very cute.

By far, this is the most adorable scale figure out there, clutching her knees to her chest innocently, but with purple-blue eyes that bring out her fiery gaze. It's a unique expression and pose.


First Dream Miku looks like she's turning to meet somebody catching up to her, to enjoy some company on a nice windy day. Welcoming and entrancing eyes, a soft smile and beautiful pinks and whites make her the second cutest scale figure to me.


Twinkle Snow Miku is a little yawner', a sleepyhead amongst the clouds and stars. As much as I like her, her price is too high for me. One day. Rabbit Yukine and her tea only ramp up her cuteness. I can imagine the steam from her tea coalescing into a cloud at her high altitude, haha.


Festive and cheerful, I can envision this snow Miku clutching rabbit Yukine to keep the both of them warm and close as they wait to enter a performance venue. Such a dainty expression and blush, it's all simple but perfect, befitting an instrument like the horn. Ribbons galore, the mint blue uniform and Miku's small hat are adorable.

However, the girl I consider to be the very cutest out there, is...
Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoilerahttps://pa1.narvii.com/6803/84807a006abfa7130cf44b6b651d73f00d13ed95_hq.gifhttps://pa1.narvii.com/6805/d25d2e370ba8450cd98c8aba218da7a728bc7eb0_00.gif



Zero Two. Her cuteness plays off of the fact she's showing it only to the one she loves, making it seem extra special and genuine. More so, Zero Two is nihilistic, merciless, and detached, so the cuteness she has is a break from it all, for herself especially, as she continues to not be swayed by the base and keeps on living. She is wise enough to waste no time being playful and sweet with her Darling, because the time she has could be running out in her dangerous occupation, and in that way, she is amazing. Her free-spiritedness is contagious, and her honey obsession/sweet tooth, expressiveness, school uniform and use of "boku" are an adorable sight for sore eyes.

Thanks for reading, and have a good one. Cast your options below in the poll if you'd like. Maybe I'll do a part two of this article covering cute guy characters.
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Who is the cutest anime girl?

4%Zero Two
1%Komi Shouko
1%Mayuri Shiina
6%Shinobu Oshino
1%Hiyori Iki
3%Rena Ryuuguu
2%Hoshizora Rin
1%Kasumigaoka Utaha
1%Arashi Narukami
27%Danny Devito
2%Yatogami Tohka
1%Hotaru Ichijo
10%Your Mom
8%Hatsune Miku
1%Kunikida Hanamaru
1%Tokisaki Kurumi
1%GahaMama (Yuigahama's mom)
1%Shiina Mashiro
2%Honda Tohru
1%Hime Arikawa
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SmikuSmiku Umbra Witch
Albedo is the cutest waifu. Just saying.
5 d. temu
Yahallo Defrosting Ice King
I came here to vote for [REDACTED] but even I can't go against Danny DeVito: Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoileraHe deserves 1st place!
6 d. temu
I'm glad Danny Devito's winning. Best waifu indeed
Picture of best waifu below :)
Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoilerahttps://a.wattpad.com/cover/238721682-352-k398872.jpg
6 d. temu
Even Crunchyroll doesn't need caption to describe how perfect is this Oregairu's "TRUE BEST GIRL" #VoteForGAHAMAMA
6 d. temu
Hoshizora Rin is a mega-dose of pure, concentrated cuteness condensed into the form of a singular idol.

6 d. temu
Who put Danny Devito? No one else has even a fighting chance now! (Personally, I chose Shrek, the underdog)
6 d. temu
Moribundead6 d. temu#85009128Pretty sure you aren't the kind of person anti-loli people are after. There's a big difference between liking children and "liking" children.
You'd be surprised. Even liking a series that has lolis or them existing at all is a sin to some people.
6 d. temu
Moribundead モリバンデッド
solluxcaptor6 d. temu#84996181For me, I like small + cute characters. Kanna is definitely up there for me aswell. I'm hesitant to say lolis because some people on here are very anti-loli but... yes, lolis are cutest to me. I want to pet their head and take care of them so they can smile.

Pretty sure you aren't the kind of person anti-loli people are after. There's a big difference between liking children and "liking" children.
6 d. temu
For me, I like small + cute characters. Kanna is definitely up there for me aswell. I'm hesitant to say lolis because some people on here are very anti-loli but... yes, lolis are cutest to me. I want to pet their head and take care of them so they can smile.
6 d. temu
Benkoko6 d. temu#84996016I wake up every morning and think of Danny Devito. I just had to show my appraisal and deed him worthy of being a chooseable option of being waifu. But Dio is still a respectable choice, fine taste.
6 d. temu
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