How have utilized your room for you collection?How have utilized your room for you collection?Ask MFC

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Of course an ideal way to show off your collection is glass display cases and lots of bookshelves, etc. But everyone's room size and shape differs and how they utilize their space. What are some things you've done for your figure collection +anything else you collect? Wall shelves? Displayed a few things on your computer desk maybe? Framed vinyls on the wall maybe? Corkboards? Anything creative maybe? Where do you put all your empty figure boxes (lol)

For me I work with what I have so my figures just mostly rest on top of dressers and bookshelves. I recently got a furniture appearing storage box for Vampirella comic volumes I plan to get. Eventually plan on displaying a vinyl or 2 on the wall and perhaps getting an actual chest for my vinyls. My closet is stuffed with my empty boxes as well as some figs that aren't displayed. All my plushes get thrown on the bed. (I think that's common?) And I use old shoe shelves for holding my consoles. The only notable "creative" thing I've done is set up a little Halloween themed display where some of my spooky figs go.

Edit: Some pictures under spoiler tag
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I try to keep them all organised by colour/character/style but it's just a huge bookshelf next to my desk
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HassySoda1 mies. temu#79558324All of this is really aesthetic. I especially admire your display area in your first picture. I wish I could achieve something like it.
Thanks! Really like your Halloween display!
Fan of Tamayura in particular, so printed and framed several photos taken in Takehara
(in which Tamayura is based)


Also have a fair number of figures in the office, including a "showcase" area of sorts that gets swapped out with the home collection every few months or so
(was previously Love Live!, now Utawarerumono)

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aaa your halloween display is so cute!!

I keep my collection in the home office i share with my fiance. We have 2 detolfs and a corkboard that we share, but most of my collection is situated on my desk (pics here and here; twitter doesn't like people embedding its images anymore haha). I recently moved my desk to the opposite side of the room from where it was previously, and I'm really happy with the new location even if it's no longer right next to a detolf :')
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I keep my figure collection in 2 detolf cabinets. I'm gonna run out of space soon so I might need to add another one but I can't go to ikea any time soon so that's a bummer.

I also have some plushes on my kallax next to the computer desk. The rest of my room doesn't really have anything special to it. I like to keep things minimalistic.
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HassySoda Autumn girl
AskandTheAnswer1 mies. temu#79558390Everyone's collections look nice and tidy. Mine is kinda of just Blugh... I do not have enough room, so I just have everything kinda piled up.picture/2461465...

I dunno bruh your stuff looking pretty aesthetic imo uvu
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AskandTheAnswer1 mies. temu#79558390Everyone's collections look nice and tidy. Mine is kinda of just Blugh... I do not have enough room, so I just have everything kinda piled up.picture/2461465... SAME even though when people go to my place they go “it’s so clean” but I go “eh not really” it looks messy but clean haha
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Not very well haha
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Nice room!
Most of my figures are displayed in bookshelves in my living room but I also have some in glass cabinets in the hall.


I love to get creative with the display when I can, a few examples are:

- Framing my Little Witch Academia Chariot Cards
- Hanging stuff with invisible thread
- Making shelf pins to display Figmas in midair (making of)
- My biggest one yet, making a chandelier/light fixture with a Gundam as its centerpiece (making of)
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I've done a room tour blog BLOG #38431 a few years back and a lot of figures have shifted or sold to make room for new ones but overall layout hasn't changed much.

Cheers :)
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MajesticOtaking1 mies. temu#79558406Pictures coming soon! I'm still rearranging my figure display in the Detolfs, but I'm hoping to be ready to take pictures this weekend and write up a living room tour soon!

I can't wait to see your display :3 I currently hold my collection in one room but, in the future, I plan to expand it to the living room (so any ideas like yours would be really appreciated)
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