Review: Nishikino Maki (Alter)Review: Nishikino Maki (Alter)Review

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Happy Friday, everyone! (◕ᴗ◕✿)

It's been super hot these last few days, but suddenly today the clouds rolled in and I am getting a little break from the heat. I'm planning on playing the last few days of the Overwatch event with my brother and friend ... but first, I want to share with you the newest figure in my collection!

I'm super excited to be writing a review of ITEM #317824 today. She's been sitting in my living room awaiting unboxing / review, and I am just super happy to finally have her on my shelf today! So let's get to it.


I bought this figure preowned from LLSSYY for a really good price. As soon as I saw the ad in my email, I jumped on it. Before I begin, I just want to say that I would 100 percent recommend purchasing from this seller. The figure came just as described (NIB, which was important to me because of her lamp/lightbulb) and super speedy.

Hehe, well, you know how I said I jumped on this figure immediately? My best friend on here HAPPYAKRZ and I were messaging, and I told him that I just purchased this figure! To my surprise, it turns out that he was trying to purchase it too, but I beat him to it! We had a good laugh about it. It was really sweet knowing that he and I were both trying to go for the same figure. Well, Todd, I don't know if my pictures will live up to your amazing photography, but now every time I see her I will smile and think of you (´⌣`ʃƪ)



The box features one very large window on the front, a medium sized window on the back, and a small window on the top. Although there is no original art, there is figure photography on both sides of the box. I wish there was some original art included, boo! Check under the cut for a 360 of the box.

Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoilerahttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/06/05/2449544.jpeg


The figure is well kept inside of the blister and the plastic. The blister is important in this case due to all of the different moving parts.


*ahem*. Here is the story of this figure.


The figure needs assembly both for her hat, which is incredibly easy, and for her lamp ... which is a little more difficult. When I originally purchased her, I wasn't certain what kind of batteries she took, so I had to wait for her to arrive. When I eventually purchased the batteries, Amazon decided to only send me 1 instead of the 2 I needed! It was really frustrating, but after like a week or two of waiting (yes, Prime isn't coming overnight like it used to), I finally got my batteries!


For this figure, you will need two 329 batteries. I picked Duracell which is a little more expensive, but they are American made. Assembly is a little finicky and you'll have to move the bulb a bit, but it looks so great once it's lit up!




The base for this figure is very basic. It's just a round plastic disk. This base includes a metal peg. I had a little bit of difficulty placing the figure on the base, but once she was there she fit very snug and does not feel like she will fall over at all.


I don't want to clutter up the review with pictures of all of the choices, but this figure has tons of different ways you can display the figure. Check out under the cut for 3 of the ways.

Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoilerahttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/06/05/2449553.jpeg

The first way to display this figure is just as it comes -- not hat, no lamp. I think she looks good even this way.


You can also display her with JUST her hat. This part of the hat is magnetic (just like we've seen with ITEM #91359 and ITEM #166882).


You can also include her veil, which I think looks lovely.


I've decided to display her fully loaded -- hat, veil, and lamp included! I think she just looks absolutely stunning this way. Check under the cut for a 360 degree view of the figure before we dive in to some close ups.

Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoilerahttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/06/05/2449557.jpeg


For some reason, my picture of her boots did not upload, but the best part of the boots (in my opinion) are the laces and the bows. I love the bat detailing on her bows. They manage to pull red and lilac to match well, a color combo I didn't think would go together.


Maki's stockings are just absolutely gorgeous, reminding me of old cast iron fencing you'd see in a cemetery. I think they do the fishnet tights SO well sculpted -- it's really beautiful. I know with the fishnets on the bunny girls which are fabric they have a tendency to rip, but I won't have that issue with this!

Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoilerahttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/06/05/2449562.jpeg
Maki's butt is very well sculpted. Her underwear is a little bit lacy but not too over the top. I think it makes her butt look very full and squishable.


I absolutely love the length of her skirt. It's flirty but still a little demure depending on how you angle her. I love her ruffles, I think the double layer is done super well, the sculpting is amazing.


They also include the fishnet detailing on her gloves, which I love. I think it helps tie the whole look together. It makes her arms look slender and gives her an added sex appeal.


Maki's tummy might not be the centerpiece of this figure, but man, is it cute! I think they sculpt her really realistic looking in this way. I also really love how the translucent fabric is dealt with around her stomach. It doesn't look too stiff but still has substance.


The lamp itself has good detail. I love the bat on the top of it, and I love how the criss cross pattern lends itself to her fishnet tights. The whole design is very well thought out.


The veil is really well done. It's a little shiny sometimes, but honestly, the detailing and pattern included in the veil is gorgeous. When I first had her in the box, I was staring in at her as if it were some piece of art.


If you decide to display her without the veil, you're in for a treat. Maki's back is beautifully sculpted, and the translucent fabric adds even more sex appeal for this figure. Somehow, they have her covered, but she just looks so good! I actually love this part of the figure.


Maki's hair is sculpted well. I think they do a really good job for something that is mostly supposed to be covered.


The seam on her head is one of the best I have seen. They really could have skimped on this because of her hat and veil covering her head, but they don't.


Maki's fingers have great articulation. I think the lamp looks excellent when it is placed in her hand.


"Shhh!" Maki wants to keep this rendez-vous a secret.


I love her eyes, I think they are stunning, like little gems. This figure looks even better in person than it did in the photographs, so I am so super happy!



The only other red head in my collection is ITEM #97172 . Kyoko is 1/8 scale, so obviously smaller than Maki, but the two look cute together. Maki is much more vibrant than Kyoko's dusty coloring. I think Kyoko's spear looks nice going through Maki's straps.


Although ITEM #891755 is technically a garage kit, Kotori is about the same size as a 1/8 figure. Kotori and Mami are both made by Alter and look nice together, despite one being sugar and the other being spice.


The figure I will definitely be displaying next to Maki is ITEM #361549 -- who definitely is part of the same moe group. Maki, Eli, and Nozomi (who I will get soon!) all have halloween vibes to them and will look great set up side by side. It's interesting that they chose to make Eli's base black while Mami's base is white. Now that I think about it, I think when I get all three, Mami will go on the left, Eli will go in the middle, and Nozomi will go on the right.


But, for now, Kotori will take Nozomi's place! I'm in the middle of redoing my shelving, so this is their temporary home for now.


This figure looks even better in person than it does in the pictures. If you are a fan of the show (or just a fan of this amazing design), I would definitely pick it up! Sorry Todd for picking up the one you wanted, but I just had to have her (≧y≦*)

Hope you guys have a great day! Until next time!

EDIT AS OF 06/10/2020

There have been a lot of questions about her lamp and if it stayed lit up, and for how long. Well, it's only been a few days of me posting this and I can tell you for sure that within 24 hours the lamp was a LOT dimmer. Now with four/five days passed, you cannot even tell during the day time that the lamp is lit up. I think it's to do with the bulb, not the batteries, as the batteries are Duracell and good quality. At night, the light has a gentle glow that is barely noticeable -- in fact, I'm able to sleep with it on (which was a big worry from me, as I like to sleep with the lights completely off lol). I'll keep you guys updated as to when it actually dies. It's also important to note that this figure was sold in 2016 and I purchased it sealed in 2020.
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Cloudberry1 mies. temu#78824472Did someone say lamp?

LOL! As soon as I saw the lamp meme, I knew it had to be you. I still laugh about those lamp memes you made for the Nekopara figures.

So what helped me with idol hell is actually watching the shows ... I tried to watch Idolmaster ... couldn't get into it at all. I liked Love Live, but Love Live Sunshine! was so boring to me ... so yeah, I'm only stuck in Love Live hell thank god. Maki's figure is beautiful, and I am so glad I have her!
1 mies. temu
yugyee1 mies. temu#78730139I had no idea the lamp actually lit up! Thats a really cool extra detail :)
Melon_pan41 mies. temu#78730292Wow I didn't know the lamp lit up, that's a really nice touch.

Quick edit, which I will be adding to my post. Yes, the lamp does light up, but almost 24 hours after I put the bulb in, it basically is unnoticeable during the day time. At night it has a very gentle glow but I think it'll run out soon, so I am interested to see how much longer the light "kinda" lasts. It was pretty brilliant when I first put the bulb in.

SebastianLover1 mies. temu#78730144I'm really excited to get her now even if that's months away.>w<

Congrats on finding her! Let me know about your experience with the lantern to see if the bulbs are different for a lot of people.
1 mies. temu
Did someone say lamp?

Kidding aside, this figure and ITEM #464649 are still my favorite idol figures that I love/want and while I'm trying to avoid idol hell, figures like these makes me want to peek over into the gates of hell...

And after reading your review, I think this Maki figure totally wins over ITEM #464649. Maki is simply stunning and seductive.

I'm quite surprised that she has lots of extra accessories, besides the lamp, that could be added on or off — the pose without the hat, veil, or lamp pose is pretty darn cute but I'd display it all imo.

Thanks for the pics and review!
1 mies. temu
evenstar881 mies. temu#78730443You have just renewed my interest in this figure! :D I don't follow Love Live or own any of their figures but I saw this figure before and thought her pretty interesting and she stayed on my wishlist for some time before I took her off. Now reading and seeing your review, I may be interested to get her again... she looks fabulous :D
Would you mind letting me know the price you got her for? Just for me to set a rough estimate of the aftermarket price :)

I got her for 17k yen. Probably about 19k with shipping.
1 mies. temu
Those pictures made me add that figure in my wishlist! Thanks!
1 mies. temu
You have just renewed my interest in this figure! :D I don't follow Love Live or own any of their figures but I saw this figure before and thought her pretty interesting and she stayed on my wishlist for some time before I took her off. Now reading and seeing your review, I may be interested to get her again... she looks fabulous :D

SebastianLover1 mies. temu#78730144I actually managed to snag this on AmiAmi a few weeks ago for a great price, although I likely won't see her for quite some time.
Would you mind letting me know the price you got her for? Just for me to set a rough estimate of the aftermarket price :)
1 mies. temu
Wow I didn't know the lamp lit up, that's a really nice touch.

Congrats on getting her! She's definitely one of the nicest looking Love Live figures.
1 mies. temu
I actually managed to snag this on AmiAmi a few weeks ago for a great price, although I likely won't see her for quite some time. Alter did a great job as usual. It's cool to know the lantern lights up. That's a really nice touch. I'm really excited to get her now even if that's months away.>w<
1 mies. temu
Nice review. I considered buying this figure in the past because it does look unusual and different, and the fact that the lamp lights up just adds to its ambiance. But, it is a bit on the expensive side and I don't have enough of an affinity for the character to spend a lot (and don't have any Halloween figures either). I'm sure you will enjoy displaying her.
1 mies. temu
I had no idea the lamp actually lit up! Thats a really cool extra detail :)
1 mies. temu
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