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Well looky here! It's that time again! Hello MFC and welcome to another sexy Skytube figure review! This one is dedicated to the buxom Kano Ebisugawa who seems to have 'accidentally' spilled her Sake....

Original Character ITEM #731747
Made By Alphamax ENTRY #7707
Classification SkyTube ENTRY #23752
Illustrated By Piromizu ENTRY #57352
Sculpted By Hiro ENTRY #40167
Made of ABS/PVC
Scale 1/6
Release Date 06/03/2020
Price £106.37
Bought from AmiAmi Pre-owned A/B condition.

Here's a small story on how I got her:
Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoilera
Picture (if you will) my excitement of Alphamax unveiling this beauty at WonFes Winter, I was bowled over, I was beside myself (not literally) with excitement and in anticipation on how this one would turn out! Time rolled on and we got a teaser color prototype at Wonfes summer and then finally after showing that color prototype the pre-orders and stock photo's were up in November! To say I was knocked for six is an understatement! I ordered from a certain site and was safe in the knowledge that come 2020 to quote Wayne Campbell...
2020 arrived and shit literally hit the fan as Covid-19 reared it's ugly head but just before Covid-19 really struck in early March Alphamax did something surprising and released her early! I was in shock and was expecting the site to send me that preparing for shipping E-Mail but it never came.... I was confused, everyone else was getting her, hell pics were popping up all over the place on MFC and yet my order sat there in the depths and so after waiting 3 weeks I made contact, the response I got was a sad one, Alphamax had not sent any stock to the site prior to Covid-19 and the site have only been receiving half of their orders so I was put into a dilemma, do I wait for for them to get her or do I buy her from somewhere else? I mulled this over for a week but after seeing more people get her I bit the bullet and bought her pre-owned from AmiAmi using all my AmiAmi points to take her down to a reasonable price, at first I regretted this as I had over 9,000 points but now I have got her (finally!) I regret no more! Well apart from a customs charge but hey can't avoid them! So now you're wondering what about the other one? Well I have messaged the site and they said they will refund me but I still haven't received any money back as of yet and this refund began processing a week ago, I'll give it another week and then message again, hopefully something will happen soon. Oh and No I won't say the name of the other site as I may lose my account.

Being an original Character Kano is based on an OG illustration, this was done by a talented ero artist called Piromizu. From a bit of research on him it's quite interesting to see that he has done loads of amazing pieces of art but only has had 6 figures made based on his work, the latest being ITEM #740395 and the earliest being ITEM #528151 so in terms of figures he's pretty new to the figure world and his debut SkyTube figure ITEM #549875 was a huge hit so it's understandable that Alphamax would approach him again for another figure and oh boy I'm glad they did! Of course I can't just talk about Piromizu as our old friend Hiro is back as the sculptor and once again it's a joy to see how he's worked his magic on bringing 2D into the 3D realm!

Original IllustrationOriginal Illustration


I didn't know what to expect with the box for Kano, as I've mentioned before being an OG character it's hard to know what companies will do, I can say I was pleasantly surprised as the color scheme is subtle but elegant and the line art pic of her at the front adds artistic value. You can tell by looking at the side and top that this is based on traditional Japanese patterns and decorations which goes well with the look of her Yukata, the other side showing the gorgeous artwork by Piromizu is enough to garner your attention couple that with the tantalizing teaser pics on the back showing the full figure and you may just have a nose bleed! That isn't all though as Alphamax really made this one special by including a velcro door that opens to reveal a glorious window (so you can get an up close look in person!) and more beautiful artwork on the side of it with some strategic censoring which with that window is enough to entice you into a purchase! Yes I think Alphamax did a good job here, this represents her well as a character and is just generally pleasing on the eye. Don't forget to look out for that all important sticker of authenticity which is at the bottom on the back, there aren't any known bootlegs of her that I can find (at the current time of writing) but it won't take long before one inevitably shows up so be wary and only buy from legit sites and shops!
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The box inlay isn't all that exciting, as it's purple with patterns on it, this to me doesn't really suit her all that well and I really wish they'd done a restaurant background like in the OG illustration for photo's, I guess companies don't really think about the figure photography side but yeah it's a bit plain and boring sadly.


Upon opening the box you'll find, set of instructions, two illustration cards, black piece for Yukata for alternative display option, pants, extra arm with Sake bottle, extra lower body for alternative display option, egg plant, cucumber/pickle?, small tray, necklace, two chair pieces and alternative expression face.
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Now you've heard me moan about boring bases quite a bit in past reviews but no such moan here! I'm so happy that Alphamax went for a plain ingrained wood floor base! This really does look good, the varnished effect is a nice touch and once Kano and the chair are added to it, it really does enhance the aesthetic of the figure! Well done Alphamax!
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Well as I name drop again *cough* Hiro *cough* you can already see where I'm going with this, as yes again Hiro has done an absolutely outstanding job on creating a 3D sculpt of an illustration! Her body lines are sexy and seductive, her hair has the feel of movement, her opulent breasts have a look of weight to them as if they could spill out of her Yukata at any moment! The Yukata has creases and wrinkles, her fingers and toes look delicate which adds extra charm and the Yukata has a material effect as it's draping over the chair. Her expressions bring something new to each display, the cheeky tongue adds a feel of teasing and playfulness, especially the bold way she's sitting and the way her cup is lightly held as if she plans to drop it, the other expression changes her entirely by making her look both tipsy with a look of yearning, this makes her have a feel of vulnerability as if she's just spilled her drink and is asking you to buy her another, however there is another reason for this look which you'll see later.....
The alternative display options are quite ingenious and intuitive showing that Hiro really does know his stuff when it comes to making a figure that can be displayed in a variety of ways, the seam line for the top removal is barely visible and the way she is set up was quite surprising as it's not just about sitting her on the chair, speaking of the chair the sculpt on this is really good as well, especially the cushion which looks real! One thing I'd like to have seen with the sculpt is a small drip of Sake coming out of the cup, I'm not saying full on down her chest like in the illustration just a small drip to look like there's something in the cup, it would have enhanced her more.
Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoilera



So moving onto paint I can say that Alphamax nailed it! With Hiro's sculpting skills you want a paint job that will deliver and Alphamax did this as the base and chair are just spot on and Kano herself matches her illustration perfectly! The attention to detail is brilliant, once again fingers and toes are painted to have a varnish effect, the two tone shading on her hair ornament gives it a unique feel, the flowers and patterns on her Yukata are faultless, the skin tone shading helps accentuate her body, the shading on her bow makes it look like cloth and the subtle change in color of her eyes help to change the mood of the figure. Yes Aplhamax have once again delivered, as she looks exactly like her painted prototype! The only nit pick I have is I'd like to have seen a bit more blush on both expressions as yes it's there but only faintly and I feel that more would match the OG illustration better.
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Well I've mentioned alternative display options a few times, so now it's time to talk about them but before we do I just want to give you a heads up on how you should set Kano up when you get her out of the box and when you change her display.

As I've mentioned the chair comes out of the box in two pieces, now there is a reason for this and again Hiro shows his ingeniousness in how you set her up, basically you place the lower half of her body over the chair, then with the second chair piece you push that it into the two holes and then clip the four prongs together. try to do this as gentle as possible, as being too rough may lead to a breakage as the piece feels delicate. To change her display just repeat this process backwards starting at the end of the chair legs, just lift them gently to un-clip them, I've done this a few times now and it's a easier way to change display without using to much force to pull the pieces apart. Another thing to mention is be careful as you place her upper body on the lower body, you have to be forceful in order for them to click, also make sure you do this without her arms and head on to avoid any damage. :)
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Once again being a SkyTube figure Kano has a few different alternative display options including one that might explain that blush......
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Now I suppose you're wondering after I said how amazing the paint job is why give it a 9/10? Well for the most part the alternative display options are relatively easy to do the only thing you need to be wary of is paint transfer, as I have black marks on both her leg and bow and I recently discovered one on her arm too(not pictured) so the odds of paint transfer is quite high, I also feel this could be possible with her pants, as they're red and there could be a chance of transfer happening with them too, hence the 9/10.
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Kano fits well with 1/6's and is actually quite tall despite the fact she's sitting! Her height is 9.75 inches so putting her with a 1/8 or 1/7 really does make her stand out! Here she is with SkyTube Tougetsu Matsuri version 2 1/6:

MegaHouse Portrait Of Pirates Nami 1/8

Daiki Maid Midorikawa 1/6

SkyTube Kotone Kamishiro 1/7


Kano is an extremely beautiful figure who oozes sex appeal and elegance and Alphamax really have out done their self with the amount of detail and ingenuity they have put into to creating her. It's not just her curvaceous body that will entice you to buy as the added display options and unique base make her well worth the money. I can see that some people may be put off by the extra display options and to you people I say this, don't display her with them! I know even owning them might make you feel uncomfortable but just do what I do, put them in the box and forget about them as Kano looks just as alluring without them. Her price at the current time of writing isn't too far from her pre-order release, so she hasn't skyrocketed (as of yet) in the aftermarket. I'm actually surprised by this as I was expecting her to be hard to find but I've seen her available on both AmiAmi pre-owned and Mandarake in the past week, so she isn't quite rare yet. Kano has completely lived up to my expectations, in fact I like her so much she has become a new fav and I'm sure that if you buy her you too will agree she is a great addition to a collection!

Box inlay shot
B&W Erotic shot
Normal shot with edit
I've spilled my Sake....
Love Drunk
I've spilled my Sake.... version 2
I've spilled my Sake.... version 3

Available at these sites at time of writing:
AmiAmi: www.amiami.com/... (check pre-owned)
Mandarake: order.mandarake...
Solaris Japan: solarisjapan.co...

Well that's it for another sexy SkyTube figure review and hopefully this has helped you make up your mind on whether to add Kano to your collection!

Thanks for reading and I'll be back soon with a look at the T2 Art Girl Ai Saeki who clearly couldn't wait for her wedding night! So until then stay safe and be excellent to each other and I'll catch you next time! (*^V^*)


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sailormatlac2 mies. temu#79942032Thanks for the neat review... Still waiting for mine! It seems I'm always stumbling on Piromizu, Hiro and Kurehito-san when dealing with cute ecchi figures... I certainly won't complain!

Thank you for reading! :D Hopefully she will get to you soon! :) Lol me too! They really are amazing! Me neither XD, oh as mentioned in the comments (not sure if you read them) she does come with a small triangle see through piece to fit in her cleavage to show the spilled Sake, this is really small so small I completely missed it when unboxing her, so be on the look out for it in the blister packaging. :)
2 mies. temu
Thanks for the neat review... Still waiting for mine! It seems I'm always stumbling on Piromizu, Hiro and Kurehito-san when dealing with cute ecchi figures... I certainly won't complain!
2 mies. temu
RockGodItachi3 mies. temu#79354519Nice! That Lelouch is awesome! Yeah it's not bad, I wish it was a bit more smoother but I'm happy that I can now add gifs to my blogs as I've wanting to do that for ages.

Thanks! :)

Normally I used to recommend Camtasia, which gave me way smoother gifs, but they went from a 'one time buy'-model to a subscription model. I really don't like buying a subscription for a software that I boot up a couple of times a year at most...
3 mies. temu
Maakie3 mies. temu#79314698Jep, I used the ones I've made with that website in this blog BLOG #45773 ! :D
Not as clean of a result as using Camtasia, but I guess this is the best free alternative. :)

Nice! That Lelouch is awesome! Yeah it's not bad, I wish it was a bit more smoother but I'm happy that I can now add gifs to my blogs as I've wanting to do that for ages.
3 mies. temu
RockGodItachi3 mies. temu#79219560I can't see one, so yeah looks to be watermark free. No worries. ^^ Cool! :D

Jep, I used the ones I've made with that website in this blog BLOG #45773 ! :D

Not as clean of a result as using Camtasia, but I guess this is the best free alternative. :)
3 mies. temu
Maakie3 mies. temu#79166578Oh! I thought that website added a watermark to whatever you made, so it's good to know they don't do that (anymore?)! Thanks, I'll check it out for my next own blog. :)

I can't see one, so yeah looks to be watermark free. No worries. ^^ Cool! :D
3 mies. temu
RockGodItachi3 mies. temu#79044915Hi Maakie! :D I just made my video's into gifs by using a size called EZ Gif then I uploaded them to Giphy. ;) Thanks for reading! ^^

Oh! I thought that website added a watermark to whatever you made, so it's good to know they don't do that (anymore?)! Thanks, I'll check it out for my next own blog. :)
3 mies. temu
Maakie3 mies. temu#79011798Can I ask you which software you use for your gifs? Until recently I always used Camtasia, but I lost my copy and now it's subscription based nowadays, meh. :/
Also, thanks for the review! :)

Hi Maakie! :D I just made my video's into gifs by using a size called EZ Gif then I uploaded them to Giphy. ;) Thanks for reading! ^^
3 mies. temu
Can I ask you which software you use for your gifs? Until recently I always used Camtasia, but I lost my copy and now it's subscription based nowadays, meh. :/

Also, thanks for the review! :)
3 mies. temu
Rikoei3 mies. temu#78561279Really good idea with the gifs

Thanks, I'll be adding them to future reviews too! :D
3 mies. temu
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