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Iku Nagae 1/8 Griffon
Lightening, Drills and Disco!



This review will be about the one who pierces the heavens with their epic disco dance moves, one of my five favourite Touhou Project characters Iku Nagae. Iku was a character introduced by Zun in the second Touhou fighting game Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. Sculpted by Amasu is the first version of a PVC scale figure of Iku by Griffon, but not the last. Surprising, since she is not a super popular character, Iku was sold out at AmiAmi by her release date. She will be scored in accordance with my figure guideline blog/2410&b.... In the future I intend to acquire and review the second version of her figure by Griffon ITEM #118066, which will allow me to contrast on how much they have improved or worsened over the span of two years.

Above is Iku’s character profile picture from scarlet weather Rhapsody.

Now for an introduction into Iku’s character Iku is an Oar Fish Youkai who works as a messenger at the Dragon Palace in Heaven. She is designed with a very conservative character design with her outfit covering all of her body and with the exception of her shoulder length voluminous purple hair, face and hands. She wears a pink shirt and has a matching shawl. All of these are adorned with red frills. She has a round black hat and what should be a black ankle length skirt.

Iku’s Sprite from Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

Iku has the ability to manipulate lightning and wind. She has numerous fighting style, her long range attacks consist of her shooting out lightning. In close range she will form her shawl into a sword for light attacks or into a drill for heavy attacks. She can also surround herself with lightning making herself untouchable as a defensive or offensive move.


Compared to other Touhou characters I don’t think Iku has been given that much of a back storey since, she was introduced in SWR an off shoot from the main game series. In the game she acts as a penultimate boss, as well as coming down to warn the residents of Gensoukyou about an upcoming earthquake caused by a bored Tenshi, Iku’s neighbors in Heaven.


Fannon wise Iku is quite a meme heavy character. She is heavily associated with anything dancing with her disco meme because her trade mark pose in SWR where she puts one of her hands on her hip while the other points to the sky resembling that of John Travolta’s character in Saturday Night Fever. Since Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann was released around the same time as SWR Iku with her drill shawl fills that department.


Enough of that let’s get drilling on the review!

Photograph Section

Here Iku like many of the first generation Touhou characters sculpted by Griffon is given a conservative neutral pose. She is seen gracefully strutting forward with a fairly neutral expression on her face. Her shawl is more expressive though arcing up behind her back. She wears a smile on her face while she does this. If you remove her hat she looks Kusanagi Motoko from Ghost in the Shell.

Below Iku is rotated 360 degrees!

Assorted shots


The only accessory Iku comes with is her hat, which to myself, is very important to the design of her character. She is one of the few characters who have made a wind brim hat look cool and stylish. I guess it comes down to the fact that the black and red of the ribbon work so well together, with the strands of the ribbon resembling the oar fish antenna. I really wish she came with an accessory to transform her shawl into a drill which would ether point forward or upwards.


Packaging 7/10

While Iku with her permanently attached shawl has a larger box then that of the typical 1/8 scale figures. Its dimensions are:

H 250
W 280
D 175


Everything with this box is derivative of Griffon design so it will fit right alongside the other boxes from the other characters. It has an overall background this time it relates to Iku by being lighting over a dark blue sky. The Griffon Touhou typical four window design allowing an adequate view in is used with Iku’s name and face on each.


I would deem the plastic blister as being appropriate to protect her and her shawl, and hat ribbons the part I would consider the most delicate and vulnerable to break under rough handling. Griffon have gone with a larger box to accommodate this as well.

Packaging for Iku's hat.


Packaging gets 7 out of 10 as it is derivatives Griffon, but hey it’s worked so far.

Posing 6/10


Iku’s boring pose fit straight in with the rest of the Griffon’s original line of Touhou figures yet I do admit it is a true fit of what I imagine of her character would be in a serious situation. She is set stepping forward confidently, with her shawl poised arched out behind her body and around her hands. Her left hand is set modestly near her chest as if she is introducing herself before a fight while her right arm is stretched far out behind her preparing a lightning blast for said fight. Now compared to other figures with fancier poses there is nothing which will draw your attention here. However since Iku, is a meme heavy Touhou Project character, I really believe it wouldn’t have been too hard to sculpt her either using her shawl as a drill a powerhouse close to medium range attack as well as looking awesome. I bet if they did her in the Saturday Night fever disco pose many more people buy her as would go out of its way to break Griffon’s line neutrality, it’s a meme and yet is still true to the character.

Sculpting 6/10

Without her hat Iku stands 18.5 cm to the top of her hair. When she is wearing it the height of the top of the antenna is 21.5cm. This is a height I am totally happy with for a 1/8 scale figure. She fits in smugly with the rest of the Griffon 1/8 scale line which are a little smaller than usual 1/8’s.


There are no gross inaccuracies with the proportions of the figure which is good. However there is one quite glaring one for me which may be a matter of taste. According to her sprite her skirt should reach down till her ankles. Griffon have taken liberties with this and it only looks 3/4 length. The fact that the skirt is lifted by an implied breeze means that only half her legs are covered when viewing her from the horizontal plane. For those who like seeing her slim legs this may be a good thing however for me it goes against her character design. I will give Griffon the benefit of the doubt this time as it would be harder to convey a dynamic sense of motion with a longer skirt.


The delicate details outfit Iku are confined to the ruffles on her shawl and on the edge of skirt, tie and bow. Well it does its job however there doesn’t seem to be much loving care put into it to make it special. Her hair is the same deal compared to higher quality figures not enough definition and even look blocky and chunky compared to say Good Smile Companies’ Motored Cuirassier Saber. I also wished that her hair would cover her ears in this figure. The crinkles in the material forming her hat ribbons/antenna are nice as well making the figure true to her fighting game profile. If they had shown more care I wonder.


Iku’s face is classic neutral Griffon. Everything is in proportion no expression. Its only notable feature are that her eyes are positioned looking left and she has a slight smile showing her confidence.


For seam lines, Iku has 2 major ones. In a pretty plain inspection it because present there are two used to connect the shawl together. These are where the shawl is supported on her arms. At afar these are hard to spot but inspecting at a close and at an angle they are really glaring. Iku also has a major hair seam line present which is present on most other figures. However due to the fact that has a cool hat, and that you would probably be inclined to display her with it, has basically given Griffon the green light to be lazy as they haven’t tried to conceal it well see photo below about slight miss matched. On mine there is a large piece of flash along the ruffles of the shawl which has been cause by incomplete sanding where it exited the mould.

Inconsistent matching height either side of hair seam lines leads to areas of significantly lighter colored paint may need to repaint

Sculpting score 6 out of 10, let down by seam lines in the shawl.

Painting 7/10

Compared to other anime characters of this day and age Iku has a simple colour scheme, this has worked to Griffon’s advantage. Overall her paint job’s is quite accuracy and quality is decent. I would have preferred her hair to have been painted a tad purple considering or with several tones to add depth considering it came out so blocky. Her skirt also has a tone of tinge of pink which I don’t like, I would have preferred pitch black but hey it still looks good.

Iku's Fingernail also notice the red paint transfer at red circle around her sleeve

As for defects the quality is definitely not near that of a top tier company. Under very close inspection there is very minor paint transfer almost always where the red and pink meet. However this is only visible on a very close inspection and not visible from a far. Occasionally on the edges of the sculpt, there are minute air bubbles and on red parts also have several minuscule scratches. These are hard to observe from afar and even hard to see when inspecting the figure up close. My Iku however came with a big scratch about 5mm long. Luckily it is on its back side of her shawl, in a place which is a place which doesn’t draw attention. Oddly enough she has paint representing her right thumb nail but none for her left. Painting gets seven out of ten.

Paint defects.

5/10 Base

Iku has the traditional black Griffon base. Like other Griffon bases it takes an excessive amount on your shelf with a diameter of. At least Iku is stable. She has lightning bolts on her name tag. If you look closely/have a vivid they kinda look like John Travolta striking his trademark pose in Saturday night fever. Coincidence? Since she is sticks quite well when connected to her base can go ahead and get a five out of ten in this department.


Enjoyment 7/10

For the hype and enjoyment had ordering and adding this figure to my collection I would give it 7 out of 10. She looks good next to the rest of the Touhou girls but for a hundred dollars I have come to expecting a bit more. She is not really let down by the sculpt or the paint job, however I am disappointed with the pose she is set in. I believe that Griffon really should have used the opportunity to do a more exciting pose as mentioned above which would really lift this score.

Comparison with Youmu and Homura, notice same style shoes and socks on Youmu.


Iku scores 6.5 overall and for the important categories (sculpt, pose, paint and enjoyment). I must admit that I may be a bit harsher than both when it comes her scoring. This is because I adhere to my strict guidelines when scoring which this figure comes out bad from, she also is scored on the same basis top tier figures are scored upon. Overall she is valuable to my anime figure collection, as the figure represents one of Zun’s character who I truly love. None the less this won’t stop her being replaced with version 2 with its review here BLOG #32662. There three out of five of my Touhou characters done.
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Thanks for that guys, and after this for a second I losing faith in my longer type of reviews, thinking that no one bothered reading them for less popular characters/figures released a while back.

piratepapillon7 l. temu#1157180Great review! I can't wait to read your review of Iku version 2 when you get her. Iku is not one of my favourites (I prefer the shooters over the fighting games) so it will be quite awhile before I pick her up but when I do these will help me choose which one.

Good to know the pressure is on for me to perform but on my Iku avatar Icon I swear I'll do it.

Merleawe7 l. temu#1157228I prefer this Iku's face and hair, but the overall sculpt of the ver.2 iku :3

I can see where you are coming from the face as this one is "less neutral from that one" However I think the hair on 2 fits better as it has more volume on it (ears are not showing) and will probably have more engraved detail on it than this one which I like.

Shinigamiyoko7 l. temu#1157425Nice review!
I agree, I wish Griffon would make their Touhou characters in more diverse poses and facial expressions...
(or maybe I don't, then I'd feel like I need to buy a lot more!)

Don't we all. I feel this is their improvised market strategy: For their first release of each character to have a fairly neutral pose/facial expression. This satisfies people who want to collect them all as they have a version of the character to add to their collection. By having everything neutral there are no standouts and the collection from a far looks better on a whole. This way also Griffon doesn't have to do much thinking and just copy what Zun has done Knowing it will sell fairly well just based on the character.

If the character is popular they come back and do version 2 or 1/7 scale version with more thought put into posing. The same people who bought the first 1/8 may be willing to buy this one as it is more exciting. However if you want to collect most of the character/favorite not so popular character Griffon kinda forces your hand to buy the 1st release as there is no guarantee of a second.

From now I am now taking a wait and approach before buying their 1/8 scale line.

Kizoku-chan7 l. temu#1157540Interesting review. Thanks for sharing!

The ver. 2 is better and beat this one for the scuplt/idea. This figure is nice locking in some angles but a bit plain... Not that catchy when Iku isn't in your top favorite :P

As for "mass production flaws": Griffon is doing a great job for its latest figures (my Sakuya is near the flawless/perfection :D) So I believe the ver. 2 will be worst the price (I hope so!)

Yeah Iku is one of my faves so I had to get her and at the time overlooked her plainness.

As for Griffon's QC control I hear they tend to vary I must have got a bad one, luckily no figure breaking defects.

In hindsite now since I adhere to my guidelines for scoring figures, when Iku was run through it she came out pretty badly just due to Griffon base, neutral pose and expression. Do take note I am comparing her to figures from top tier companies.
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Interesting review. Thanks for sharing!

The ver. 2 is better and beat this one for the scuplt/idea. This figure is nice locking in some angles but a bit plain... Not that catchy when Iku isn't in your top favorite :P

As for "mass production flaws": Griffon is doing a great job for its latest figures (my Sakuya is near the flawless/perfection :D) So I believe the ver. 2 will be worst the price (I hope so!)
7 l. temu
Shinigamiyoko heart reinforce
Nice review!
I agree, I wish Griffon would make their Touhou characters in more diverse poses and facial expressions...
(or maybe I don't, then I'd feel like I need to buy a lot more!)
7 l. temu
I prefer this iku's face and hair, but the overall sculpt of the ver.2 iku :3
7 l. temu
Great review! I can't wait to read your review of Iku version 2 when you get her. Iku is not one of my favourites (I prefer the shooters over the fighting games) so it will be quite awhile before I pick her up but when I do these will help me choose which one.
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