3 Months of Loot: Jan-Mar (Lots of Pics + Chat + JoJo)3 Months of Loot: Jan-Mar (Lots of Pics + Chat + JoJo)Loot

dandybabydandybaby5 mies. temu
Hey everyone!

Thought I'd give that whole loot post thing a crack. I tried to keep this brief, but as you can see, I failed spectacularly.

Warning: Contains traces of nuts (that would be me), loads of photos and copious amounts of waffle - the 'talk too much about nothing' kind, not the delicious kind.

Note: You can right click and open the images in a new tab to view at full resolution.

Over the New Year, there was an influx of loot posts and end of year collection reviews / reflections on here. Out of curiosity, I decided to count up how many figures I'd bought in 2019. I was so horrified by the number that I thought I'd miscounted. 107. That includes figures of all types, from scales through to trading figures and gifts for others.

I didn't attempt to add up the total. Knowing such information would probably bring great shame upon me and my family, and I didn't want to be forced to commit Seppuku.

I plan to buy less figures in 2020, but I'm also exceptional at making resolutions I don't keep.

Moving on...

December 31st. Like drunk calling your ex, browsing Mandarake whilst slightly inebriated is never a good idea. My only intention was to buy my brother a figure for his birthday; which I did, despite the fact his birthday wasn't until August. I must say, I like the way tipsy me thinks... so prepared. But somehow that one figure turned into two figures, some badges and bandanas. Fortunately, sober Dandy regrets nothing.

ITEM #877637 / ITEM #248623 / ITEM #248621
I'm stoked with the badges. They're not in the database and I can't find much info about them, other than it appears they were sold in a pop-up shop along with other Cells at Work merchandise. The bandanas were kind of an impulse thing. I was going to sew them together to make a cushion cover, but the fabric is pretty thin and I'm not sure how well it would hold up in the long term.

Rohan looks amazing. I did a review of him a while ago, which can be found in my articles for anyone interested.

ITEM #296454 / ITEM #307132 / ITEM #336724 / ITEM #460237
I spent half of December binge-watching Haikyu (boy, was I late to the party with that one). Absolutely loved it, solid 9/10. Started looking into figures, but some of the Nendos are crazy expensive now.

Another member mentioned on my JoJo MSP figure review that there were Haikyu Master Stars figures. I ended up getting those because I didn't want my entire HQ collection made up of Nendos. They look great, but not quite as good quality-wise as the JoJo boys.

I managed to find Noya for $36 USD. The site in question didn't ship overseas, so I had to ship him to a forwarder. Even so, it was still significantly cheaper than most of the Japanese sites, which were asking in the region of 10k yen.

I also had to get Bokuto, because he was my fave character outside of Team Karasuno. Plus, the fact he's voiced by my all-time fave VA in the dub made his character all the more awesome. (yes, I'm a dub watcher... DON'T JUDGE ME)


I bought Asahi and Tanaka locally a few days before Christmas. They arrived on Christmas Eve. On Boxing Day they were both 20% off. I. WAS. RAGING. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I'll add some of the other Karasuno Nendos if I can find them for a good price.

ITEM #882594 / ITEM #882592 / ITEM #882593
Browsing Manda late one night (when I should have been sleeping instead), I saw the newly released set of DIU Tomonui pop up for 6k yen. Considering AitaiKuji was selling them for stupid money (¥4,500 each), I jumped on them. They're freakin' adorbs.

ITEM #868412 / ITEM #166688 / ITEM #806021
I'd been looking forward to Accelerator since he was announced. He's my absolute best boi from the Toaru franchise. I was unimpressed with the quality of the existing figures of him; most are prize / trading figures (except for two scales, one by Alter: ITEM #109551 and one by Emontoys ITEM #805855) and the faces really bother me. Seriously, thank you Good Smile (from the bottom of my Level 5 esper loving heart) for getting it right.


Like everyone else, I'm disappointed GSC couldn't give us a smiling expression for Bucciarati. Come onnn... they gave the aloof Jotaro a faceplate with a hint of a smile, why couldn't they do the same for Brunie? Have they seen how precious he looks when he smiles?


While I don't dislike Diavolo, he isn't that high on my list of fave JoJo villains. Nonetheless, my Golden Wind SAS collection would have been incomplete without him and his fabulous pink hair, so here he is. I love all the intricate detail, but jeez... that paint is a mess close up. Probably one of my worst SAS figures in that regard.


I ended January by getting 3 Detolfs to begin my collection / room makeover. I intended to start it this month, but things haven't gone as planned. I'll blog the process and post it once completed. It may be another month or more yet.

This rather handsome fellow arrived on the 1st, so that was a most excellent (or terrible, depending on how you look at it) start to the month.

ITEM #921111
I've wanted a Ryuk figure forever (he's my fave Death Note character) and this one is amazing quality and size for the price point. His base is a bit of a let-down though. I wish they'd put a little more effort into the sculpt, and made it resemble a real skull instead of a vaguely skull-shaped blob.

ITEM #863392 / ITEM #930999
I was kinda bummed when Shinra got delayed, mainly because I was gagging to see him under UV light. It was worth the wait though, this figure is absolutely flawless in person. I'm hoping Koto blesses us with an ARTFX-J Arthur in future. And while we're on the subject of Fire Force, I also picked up this cute chibi mug from HobbySearch.

ITEM #932947 / ITEM #932948 / ITEM #932949 / ITEM #390859
Included in my order with Shinra were these Kabukicho Sherlock keychains. I also got this Dandy plushie and lanyard from RightStuf because I'm seriously lacking in Space Dandy merch, despite him being my namesake. Then I saw the JoJo lanyard and hit 'add to cart' so damn fast, even though I only have one set of keys that needs a lanyard. The adorable chimi vamp made me do it.

ITEM #949416 / ITEM #949419 / ITEM #917467 / ITEM #949456
I discovered these Iruma-kun keychains after they were released, so I missed them. I back-ordered them from HobbySearch. Now I kinda regret not getting the Ameri keychain too. Maybe another time. It's so hard to pick a fave character from the series, but I think I'm gonna have to go with Clara. She is NUTS.

I was hoping this month would stay quiet. After all, I was still feeling broke after the last couple of months. No such luck, things turned to custard at the end of the month (albeit, in the best possible way...)

After I lost my entire March pre-order, I decided to grab some other things that had been on my radar for a while.

ITEM #136796 / ITEM #136797 / ITEM #136798 / ITEM #136799
ITEM #136800 / ITEM #136801 / ITEM #136802 / ITEM #136803

I never had any intention of collecting clear files, it was something that just kinda happened. These are from the 2012 Exhibition. They're so damn colourful... I adore them! I got three sets from Mandarake, but the 'C' set (Parts 3 and 6) was harder to find. I managed to get it from Suruga-Ya.

ITEM #872596
My best Zombie Land Saga girl is Saki, so I kinda hummed and hawed over getting Sakura for a while. Then Hobby Search had their big sale, and she came down to something like ¥2,950. Just a week earlier, I almost bought her at full price... oof. Glad I changed my mind that day.

ITEM #396285
I have this SEGA prize figure of Hotaru, which is pretty decent, but I'd always planned on getting a high quality scale figure of her someday. Between Max Factory and Pulchra, the choice was a no-brainer... lmao.

ITEM #26795
I've had the Alter Yui and Mio for years, but hadn't bothered getting the rest of the girls due to my lack of space. However, once my Detolfs are set up I'll have a wee bit more space to play with, so I decided to get one more. Obviously, it had to be AZU~NYAN! Not just because she's a cinnamon roll, but for the sake of consistency. Now I have all the guitar girls together.

Incidentally, that was the last photo of them complete. A couple of days later, this happened. I (rather foolishly) decided to move her to another location, but being the world-class klutz I am, I accidentally knocked her to the ground instead. I wasn't sad, I wasn't mad, just... hollow. And no, her head didn't break off too; I removed it for ease of repair.

Now, let's move on from that devastating tragedy to my biggest highlight of this quarter.

Since last year I've lusted after ITEM #13449, the RAH Josuke. He'd pop up on Mandarake on a semi-regular basis, and despite the fact I was checking Manda 267 million times a day, I managed to miss him EVERY SINGLE TIME. Dejected, I backed away from trying to find him for a while... and subsequently missed him another 3 times. Kill me now.

One evening in mid-March I was perusing a dozen different web shops and auction sites at once, just for the hell of it. I had my music library on shuffle, and Roundabout starts playing. I smiled in approval to myself. I clicked the next tab in my lineup. Lo and behold...

Surging with adrenaline, I completed the checkout process in approximately 0.003 seconds. Four days later, my ever-exuberant postie (bless her, she's the greatest) handed me my precious cargo. I could have wept tears of joy; apart from some minor damage to the heart emblem on his lapel, he was in otherwise excellent condition.

Look at those perfect eyebrows!
I'm absolutely not trying to pick another fight with a certain someone...

With the markets as they are currently, it ended up costing my life savings. Therefore, my cup noodle diet will be continuing for the foreseeable future. Well... that's assuming there's actually cup noodles left at the supermarket.

My brother bought me this hoodie and these badges. I was unsure whether to stick the badges on my pin board or start a JoJo themed ita bag. I already have a MHA ita bag and while it was fun to put together, it doesn't get much use. Would a JoJo one get more use? Ahhh, probably not. I only use it when I'm going to be somewhere other Otaku congregate, conventions and the like.


While the hoodie isn't official, I still love it. It's miles too big though, I think this was a rare case of the Asian sizing being almost the same as the Western sizing. You know how it is... a Large is roughly a Chinese 2XL; so when in doubt, get two or three sizes bigger than you normally wear. Well, this 2XL is literally a freakin' tent... lmao. Nonetheless, I plan on living in it all winter, like one of those snuggly hoodie-blanket things.

ITEM #132954
I've also wanted a hard copy of Rohan at the Louvre for months now, so I finally got round to getting that as well. It was a good read and the art was on point as always. Love the colour pallete that was used, too.

Of all my Mandarake orders these past 3 months, this one was by far my favourite.


That's all for now.

If you've actually bothered to read this far, kudos. You have the patience of a goddamn saint.

~ dandy ( ・ω・)ノ
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Pinkuoir5 mies. temu#77201895snip
I know right, the colours are so electric. I'd love to stick them on the wall instead of in a folder, but I don't want to risk them getting sun-damaged. My fave is the Stone Ocean one, I'm a sucker for rainbows.

Tracking down a grail is such an awesome feeling, Josuke is so gorgeous in person. I'd love more RAH's, particularly The World (to go with my DIO) Giorno, Bucciarati and Mista, but they're way out of my price range. My ultimate grail would be the Stone Ocean Jotaro RAH, (because his Pt.6 outfit is F I R E) but not at 85,000+ yen... eeek

And thanks for your kind words! Wasn't too sure whether to do another loot post next quarter, but I probably will - it was fun! (◕‿◕)
5 mies. temu
Those clear files are so pretty! The Giorno one is my favorite.
I'm not too familiar with the other series' but I can appreciate how nice the figures and merch are!
I too was disappointed in the Diavolo SAS figure, his default face looks so weird to me.

Oh my RAH Josuke looks amazing! The face is so pretty. I'm happy you finally got what you were looking for! I've had my eye on a few of the RAH figures for a while but right now I can only dream of them, haha.

This was a great read and I look forward to reading more!
5 mies. temu
LoveChopper5 mies. temu#77159762snip
Hey thanks!

So do I! I'd kill for the Iruma-kun trio - really hope they get the Nendo treatment some day.

I want a Saki Nendoroid so bad, but when GSC starts expanding the Zombie Land Saga line (maybe around the time they finally begin the second season), I can totally see them doing Ai and Junko next. They're overwhelmingly popular, but I was never that big on those two. Saki, Lily, Tae and Sakura for me (* ^ ω ^)
5 mies. temu
very nice loot!!! on a personal note, hope iruma and the gals from zombie saga land get the nendo treatment
5 mies. temu
dandybaby5 mies. temu#77136432
I love the tagline on your profile... "Iggy enthusiast".
Iggy best doggo. No other anime doggo comes close.

'Tis true. All hail the canine king!

5 mies. temu
dandybaby5 mies. temu#77135848snipThe hole is unmistakably noticeable on the ones I like, while it seems almost invisible on the ones you posted so if that's the case I probably won't buy them.. it totally ruins the composition. I don't understand why they would make that design choice.

At this point it seems like the only way to get this picture in nice quality is to, well.. buy this ITEM #739679

Which, needless to say, I cannot afford (or find, for that matter).
5 mies. temu
Astrocomet5 mies. temu#77136295snip
Thanks! Yeah, the RAH Josuke is hard to find for a good price. I ended up paying a bit more than his last listed price on Mandarake, but not as much as some I've seen for sale - I've seen 50-60k yen, and he'll only get more expensive with time.

Oh nooo, your poor Jonathan! (ಥ﹏ಥ) I was gonna buy that figure for my brother, but I know I'd probably end up keeping it for myself instead (like I did with the Grandista Rohan) and having to get him another one... haha. I'll be sure to be careful with his sword if I do get my hands on him in future.

I love the tagline on your profile... "Iggy enthusiast".
Iggy best doggo. No other anime doggo comes close.
5 mies. temu
Congrats on all those goodies, especially the Josuke RAH! From what I've seen, those suckers are hard to come by (for a decent price, anyway).

Sorry to hear about the broken figure. If its any consolation, at least you aren't as much of a butterfingers as I am. I broke the sword off this one -> ITEM #121321 just getting him out of the box. Man, was I angry at myself. It was a bit of a tricky fix, too.

Again, congrats on your collection!
5 mies. temu
It's probably because of the colour. These clear files have a transparent front and an opaque back - that's why they blend so well. I'll upload some pics of the front and back of them to the respective item pages later.

EDIT: WRONG AS USUAL DANDY... I just got them out and they are indeed transparent on both sides.
The SDC, SBR and JJL ones are more opaque than the rest though.

Yeah, bummer. I'll keep looking, no rush. She'll pop up again eventually.

AlienEmoji5 mies. temu#77135779I took no bait I just complimented your Josuke's Very Decent eyebrows :) They are Perfectly Fine eyebrows. :) They are Nice. :)
5 mies. temu
dandybaby5 mies. temu#77135167snipTwo clear files I like are the 2018 exhibition ones of Jotaro and DIO, but the... hole? on the right looks much more visible on them than on the clear files you're featuring and that really bothers me because it really ruins the beautiful empty spaces of the picture :/
Unless there's like a paper in there or something?

Aw man, really sorry to hear about Azusa.
I hope you can find a good deal eventually!

I took no bait I just complimented your Josuke's Very Decent eyebrows :) They are Perfectly Fine eyebrows. :) They are Nice. :)
5 mies. temu
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