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Nazo no Heroine X (Alter) - Funny Knights Ltd VerNazo no Heroine X (Alter) - Funny Knights Ltd Ver

TorakatsuTorakatsu12 d. temuReview
So where to begin? I guess apologies are in order for the quality of the pictures. They’re shot on an iPhone X, in my poorly-lit Tokyo hotel room. They’ll do the intended job of informing you fine folks though, on the pros and cons of Funny Knight’s Nazo no Heroine X Alter a month before her official release. Hopefully it will help anyone sitting on the fence about Funny Knights.

For those unaware, the version you see in this review is the Wonder Festival exclusive variant, which endows X with glasses and a hood to match her cloak. Check out my loot post if you want a long-winded story about obtaining her.

Anyhow on with the pics!
The packaging is the standard fare. You won’t be opening up to find a FOTS-esque, severed leg disaster.

I love the sculpt from every angle.


I mean who doesn’t appreciate a dynamic figure? With some manufacturers, this can spell disaster when it comes to supporting the pose. This isn’t the case at all with Funny Knights’ attempt. The foot pegs are extremely sturdy and the left leg is braced by a clear rod.
The base is a simple clear pink to match the weapons which is a nice touch. (Opinion) I feel bases are becoming too complex lately, often taking attention away from the figure. Not every scale needs to be a diorama.

It’s not all good news however, as the hand-painted detail is... well, it’s not a disaster I guess. My example has a bit of bleeding of blue from the thigh-high boot onto the skin.

The various straps around X’s body aren’t painted with the steadiest hand either, nor are the red accents on the armour.

Funny Knights really nailed it from behind though; the gradient on the cloak is nice and the way it bunches up at the shoulders and falls looks very natural.


The weapons slot into her hands easily but are at no risk of falling out.

The hair is notched to fit the glasses, so there’s no chance the limited parts will be interchangeable. The hair also isn’t detailed as sharply as, say a Megahouse release.

From the gauge of some of the posts that come up here, the paint apps might be a dealbreaker for a few, but for a comparatively small time manufacturer, Funny Knights has done well in areas that other companies have gone wrong. This Mysterious Heroine has a presence that will draw the eye and I’m absolutely stoked to have her as part of my collection.


Solid stand

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SerialGunner (10 d. temu) #75727625Not seeing anything

10 d. temu
Not seeing anything Torakatsu (10 d. temu) #75727620Yahoo Auctions for around 30,000 yen or Amazon Japan for 63,000 yen.
10 d. temu
SerialGunner (11 d. temu) #75726647Where can I get this version?
Yahoo Auctions for around 30,000 yen or Amazon Japan for 63,000 yen.
10 d. temu
Where can I get this version?
11 d. temu
Despite the paint job, I think X is a cool looking figure! Her cape looks great and really enhances X's motion pose.

I actually like X's armor and leg sculpt; I find it quite attractive.

Thanks for showing off this figure!
11 d. temu
I need this version
11 d. temu
ponnie (12 d. temu) #75666086In 2020 no manufacturer uses hand painting for figures.
The details are all airbrushed with the help of specially designed metal masks, fit for this particular figure and nothing else.

Oh true! Thanks for your insight. It was the only logical conclusion I could think of to explain the result.
11 d. temu
ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
In 2020 no manufacturer uses hand painting for figures.

The details are all airbrushed with the help of specially designed metal masks, fit for this particular figure and nothing else.
12 d. temu
Thank you for sharing this. It's good to see for once how the quality of a manufacturer that I've never bought from before is and I can say that they did a very good job. Overall, the figure looks cute,the pink base matches the figure and the quality seems well done.
12 d. temu
Thanks for sharing! So glad you were able to nab her. I love her cloak and glasses, they are so cute. A bummer about the unsteady paint job though...
12 d. temu
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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