February 2020: How is your self restraint doing?February 2020: How is your self restraint doing?Ask MFC

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And so it begins once again, another round of dealing with nostalgia that has resulted in spending a fair amount on older figures because this month's collecting objective is to get a mix of older and new Mobile Suit Gundam figures and after doing the accounting I now have to set my self restraint to maximum for the rest of the month.

Between wanting a few Fate figures mainly Astolfo figures things as usual have added up very quickly too the point it's time to not look at any more figures for a while because that's how things get out of control with me and adding a small handful of items to the collection is the goal for this month.

So far Already got 3 items coming that were not planned for and finding ITEM #28393 at an excellent deal adds another Strike Gundam to the collection so now there are 2 Strike Gundams coming in and I need to unplug from looking for more Strike Gundam figures because the objective now is to check out other figures from the 2000-2010 era of Gundam figures then one or two things from the 2010-2019 era of Gundam

Currently Astolfo's Figma is the most expensive thing for this month and wasn't expecting to get ITEM #8589 for the collection so that's lead to hunting up the other 7 inch scale Mobile Suits that were released in 2004.

Right now looking at adding at least 7 older items to the collection this month and then 2 preorders, gotta cut back on other things for the rest of the month.

My self restraint is still doing well, talking myself out of getting more new figures but dealing with having to talk myself out of getting older figures again because that's when I get sucked into hunting for figures all the time and that's the last thing I want to do right now.

This hobby gets easier to manage to me after one spends about $80 on the first item then anything else after that is reconsidered or hunted for at a good deal and right now doing well enough to avoid spending over $50 on anything else and so far the Figma and the Gundam Fix Figuration Strike are the most expensive items for the month found the Strike for $40 on sale so that was a nice surprise.

I want older figures more than I want new ones and that is part of the fun to me with collecting going back and checking older figures and using MFC's database to check what is out there and that leads to the wishlist growing a bit but it's culled after the nostalgia goes away.

How is your self restraint doing at this point in the year?

Are you talking yourself out of getting things?

Do you collect older figures?

So far this month's selected additions are starting to get shipped.

Picked up the Fate Grand Order FuRyu Gilgamesh ITEM #844778 Prize Figure and that was another $40 or so spent there so this means I'm now deciding to not get anything else and now that the Month's Collecting Cycle has started I'm not eager to jump back into things so right now waiting for 5 things to get in and I have spent a decent amount already.

Just gotta get the Fate Astolfo Figma and 1 Astolfo Prize Figure then that may be it,because this month is a short month it is helping me out with doing less since there are 2 weeks left in this month and I don't feel like spending anymore money.

Looking forward to getting Gilgamesh in hand so I'm hopeful that when the main things I wanted get in hand that will help to eliminate the impulsive urge to pick more up because that's how things get out of control at times is after I have picked up what I wanted I end up getting tempted on others so just gotta put my feet up right now and ease back off looking for figures plus canned the Transformers Earthrise Optimus because I REALLY don't want anymore Transformers especially with a huge Storage Tote full of them and a lot of them on the shelves so that's helping to talk me out of spending more money on that toyline even though I'd like to get the new figures just don't want to spend the money on them right now.


So I'm satisfied with getting Gilgamesh and Astolfo for the Fate collection this month and hopefully SEGA's Prize Figure of Nitocris will be getting in stock where I ordered it.
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My restraint is half and half, if I'm honest. When I'm online window shopping, if I see something I've been hunting for awhile now, I'm like "damn, okay I'll just bookmark this". However, if I walk into a store or convention and I see something I've been hunting for, I snag it. No hesitation. Although, I've talked myself out of some purchases (and I mean like 4 or 3 potential purchases), but I've completely hated life after doing so (which might hint at a potential problem there).
As for collecting older figures, it depends on my connection to the character or figure itself and the other options currently avalible (also it's rarity).
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I think I am still doing pretty good. I only have two preorders ITEM #740131 and ITEM #872642.

I try to slow down because I am once again, looking for a new place. I will have a roommate. While she is very open with my hobbies, I don't want to overwhelm her with 4 of them. I can merge my video game collection with hers and she is pretty open with my love for plants and fish. So figures will have to stay at my parent.s for the time being.
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Doing great so far in self-restraint. No single new preorder so far in this yr and there will be just one nendo coming to my collection in the first half of the yr. My annual budget stays at around 500 USD equivalent for several yrs now, with the rising prices of figures, In 2020 I may be able to get one or two scale figures plus one cheaper action figures I guess? Will keep my wallet shut until I found something really attempting (and also affordable).
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I feel like I'm mere days away from ordering an overpriced ITEM #723399 from somewhere.
I finished the anime last week and the desire for a figure of her only increased so I don't think I'll get buyer's remorse if I get her, also I think I'm over at the point where it would be impulse.
Her aftermarket price is pretty high though and I really want the version with the Unlimited Blade Works (so many potential Fate memes, I cannot resist).

Then again, I only have pre-orders for September and November and do have the money but still... it's more than half of my paycheck ugh.
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I have amazing self restraint. I don't do pre-orders because the places I shop all have different release dates, so I just wait until items are available from my preferred vendors. Having an APO address that not everyone ships to also makes it really easy not to overspend. If I can't get the thing when I want it then I have to hold off and shop around some more, and hopefully find a better price. I have some older figures in my wishlist but I like to collect characters from one franchise/series at a time and right now I'm focused on Megami Devices and other model kits. I hope that when I do get around to shopping for older figures I can find some good deals on gently-used ones.
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Chiya Impulsive Buyer
My self-restraint has been pretty good so far. I saved myself from spending hundreds of dollars this year by not falling into impulse purchases and I've only preordered figures I really want.

I only have about six anime figures preordered, which is great! I'm more picky of what I order now, so I'm not falling for my past mistakes like I did last year.

Besides my anime figure collection, I plan on buying Transformers Earthrise figures when I see them in store. Kamen Rider Zero-One will be the last Rider collectibles I'll ever be collecting, but I'm really enjoying this toyline compared to past series and the DX releases has been slowing down which helps my wallet.

By the end of 2020, I'll be mostly done with collecting figures and toys. Afterwards, I'll just buy a couple Nendoroids here and there if it's my favourite character.
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Buyer's remorse has clipped my wings until summer.

Last year I preordered all the Ojamajo Doremi Nendodoids, but the ones that have come out so far... Every peg is either so big I have to shave it or so small it literally falls out on its own. Knowing that I'm going to have to pay for more of the same gives me a stomachache.

It's made me pull my hand back on several appealing announcements.
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I’m currently in Japan for Wonfest and staying in Akihabara. Not a good thing for self restraint! I’ve purchased 10 scales in the last week....haha
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My self restraint has actually been good this past year even though you'll see that I have ordered a lot of figures for this year and next year but if you compare this to a few years ago then it wasn't as good since I bought a few figures that I have grown to not like anymore since I barely new what they were from ( they were impulse buys, at least the fate figure that I have, the 2 prize figures,the Izaya Orihara one and the Michelle K. Davis).

Also, from this WonFes I only added like 2 figures to my wishlist which I really want. If I ordered something then it means that I really want and love it myself.

To end this, I think my planning has been fine since I pre-paid for most of my orders and it means that I won't have to pay for them when they come out.
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Really great! I only added one figure to my wishlist after wonfes (Steven Starphase nendo), and I haven't felt the need to hunt down any of the others in said wishlist. I'm actually looking to cancel one order, but the rest of them are definitely something that I want and are waiting for to come, and then that's it for the year for me unless something really awesome comes later. It's really been liberating, since I'm saving up for many other hobbies and things that I'd rather do, and the money I would have otherwise spent on figures goes to those instead!

Edit: Correction - technically I added two; the other one being Hyuga Masamune. But Touken Ranbu is a given for me at this point so I forgot to even consider him, lol.
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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