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    5 mies. temu
    Your #1 figure is incredible! I can see why he costs an arm and a leg. I think I should add that Teto figure in my wishlist since she turned out beautiful. (˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈) Usually I am not big into red and green combinations, but I am glad GSC didn't over due it.
    6 mies. temu
    If you pay more, you will get better quality figures.
    6 mies. temu
    ITEM #617147 is one of my favorites as well, she turned out absolutely gorgeous! GSC definitely did not disappoint. I'm hoping ITEM #617149 turns out just as beautifully
    6 mies. temu
    I remember when I first joined MFC, you had just gotten your grail (ITEM #567460) and I was so excited to read along with you. I'm so glad you still love it!

    I have a few favorites on this list. I had really wanted to get ITEM #806049 when it was first coming out, and I have to say they are so beautiful. I feel like Ram is widely forgotten, but you can't have one without the other! I like how their hair is translucent. ITEM #617147 is just gorgeous ... I mean, the detailing on her kimono is spot on. And, of course, ITEM #540469 is super cool. I love how many display options he has.

    Awesome post!
    6 mies. temu
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