Komentarze Best Love Live scale figures?

  • For the Otonokizaka girls, I'd say probably ITEM #317824 and ITEM #236225.

    For the Uranohoshi girls, I'd say ITEM #587186, ITEM #658376 and ITEM #645454.
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    Nozomi's dancing stars on me is my favorite scale figure. Because it is my favorite girl, in one of my favorite costumes of hers.

    Now if only I could find a good scale I like of Dia.

    Nozomi: ITEM #509402
    Eli: ITEM #361549
    Honoka: ITEM #743164
    Kanan: ITEM #645454
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    I haven't bought her, but for me, she's the one because she "calls" me.
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    ITEM #479903 is my most loved figure and I'm so glad best girl has a high quality scale in an idol outfit. Every WonFes I wait for Alter to announce their Aqours line and I'm still waiting after 2 years.. Will they even make it at this point? ;_;
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    My favourite one is ITEM #645905 its based off two of my fave URs of Nico and Maki that you get in the game and I want it soo badly if I can ever find it for a decent price >__<

    Also ITEM #317824 & ITEM #236225
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    The ones I have:
    Maki ITEM #317824
    Nozomi ITEM #317823
    Kotori ITEM #236159
    Umi ITEM #317827
    Nico & Maki Valentine ITEM #645905

    These are all really beautiful, think Maki is my favourite Love Live figure. Her lantern even has a real LED light, so you can actually light up her lantern, which is very nice. :)

    Still thinking about getting Honoka ITEM #317828 and Halloween (Dancing Stars on Me) Nozomi ITEM #509402
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    I wish I could recommend a Chika scale since Chika is my best girl but, unfortunately, she doesn't have any good scale figures. I'm hoping that Alter will eventually announce and release a Chika because she needs something good.
    Regardless, this isn't an article to complain, so here's a couple of my favourites (based on prototypes/photos 'cause I can't justify spending that much money on someone who isn't a best girl):
    ITEM #587186
    ITEM #549458
    ITEM #317824
    ITEM #236159
    ITEM #742658
    ITEM #645905
    ITEM #236225
    ITEM #658375
    ITEM #658376
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    whobedaplaya8 mies. temu#71598350These are the best. Then again, I might be a little biased :)

    oh my god ... yes, a full set. this is gorgeous exactly how you have it set up. i am so super jealous of this lol. in a perfect world i would have this plus every single other.
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    These are the best. Then again, I might be a little biased :)

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