Komentarze Figures Made of Stone

  • Not anime related but there's a stone sculpture that looks pretty epic (that's been under construction for a looong time) and they're trying to sculpt this on a mountain called Crazy Horse in the Black Hills.

    Here's the model:

    Annnd here's where they're at currently:
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    I would love to own a Gun Buster stone figure or any mecha stone figure would look good. I think stone people look creepy so I wouldn't get myself a stone figure or anything like that of a human character. The only ones that would look cool are somemeone like Goku or All Might
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    We need a figure made of Flex Seal already.

    Come on Phil, get with it!

    I am very sleep deprived.
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    I think this could be a unique effect on the right character. I picked up ITEM #619315 solely because it looks like a wood carving. The Table Museum figmas also have a stone texture on the statues.
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    I've used to have this thought of having stone statues depicting anime characters in my own backyard. I think this idea could sell well, depending on the target audience. Maybe using popular franchises like Pokemon would be a great starting point.

    Speaking of unique materials, I've seen anime figures made out porcelain in the database. (ENTRY #23458) My favorite example are Gui's creations. (ENTRY #162737) They remind of the Precious Moments statues.
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    Solarstormflare11 mies. temu#68294550Three words: Dr Stone figures

    I'm glad you said this because I totally thought of Dr. Stone while reading this! It would be cool to get some "stone" figures from that anime.
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    Three words: Dr Stone figures
    Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoileraall jokes aside, what an interesting idea! Thanks for sharing :)
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