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Welcome to another surugaya loot. Yeah I love ordering from that shop haha. This time however, some items have a short story to it.

So what will be in it this time?
Will there be a Louise item or..?

Let's see. Here is the entire loot on a picture. I removed most plastics and wrappings so it shows better. No items were opened beforehand. I all did so myself. The bathposter however was too big to make it fit with the rest so it only gets discussed below.


Nice right? And yes it has some Louise in it!
As one item has nsfw content, it will be discussed at the bottom in spoiler tags, so skip it if you don't like nsfw.
It won't be censored in that picture.

So whats in it:

- flareon bracelet
- louise bathposter
- lunchbox of eevee
- microfiber towel of louise
- follow me character cd of louise x saito
- bowl with eeveelutions
- clear file of erina
- clear file of louise x saito
- akita neru nendo petit
- frixion pen/marker with eeveelutions
- tabe koji manga

So let's start with the first items that have a story to it:


Flareon/booster bracelet.
A long time ago I was offered this bracelet for 15 euros plus local shipping and while I loved it I decided to skip but kept thinking about it.. And just my luck, I found it on suru for a way cheaper price :D very happy

Crystals I have always loved, you can see some orange ones here I think they are calcite.
Plus ofc the lovely flareon charm.

Next item:

Louise bathposter

Also has a story to it. I preordered this item a long time ago.. But my ex damaged it with shower cleaning spray. I was soooo sad. Then I found it on suru while I sold my old one for price i paid for this item.
Now I'm super happy! And I made a fellow fan happy too as this item rarely pops up. So here it is


Shows the lovely Louise in a bathtowel and looks great in a shower or bath. Its a bit curled up cause it was in a tube, as shown here


Next item:

Louise glasses cleaner, or so i thought... its a microfiber towel


Since I recently got a pair of glasses for work I decided to get this cheap 200 yen glasses cleaner. Rather cute right? It's a doujin good so not on mfc. Tho it turned out to be really big XD

Then we move on to another cute item:

Akita neru nendoroid petit!!



So as a tsundere lover, I had to get this tsundere vocaloid/utauloid :) she will go next to my Tony ver megurine luka
H-hey its not like I wanted to buy you, I just happened to come across you and take you with me.

Sadly the backside has some smudges, but they seem easy fixes with a magic eraser. Also there was no mention of her not having a box, but i guess that just saves me space lol

Next up is:

Jolteon (liquor) glass


Well it's a small glass part of a set I collect. I use it for liquor myself :)

I now only have sylfeon and vaporeon left to go!

Here is a picture of all the glasses I got by now


Such a lovely set to collect can recommend.

So after this lovely items it's time for something unique with yet another short story to it.

The eevee flowers lunchbox


So recently I needed a new lunchbox and took a gamble with this one hoping it is big enough.I love using my items and definitely will be a nice thing to take to work. Sadly it was tiny so could be used for cookies or such, but not for the lunch.

Then there's this bowl


It's very lovely however tinier than I anticipated as apparantly it had to be shipped separately with the glass.. And said to weigh 1 kg.. Tho to me this seemed unlikely but yeah.. Thanks to this the item became a bit expensive.. however it just looks soooo good i will keep it.

Then there's this pen. I mean you can't have enough pencils right?
Tho once i got it... it ended up being a marker XD blue. Guess i use it for packages and such.


I just fell for the old school vibe with the pixelized sprites of the eeveelutions

Then there's this cd.


Also has a story to it. Since I started making blogs about the CD sets I regretted selling this cd to a fellow fan. Now finally I found it again and can do the final review of the CD sets :)
This cd is follow me! And has 2 tracks off vocal and with vocals.
Since I will do a review, I won't show more pics hehe

Then there's this impulse buy xD but can always use clear files haha

There are 2, one of erina which is a doujin good nog on mfc and one if Louise and Saito.

I start with Louise X Saito since we just had their CD :)


Rather cute right? and I'm a sucker for her shrine outfit which looks good on her

And here is erina


I just love this guy his artstyle. It's doujin circle is called berry syrup. Yeah just had to get this :)

Last but not least, the nsfw tabe Koji love sweets Manga

Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoilerahttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/09/04/2292837.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/09/04/2292838.jpeg

I simply love his art styles so I collect all his items that I like. He does gyaru well. It includes some pin up style images usually plus well drawn H scenes.

Here is a sneak peek

Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoilerahttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/09/04/2292839.jpeg

All this was shipped in 3 Sal boxes, poster separately and the glass plus bowl, rest was in another box which strange enough, arrived later than the other 2. But I didn't mind it as now it was all below custom charge amount and cheaply yet fast shipping instead of slow surface mail.

I hope you enjoyed this loot post and until next time!
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
euler27111 mies. temu#66569482Very nice review my friend. I loved the manga at the end(btw, I started from the bottom, just because of you teasing about it being NSFW. Nicely done ;-)).
Two more glasses to go! let's hope that vaporeon reappears soon.
That louise's poster looks awesome. And all the other eevee's accesories, especially the bowl, very nice. I'd like to have one of those. XD
PD: I won the bet(local time:20:15). XD

Hehe yeah I love the Manga as well. The art is so awesome.

Yeah the bowl surprised me, it wasn't plastic and it was detailed as well! Tho probably not dishwasher proof ><

Thanks for the comment and yeah I hope both reappear cause I had a chance to get all 3 together at a moment I already spend too much xD
11 mies. temu
Very nice review my friend. I loved the manga at the end(btw, I started from the bottom, just because of you teasing about it being NSFW. Nicely done ;-)).
Two more glasses to go! let's hope that vaporeon reappears soon.
That louise's poster looks awesome. And all the other eevee's accesories, especially the bowl, very nice. I'd like to have one of those. XD
PD: I won the bet(local time:20:15). XD
11 mies. temu
Nice gets, especially the Louise goods and that glass is nice too, now you have a nice set to serve stronger drinks.
11 mies. temu
Nice loot, totally in love with the flareon bracelet and eeveelution bowl.:)
11 mies. temu