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I'm just a litlle curious!
Do you guys enjoy anime figure related videos? Or you are more old fashion type and you love reading articles more? (Vote bellow!)

I personaly really enjoy watching people on youtube that have anime related content (you can see I'm a weeb of culture), expecialy anime figure related videos suck as unboxings, loots, news, blind boxes etc.
By watching that kind of YT videos, I started collecting.
Even if I don't like that figure and have no intention in buying it, I really love to watch a video about it. It's really relaxing for me! I have always been a girl of YT and I still enjoy it alot!
My favourite "anime" figure youtubers are:

Absolute favourite I adore and am so big fan of (I do not miss a single video!):
Figure Break

I also really love:
Miku Nya

I would like to know what do you like? Article or video? And who do you like the most? And in total, what do you think about this topic??

Thank you for reading, have anice day my friend! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
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Do you like anime figure related youtube videos?

33%Hell yeah! I love them alot!
27%I do, but I'm not so hyped about it.
17%I'm neutral in this topic...
23%Not really, I preffer reading topics I'm interested in.
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I prefer youtube! I watch leaveno1behind for one piece figure reviews :D it helps me whether I really wanna buy or not
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This article is just what I was looking for!! I recently just got "heavy" into collecting and started a YouTube channel aswell, so I wanted to find more anime "figure-tubers" to watch and get some ideas! KenKen and Animeplz are the only ones Im subbed too, but I'm going to check out everyone's channels now!

If anyone's interested, mines bit.ly/FigUltra...
My friend and I pick a figure in our collection and take them out for live photo shoots, I film our trip and turn edit it into a VLOG! We only have 3 episodes up, but I have 1 figure review recorded and another Vlog that needs to be edited!
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SkaylerOtakuCat10 mies. temu#65946424I can't belive! 2 of my favourite youtbers read this article and commented and now you! I coudn't be more happy now!
I really, like REALLY enjoy your content! I have watched your saber motored cuirassier figure review like 15 times while waithing for her to arrive to my home! I really love your happy personality and interesting videos!
And your top 10 wonder festival favourites was amazing video! I highly suggest you to maake some other videos that are figure related, except only doing reviews!
Once agen, thank you for reading my article and I wish you all best!

I'm glad that you like the content so much! :D And yes it is then plan to do other figure related videos but maybe a little dabble in other things here and there to mix things up a bit maybe and see what else people want to see from me but those are FAR future plans!

I also want to take this opportunity to link my channel for those possibly interested! I do indeed make anime figure reviews although ill have to admit lately it is mostly Fate figures but I like my Fate figures ok? lol

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My favourite is The Real Payne! Awesome guy, in depth reviews, and replies to all my comments :D
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I used to love watching go figure, which is what got me to watch anime figure YouTubers, but she hasn’t uploaded in a long time sadly
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The real Payne, mecha gaikotsu, and jobby the Hong are all great
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I know of this one as well: animaster888.
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Mostly to discover amazing figures (Resin in particular) that I probably could never afford. Sometimes, It can even lead to me watching the anime which the character come from. But, I am not really into figure reviews. It's also handy to decide whether the figure I'm looking for, is worth or not, as it's easier to tell with a video.
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I don't know those names but I'll say my opinion over all. As much as I would love to follow an anime figure reviewer,when it comes to reviews,i'd rather much read an article.More detailed in both writing and pictures whereas,some figure youtubers I've seen only show the figure and talk a little bit about it,nothing much,therefore they don't specify alot of things that should be stated regarding the respective figure.
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I like you tube with regard figures , especially when they compare the size to other figures
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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