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Hello all! I hope you've been well.
(Just as a preliminary warning, this article is a little more meandering than my previous...!)

A couple of months back, I took the plunge and showed off my (first wholly-successful, actually-finished) customised Nendoroid (Doll), at the end of which I alluded to a certain then-forthcoming custom to partner Lambdadelta. And so—


The Witch of Miracles

Rather blessedly, she was a good deal easier to make than Lambda: the parts I bought for her needed no customisation themselves (though the more keen-eyed might have noticed I straightened the fringe and hair just a touch), and, even more so, the Nendoroid Doll clothing book GSC recently released meant I didn't have to faff about scaling down patterns for larger dolls. Because of that, however, I was a little more lazy less creative in adapting the pattern to accommodate for Bernkastel's outfit's details — hence the underskirts' greater exposure, the shorter and longer sleeves lacking a more defined puffiness / bell-...iness respectively, and the collar of the dress looking— well, as it does.

Still, I'm really happy with the result overall (although that collar irks me a little every time I see it dfgfdg), and the ND book made sewing the dress a far less puzzling ordeal than sewing Lambda's!

If anything proved any real trouble, it was working out how to replicate her little cat's tail. I always planned on using a pipe-cleaner, but quickly found that the pipe-cleaner by itself looked...honestly quite unsightly. I ended up sewing a little 'stocking' - using an old pair of tights - to case the tail; I attached it to the doll's waist with a tiny bit of elastic, and the end result (although not visable from all angles) sits in a cute little curl!


Replicating a style of her in-game sprites: swishing away her hair in aloof dismissal of incompetent company—

As my second venture (third, counting the dropped EVA-Beatrice design) into creating a custom Nendoroid Doll, and with Bern's outfit being a good deal less busy than Lambda's, I don't think there's really much more for me to say on the process. So, here're a couple of couple poses, naturally:


I thought it was quite neat how the golden butterflies aligned with Bern's hand, but I evidently can't edit well enough to truly have them stand out.


How I currently have them posed, though upon reflection it's a little too cutesy for them, so I might already change it haha.

'But!', some of you—...one or two of you are thinking — 'why the '(+misc.)' in the title?' Since I'm here anyway, I thought I might as well exhibit a couple of other handiworks: one of which I also alluded to last time (and unfortunately didn't go as well as planned), and another, spontaneous customisation that kind of started as a by-product of the former.

Knowing that my favourite fictional lesbians with likely never get picked up for official figures, I decided to take matters into my own hands again with an attempt at Fire Emblem Fates's Camilla (she has a scale, and Kamui, Elise, and Sakura have Nendoroids, but the pessimist in me doesn't see Camilla and Hinoka receiving the same treatment, unfortunately). And, uh, speaking generously, it was little more than 'an attempt'. I used ITEM #88169 as the base for the body, but reworking the armour into Camilla's - all the more so a modified, more tasteful and practical design than canon's - proved...well, ultimately possible in the end, but then I dropped it while posing it and one of the dragon's-claw details on her hips snapped off.

Long story short, I gave up shortly thereafter ever displaying her in the armour, and now have her in ITEM #144287's neat little gown. At least I'm happy enough with the end result of her circlet, even if it's a little messy where the original headpiece has been removed and reattached haha;;


I used the Nendoroid face maker to create a couple of faces for her, giving fanon (and my personal headcanon) a little nod even if her left eye's hidden behind her hair.

Now, I'd actually bought a separate hair piece for the custom Camilla, which I didn't use in the end — at least, not for the plain-Nendoroid customisation. Seeing as I had a spare ND body left over, however, and excited to try out more of the book's patterns, I ended up using the hair for...

...a small Yuyuko Saigyouji redesign, with a more traditional style in mind! She is as yet unfinished, as I'm waiting for the arrival of her sandals and some materials to make a mini kanzashi. Seeing the individual pieces for the kimono come together was immensely satisfying, though, considering I had only the instructional illustrations to work with! I can't wait to display the finished product with the rest of my Yuyuko shrine shelf.

FINALLY, that's all from me—! Thank you so much if you stuck through all this self-indulgence of mine aaaa. I really really enjoyed working with the ND doll book, and would absolutely love to try to make more clothes in the future... I do foresee a problem with wanting to display everything I've made, though, and simply not having the dolls to do so ` v `)a

Thanks again for looking, and I hope you all have a great day! <3
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When Goodsmiles does not make your favourite characters, fans gotta do what they must! I love your customs, especially how you sewed your own clothes! I'm sadly not at that level yet ^^;. It's a shame that the pictures don't do them justice though. I don't know if it's the flash or the lighting (I'm no expert on that either...) but it makes it hard to see the finer details. Anyway, keep up the good work! :)
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Wow, they both looks cute and in character. The soulless & cold expression matches the confident and playful Lambda while the outfit is very close to what they wear in the game. I think you did a very good job on Bernkastel outfit (⌒.−)d
Btw I wonder why prepainted figure of Umineko is scarce, considering the VN is epic...
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Echizen-Momoko Echizen Ryoma's Wifey
hey look amazing!
my first try failed terrible. I really wish they had released a english version of the book too XD

You are very talented in sewing these little clothes ♥
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