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Hey all, how do you display your rubber straps? I've tried taping the back of them and sticking them to the walls so I can arrange them almost like pictures without the actual straps or the tape showing but sadly they fall off my walls, so I have to think of something else.
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I display mine like this
Thanks for sharing, mate! Permission to replicate XD
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Thank you so much for the suggestions!! I am trying to avoid cork boards and pins lol, I think I'll give the command hooks a try (I had tried just using the strips but they didn't like to stick to the back of most of my straps).
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There are a few ideas in this recent article: BLOG #42636
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I took the keychain parts off of my straps and using a thread sewed them in place on an old lanyard from a convention that I colored in black so it's not noticeable. I used a small bit of double sided tape between the strap and the lanyard to keep them from flipping around and then I used this gel tape I have to stick it to the shelf.

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I display mine like this
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HassySoda Autumn girl

Like everyone else said, corkboard. But try and have yours look nicer than mine haha.
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I like to display them with the other collections. I use Clear Command hooks for that.
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I have a corkboard (like many collectors) but I also have a magnet whiteboard on my desk that I use to display straps and magnets! (pic in spoiler tag)
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Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but I like the magnet board because I can display things like trading cards or bookmarks on it without damaging them :3 (I'm also in the habit of turning stickers into magnets so I can display them on the board too!)
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mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
I don’t know if you can get these where you live, but I use these tiny command hooks! www.amazon.com/...
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Use a cork board and push pins!! That's my and tons of other collectors way of choice to display them. :)

Edit: Here's my very recently re-arranged rubber strap display!! (Looks like I'll need a bigger one soon!)

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