Yesterday I received my Hobby Japan Tenshi and I was pretty excited to take some pictures of her since she's a beauty. Now, I wasn't supposed to open any more figures until I bought my new display shelves but I made a special exception for this one. This figure has some history with me since I almost payed 300 for the garage kit but luckily held back and was rewarded by the announcement of a Hobby Japan PVC. Since I was heading out on a photoshoot anyway I brought all my Tenshi along. I woke my girlfriend and after having bribed her with some tacos to get out of bed I recruited her to be my assistant. We hauled our ton of figures and props and walked all the way to the local park after having found the closer field insufficient to my needs.

Picture time!
Let's start with the star of the show <3


Oh lordy I love her! I wanted a lot of the shots to make it look like she was in heaven so I had to get the sky in the background. It was hard...

Next I took some pictures of my beloved little snotty Shushu-


I wanted her to be looming over the Earth looking down on it. I used a bouncy ball to achieve this effect.

Last up is my Surfer's Paradise Tenshi. My girlfriend was getting tired so not many pics were taken.


So, a little look into photoshoots. A lot of crazy stuff went down including us being chased by a bee. A question arises of course- How did I get all those sky shots while we were surrounded by trees?


You go girl! More to the right. Higher! Higher! No, no, ignore the ant. Higher! No, lower!

Her face says it all.

These pictures never would have been possible without the best helper ever!

Also, as if by fate, after getting home from this, what do I see but a Griffon Tenshi rerelease! Soon I'll have all the Tenshi. More Tenshi means more love <3<3<3

Happy photographing everyone (watch out for bees)
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Neko_Oni8 l. temu#1126584What a beautiful figure and such great pictures!!! Not familiar with the character, but these make me want to find out more about her.

Sometimes, ants are much worse than bees. Ants can bite. X_X

Funny thing is that not many people seem to like this character because she has a bit of a spoiled brat type personality. I think she's interesting though.

It was horrible since the ant made it to her boob before I could get it off her D:
8 l. temu
What a beautiful figure and such great pictures!!! Not familiar with the character, but these make me want to find out more about her.

Sometimes, ants are much worse than bees. Ants can bite. X_X
8 l. temu
Can't wait to get mine :) Beautiful pics! Mine should be here this week :3
8 l. temu
So freaking cute looks like you guys had fun *u* The figure is lovely. Also tacos are always the right way to bribe someone haha.
8 l. temu
What a beautiful figure! Mine has shipped but I'm still impatiently waiting for her.
8 l. temu
i really regret not preordering her because i thought she was going to be EMS only... =/
8 l. temu