Review: Original Character- Dva 1/6 Sun Kissed Ver.Review: Original Character- Dva 1/6 Sun Kissed Ver.Review

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This figure was a long time coming. After several months of delays, I finally came home to a package on my doorstep from Japan. Too eager to wait for the weekend, I opened the box, set up shop, and immediately set to taking pictures. But was this beach beauty worth the wait? Let's find out...

WARNING: This figure is 100% NSFW and is also a futanari piece. If nudity or girls with penises disturb you, turn back now!


As the title indicates, Dva here is an original character rather than one from any series, and this figure specifically is a re-color of ITEM #549551. Her artist, Ban, is the current king for this kind of figure, as the majority of figures listed as "futanari" are his work. While his body designs can vary, There are usually a few common themes to them: Tall, slender, and slightly toned, with long legs, distinctive eyes, and hips & thighs that could crush a man's head. Mmmmm...

Out of he Box

Right, enough fantasizing. Let's get down to business here.


The box is your typical fare when it comes to Rocket Boy: Very minimalist. A solid black background, the figure's name & a decal, and no windows. The name & hibiscus(?) are done with gold foil to make them pop more, but that's about all we have here.


Out of the box, Dva ships topless (if you can call pasties a 'top') while sitting on her base. There's surprisingly little plastic separating parts since the only detachable limbs are her arm and calf. This makes the figure feel really solid to handle.

Sculpt and Paint

I'm pretty sure this qualifies for 'indecent exposure' on most beaches.

So up front, I'm in love with this figure's sculpt. The outfit and pose are hypersexualized, but Dva also has this aura of sensual elegance to her (yes, really) as she lounges in the sun. Her skin is just lightly tanned in comparison to the darker shades usually seen on tan or gyaru figures, with darker shades making her toned definition stand out, and a topcoat that glistens in the light as if she just applied tanning oil to herself. Her bikini (really just gold pasties and enough string to hold up that tiny triangle over her intimate regions) leaves very little to the imagination, but what little is there is quite well done. The paint work overall is very clean, especially with how fine the strings are, and there are sculpted ties in the loops to add a bit of realistic detail. The ribbons on her legs are done in a glossy purple like satin, and she even has glittering pink nail polish on her fingers and toes (though it's a bit hard to see at first). The only real knock I have against the paint is the hair, which looks somewhat drab and more grey than pale silvery-blonde in the original art.

So I mentioned that bit of sensual elegance before, and that's all to do with the face. a good face sculpt can make or break a figure, and they knocked this one out of the park. Ban's art style has very vivid and distinct eyes, and Dva's absolutely pop. Paired with her small, coy smile, it gives her this air of alluring beauty & grace despite being effectively naked and sporting a cock that would give most guys an inferiority complex.

Of all the times you could get away with staring at a woman's body, now you actually focus on her eyes?!

Naughty Bits
Last chance to turn away before penises!

In total, Dva comes with eight optional parts to display her with: Two gold bangles for her wrist and ankle, a pair of magnetic gold heart pasties, a covered and uncovered "normal" piece, and two futanari pieces.


This is my first time dealing with magnetic cast-off parts, and I was apprehensive at first. I expected that they'd fall off at the drop of a hat, but the magnets were plenty strong, only sliding around a bit as I handled her for pictures. And now for the main event...


On the female parts, it's decently detailed. The labia are molded and painted, and side-by-side you see that the covered version has a slight bulge sculpted in from the clitoris. Interestingly, the labia are painted with a thin, glossy paint in a manner akin to panel washing rather than a full coat of color. As for the other parts... there's no way to say it without sounding really gay, so fuck it. They are some impressive dicks. Good length, a nice amount of girth, and a majestic curve; Dva is definitely one well-endowed futa, but stays just shy of looking oversized. The condom-clad one is well shaded to give a sense of being translucent, and has ridges and wrinkles molded in to look like Dva's actually wearing something. She also comesheh with testicles & the shafts are positioned well enough to avoid looking too unrealistic, which has been mentioned as a dealbreaker on some on other Ban figures. The sculptors even went the extra mile to make her a "full package" futa and give her a vagina along with the penis, despite it not being visible from most angles... Okay, more likely it was just cheaper for them to re-use the nude vagina mold and glue a penis on rather than making a third mold for the piece, but I'd like to think they would go the extra step.

Definitely not what you'd expect when you remove a girl's panties.

Swapping the parts is easy enough, just using your nails or a small tweezers to gently pry out the small triangle, then popping in your genitals of choice. Two odd things I noticed are that the penis with the condom is actually a slightly lighter skin than the bare one (Maybe the bare one is supposed to be tanned, too?). I also noticed that the condom here is bright pink, while in the art card it's the same blue as the original Dva. As weird as it sounds, I feel like they should have swapped the colors in order to match each version's eyes.

*lip-smacking noises*

Yep, no two ways about it; Dva is one sexy figure. Her gorgeously tanned, voluptuous body laid out on the sand, legs splayed, her beautiful cock standing at full mast as her beautiful blue eyes invite you in closer. She will definitely stand out on any shelf you put her on.


As much as I have gushed over this figure, and as much as I want to say she's perfect, there are a few issues I have. The main one is concerning the base. There is an indentation molded into it to allow Dva to sit flush on it... at least, that's the theory. In practice, however, the indent isn't deep enough, which results in her hand and leg hovering just above the stand.


The other complaint I have is with her hair. I already mentioned that I wasn't the biggest fan of the color, but there are two other issues as well. One is with the hair that flows down over her breasts, which pulls the same floating trick as her hand rather than resting flush on her chest and is compounded by the head not being adjustable. You could probably flex the hair until it rests flush, but still an issue. The other problem is that, in order to accommodate all her flowing hair, it's sculpted in several pieces and the seams are just BAD. Again, not a deal-breaker since I don't display my figures facing the wall, but it's something I feel could have been done better.




I feel like this should go without saying at this point, but Dva is an absolute winner for me. Ban's art is great, and Rocket Boy knocked the scupt out of the park. She's a stunning figure and one of the few that caters to futanari fans (at least until Ban's other figures come out later this year). Even if you aren't into futa, she's still a good-looking figure to have on your shelf as just a tanned beach girl. I picked up my copy through Native for about $180 USD, though good luck finding her for that price now. As with most Rocket Boy figures, it's one run done to fill the orders and then the aftermarket prices skyrocket (I've already seen listings for her in the 30k yen region). But if you have the money or can find someone selling for a reasonable price, go for it!

-Incredible design & quality
-Caters to an under-represented fetish
-Those eyes

-Some parts don't quite sit flush
-Base takes up a lot of real estate
-Secondary market prices are insane
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Thank you for the great review. Skin tone between yours (more pinkish) and victor viper's (more yellowish) is quite different, so it will be interesting to see how the actual one turns out. Hopefully closer to yours. It illustrates how difficult it is to get the color balance right and to make sure that what people see on their monitors is close as possible to the actual figure.

To me, the futanari theme is more of a reason to not buy a figure. But the 2 other options make this not an issue and the condom version is a nice option. I love the sculpt, especially the tummy area which is curvy and toned at the same time. The lovely skin tone, which so much better than the original, and seeing one at a good price pushed me over the edge to finally get her.

Update: just got mine and she is a real winner, much better than I expected! Color tone is very closer to your review, especially under fluorescent lighting. More pinkish with hint of bronze in daylight, but less bronze than in victorviper's review. One of my favorite skin tones on a figure.
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Though I have the original edition and thus passed on this one, I greatly admire the differences. The glossiness, the pink condom, all of it works beautifully, and it's good that Dva (in any color) is featured in more people's collections now! Great review.
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You hit on so many good points. I like this recolor better than the original, because her bronzed slightly shiny skin really gives a summer feel to the figure.

Her face and smile are also one of the best features of the figure. You can almost imagine her saying "hello boys - do you think you're ready for me?".

MadDoc42Paired with her small, coy smile, it gives her this air of alluring beauty & grace despite being effectively naked and sporting a cock that would give most guys an inferiority complex.

That's one of the funnier (and truest!) things I've read in while on MFC.

With so many more sure to be great Ban figures on the horizon (ITEM #676061 and ITEM #806264 stand out), I wonder if my life might be taken over by futanaris...and I might be OK with that. This one ITEM #740663 could be promising, too, and this illustration ITEM #826097 would also make a great figure!
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