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How to purchase figures on Mercari + MFC giveawayKomentarze • How to purchase figures on Mercari + MFC giveaway

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    Congratulations to A.B. who's been picked as our contest winner! :-)
    1 mies. temu
    I just wanted to leave this here:
    Mercari (and Y! JA for that matter) do have bootlegs on them now. Just because it has a Japanese name and has Japanese phrases in the listing does not make it legitimate. It's no longer the "good old days" where everything was all dandy and fine.
    Please do your diligent research because these shops don't really have much recourse for the buyer.
    2 mies. temu
    ... doesn’t this article break some rule involving a shop? what happened to the alert? (I hate that blog alerts are private =_=)

    Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoileraDo not post commercial messages
    *Do not promote commercial activities of yourself or others (except if explicitly authorized by the MFC staff and in the according place - club dedicated to sales and web-shops).
    *Do not post affiliate links.

    Guess this is authorized (even though it’s a ad in the wrong place) cause they’re paying.
    2 mies. temu
    I have been looking for a place that can buy from mercari with affordable fees for ages, and I recently purchased a couple yuri kuma items through Neokyo and had a great experience. Would recommend!
    2 mies. temu
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