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Fate/Extella - Jeanne d'Arc - 1/7 - Swimsuit ver. (Alphamax)Fate/Extella - Jeanne d'Arc - 1/7 - Swimsuit ver. (Alphamax)

Hey, fellow mfc-members and welcome
to another review!

As usual this post will be picture-heavy and somewhat NSFW, this is a Bikini figure after all. :3
Please proceed at your own discretion.

This time I’ll be reviewing a type of figure I never pictured myself owning and one I almost completely lost interest in before I got it. I never planned to collect any swimwear figures ever and then the preorder for this beauty came along ITEM #549405 and with that hurdle out of the way I also came to like ITEM #604069 right off the bat, since she looks really cute (also just one bikini figure would seem kinda out of place).^^ That they’re both from Fate wasn’t even intentional, but it is what it is. X3
Anyway, Jeanne is the one I’m going to have a look at today. She is only my second figure by Alphamax so I was quite anxious to see how she turned out.

Soooo~, before this turns into me droning on and on let’s just go ahead and take a look at the box already. ^^ While not sporting the most innovative design the box is very pretty in a simple way enforcing the summer/beach theme with the blue, yellow and pink elements on the otherwise white box. The hibiscus flowers and palm decorations are also really nice features. Pictures of the figure can be found on the sides and back, while the back also shows a silhouette of her and ITEM #604068 since they can be displayed together seeing how their bases can be connected. The top and front of the box feature a big window allowing a good look at the figure, smaller diagonal cut-outs can be found on the sides.
The blister just like the box itself is pretty compact (the figure with its sitting pose is pretty small after all), though it does what it’s supposed to do.

Fresh out of the box the figure comes in just 2 parts: base and figure. There is no complicated attaching necessary since Jeanne just rests on the base w/o any pegs holding her. Of course this leaves the option to display her entirely without it too.
Imo this would be shame however, since the base, while simple, is rather pretty (sometimes simple is best). The top and bottom of the base feature wavy structures in different sizes evoking and image of real, crystal-clear blue sea.
There is also the gap on one side where Jeanne’s and Nero’s bases are supposed to get connected.

Now for the 360° view...
Am I the only one bothered by the copyright stuff on the outer rim of the base? I mean, obviously you can just put it under the base like with other figures, but the inner rim might've been a better choice. :/

One thing that I wasn't very fond of anymore before getting her was her face. Yes, it is very cute but seemed also very young (too young imo) + I'm not too fond of the Extella style in general. Well... seeing her in person she totally won me over though, I don't think my initial thoughts were wrong, but I just came to love her cute and soft expression. The big eyes in its beautiful purple shades and the slight gloss on her lips in particular are really beautiful. My only gripe is that I do think her bangs reach too far into her face.

Her hair is nicely sculpted, underlining the overall "soft" impression, but could've used a bit more in the way of shading. The round ends on her hair strands are probably a matter of taste though. I'm really not a fan of that headpiece of her armor and seeing how her casual versions don't include that I do wonder about this design choice. Well, at least I can't really complain about it in terms of quality, the little tassels can even be moved.
The sculpting of her braid is probably also something that can be a matter of debate. I personally think it's adequate but wishing for it to be a bit sharper is also something I can relate to. The ribbon on the other hand looks really nice both in sculpt and paint.

Moving on we arrive at her body and boy is is a smoking hot one.
Believe it or not, but the aim of this picture was not to show off her boobs, but to highlight her nicely sculpted collarbone and armpit. x3

Not gonna lie however, her chest is pretty big and also very shapely. As you can see her bikini top is a tad *cough* too small (I wouldn't want to go swimming like this) and the way her top slightly cuts into the skin underlines this. The top itself looks pretty decent and I like the somewhat simple design. The white trim and the seams in particular give off a pretty realistic vibe and the shading really makes it look like the fabric gets stretched.
The ribbon might look a tad bit lumpy though and I really do wonder how tight of a knot can hold Jeanne's breasts in place (I mean, just look at those underboobs). x3

Her stomach also looks mighty fine, not overly muscular, but still kind of defined.

One thing that really appealed to me about this figure was the pink hoodie. Not that I'm against skimpy outfits or naked skin, but just a bikini might've looked too boring for my taste and the hoody somehow accentuates the cute vibe.
The sculpting looks really nice, it might be a simple one-colored hoodie, but the way it creases especially in the back makes it look pretty lifelike and creates the impression of a nice summer breeze.

The way Jeanne shields her face with her right hand too might invoke an image of a breeze... well, that or sunshine, but you will definitely get summery vibes from this figure. :3
Her hands, while not perfectly detailed, do look pretty feminine, very petite and the glossy nail polish is a nice addition (I'm really a sucker for pretty hands).

Before looking at the bikini bottoms can we take a moment to appreciate her back? :3

Now for the bikini bottoms, which don't seem to be as tight of a fit as the top (though looking at how they cut into her hips that statement might be premature x3). Sadly, they're missing the white trim, but otherwise they look pretty good. Again, the shading implies stretched fabric and the ribbons are fairly well-sculpted.
Most importantly, her booty looks pretty damn good in those panties if I may say so. :3

To complement her beautiful body, her legs, while really slender, look really good too.

Another one of my less obvious hightlights are her feet her toes are beautifully sculpted, and the nails feature the same polish as her fingernails.

On to some size comparisons.
Seeing how Jeanne is my first bikini figure I don't exactly have anything really fitting to compare her with, but at least I tried to find something within my collection that's not too far off. ^^"
Anyway, her height is listed as 14cm (including the base), w/o it she reaches about 13cm. With her kneeling pose it's really hard to guess if she is "in-scale" or not (at least for me), so I'll leave that up to the pictures.
First is ITEM #143923, a 1/8 and while Jeanne doesn't reach her height her face-size and body volume is significantly more than Miku's.
Edna, while being closer to Jeanne in both regards still looks smaller than Jeanne, making it obvious that she is larger than the average 1/8 figure.

Kotori does seem to come close to Jeanne in terms of size (as far as I can see with their differing poses), though Jeanne's face seems a bit smaller.
Nero is a pretty big 1/7 scale and while Jeanne's face (again) looks a bit smaller I do think they're close in terms of body size. This is just an estimate however, but it's not like they look out of place next to each other.

As a bonus here she is with another cutie I picked up last month. I do think they look pretty good together, but Shinobu is a prize figure and like most of them does not have a clear scale listed by the manufacturer.

To put it bluntly, I love this figure, despite never wanting a bikini figure. She is a great mix of cuteness and a bit of sexiness, the few points of criticism I had are neglectable imo. If I had to complain about anything, it's her significant downwards-glance. Yes, it makes her look shy and cute, but displaying her becomes harder since she's best placed above eye-level if you want to see her face (this becomes quite obvious in the comparison pictures I believe). Anyway, after seeing how well she turned out I'm really tempted to get ITEM #604068, Jeanne does look good alone imo, but I'm kind of a completionist. Also, nowadays Nero appeals to me more than when preorders opened.

That's it for this review! Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it! ^^
Well, I can't help it if you didn't after all unless you give constructive criticism.
Speaking of criticism, I'd be really happy about that. :3
Ofc, as usual, any thoughts on the figures are very welcome too! ^^
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broken-Toybox lump of laziness
salvo_one (6 mies. temu) #40289671I didn't order Nero, she seemed way to plain.Yeah, she looks a bit blah~. I also think that her hips look somewhat weird from certain angles and her side bangs also look a bit off in the promo pictures (maybe a review will shed a better light on that).
6 mies. temu
broken-Toybox (6 mies. temu) #40260264Thank you so much! Glad you liked it. :3
Btw did you order her as a standalone piece or together with Nero?
Yeah, it just adds something and reallyamplifies this soft and feminine vibe you get from her.^^
I didn't order Nero, she seemed way to plain.
6 mies. temu
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Bah-Roo (6 mies. temu) #40256042I wish the headpiece wasn't part of this figure, otherwise I would have been very tempted to buy this! She's very cute. I agree that the hoodie is a nice touch.
Well, as I said I didn't really think about it before, but I think I'd have gotten her anyway, this is just a matter of how much the headpiece bothers you and how much you're willing to overlook it. I do get this bein a dealberaker though.
6 mies. temu
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
salvo_one (6 mies. temu) #40247704Loved the review (as always), can't wait for mine to arrive ^__^
I completely agree about the hoodie, without it, I wouldn't have ordered her.

Thank you so much! Glad you liked it. :3
Btw did you order her as a standalone piece or together with Nero?

Yeah, it just adds something and reallyamplifies this soft and feminine vibe you get from her.^^
6 mies. temu
I wish the headpiece wasn't part of this figure, otherwise I would have been very tempted to buy this! She's very cute. I agree that the hoodie is a nice touch.
6 mies. temu
Loved the review (as always), can't wait for mine to arrive ^__^
I completely agree about the hoodie, without it, I wouldn't have ordered her.
6 mies. temu
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Cantisama (6 mies. temu) #40219954Great review. I wasn't thinking about her headgear before, but you're right, it doesn't belong on a casual figure like this.
What bothers me the most though is that her face looks too childish. It's a shame because I really like her hoodie and body sculpt.

Thank you! :3
Other casual figures of her don't have ot either, so this will always remain a mystery to me (though tbh, before unpacking her I didn't think about it either). :/

A friend of mine said the same and I actually agree to a certain extent (one of the main reasons I lost interest in her midway during the PO period), but seeing her in person I just don't care anymore. I can't really put my finger on it, but she just won me over. x3
6 mies. temu
Great review. I wasn't thinking about her headgear before, but you're right, it doesn't belong on a casual figure like this.

What bothers me the most though is that her face looks too childish. It's a shame because I really like her hoodie and body sculpt.
6 mies. temu
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Heldrik (6 mies. temu) #40192698snip
Thank you, I've been working on the picture spam recently. :3
Tha's a very ample description and I feel exactly the same about her outfit, anything more revealing or a more sexualised pose just wouldn't feel right for her (and I certainly wouldn't have bought a figure like that).^^
The headpiece, well, I can't wrap my head around that either, as you said she is distinguishable enough from other characters and it doesn't even make sense from a practical standpoint (like what if she wants to take a dip? That thing would rust...). It does kind of hide her front hair though, which is a bit too long imo, but that's really not a satisfying reason for it.
6 mies. temu
That was an interesting review, well written and image-heavy but not too bloated with them.

I agree with you that the hoodie adds a lot to the figure's cuteness, something halfway between shyness and modesty. It definitely fits the character, and I'm glad Arco Wada chose to go with that when she designed the costume.

What bugs me though is the headpiece. Why the hell would you keep wearing that thing when you're supposed to go to the beach/pool? Even more stupid when we already know that Jeanne looks good without it when she's in her civilian/casual clothes. Too bad some people seem think that she's "characterised" by her tiara/diadem, as a way to distinguish her from Arthuria and Nero, when she already does with her long braid, her beautiful amethyst eyes and her lovely funbags.
6 mies. temu
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