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acrylic stands and dustacrylic stands and dust

andre30496andre304968 mies. temuAsk MFC
was wondering for those who make acrylic stands or have acrylic stands how do u wipe the dust off? Because just blowing on them or using a dry sweeper doesn't seem to erase the dust off...
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I use Windex Electronics Wipes for just about anything that isn't a figure itself. Despite the name Windex they don't contain ammonia or the things you typically associate with them and I've been using them on anything from acrylic stands, glass, collectible gaming systems and accessories and even things they don't recommend like wood without any issue. If you use just a regular microcloth you'll actually scratch surfaces as you remove the dust which on something shiny or dark in color will be noticeable (think like old cds) but with these I've avoided the scratching, pick off that thin dust layer you don't usually get and since it's grabbing the dust you don't have to worry about it floating back.

I avoid using water for sensitive things as someone else pointed out water in the form we get it is heavier than you imagine and it also "soaks" into things causing damage wipes may not do depending what you're cleaning.
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The only thing I might add to PanchioMatte's great advice is to use distilled water if you have it available to you cheaply. Most in-home water supplies have water with minerals and other chemical treatments. Over time those minerals can build up on the acrylic surface and quicken the time that the sheen will appear duller.
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I would suggest rinsing them regularly, as the dust may contain particles with a hardness greater than that of acrylic (which is really just one of many types of plastic). In my experience, plastics will eventually scratch just by existing (as the result of one thing or another — try as we might, we fail to be perfect) and so don't expect your acrylic items to keep their sheen forever. By regularly rinsing with warm water, though, you eliminate the need to scrub any other item against its surface which increases the likelihood of surface scratches. You may then blot dry the item with a microfiber towel, the same kind that one would use to dry their freshly washed car's body panels.

Also, the reason dust often doesn't blow off (aside from the excess build-up that is resting on the initial layer) is because the electrical charge of the surface of the item is attracted to the electrical charge of the dust particles. The same principle applies to dust being "stuck" to ceiling fans and computer case fans. Electricity is everywhere, even in the human body!
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