Parcel gone missing? Worrying over nothing?Parcel gone missing? Worrying over nothing?Ask MFC

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Hello MFC, I have a question for UK members.

I am worried that my parcel has been stolen or gone missing. It arrived in London from Tokyo on Thursday and departed for Bristol sorting centre as usual. However, it never made it to Bristol, according to tracking. I'm very worried as Bristol isn't far from London and I always get my packages the day after arrival in London, the one and only exception being just after Christmas when it arrived with me two days later. So, my parcel should have arrived with me last Friday, or at the latest on Saturday. But it hasn't even made it to the main sorting centre (I don't live in Bristol, parcels leave Bristol and then arrive at my local sorting office overnight).


It should have at least reached Bristol. How can a 2 hour journey take 5 days??

Has this happened to anyone else? If so, did your stuff eventually turn up?

This was sent via Airmail registered, btw.
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Kuromii2 l. temu#32380126Thank you very much for your comments everyone, it seems I was worrying about nothing as my parcel arrived today (without being scanned anywhere, thanks Royal Mail).

Hey, it got ONE scan for being on its way to Bristol... that's one more than sometimes I've had :P.
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Thank you very much for your comments everyone, it seems I was worrying about nothing as my parcel arrived today (without being scanned anywhere, thanks Royal Mail).
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My local DO doesn't always scan the parcels... so it's pretty common for them to go from Bristol to "delivered" (if I have more than one, they seem to like to scan one, and not the other(s)). If it doesn't turn up today, maybe contact your local DO? I did have one go slow because they took awhile to get around to writing the grey slip XD. But yeah, usually a day or two after they get to Bristol.

I've got two parcels that got dispatched to Bristol 2am this morning... I could let you know when mine arrive, if you're still waiting for yours?
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I've had this happen to me a couple of times before, I believe the issue is that there backlogged so even though your parcel has arrived at your sorting office, it hasn't been scanned in yet. I'd give it another week before I call the sorting office directly.
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Not figure related, but I once had a package get thrown on the wrong truck and make quite the detour before getting to me. I live in Canada and it was coming from just south of the border (should have been no more than a few hours drive), but when I checked tracking it had somehow ended up in California! But if this happens they just put it on another truck and send it back the way it came to be processed again and sent to you, very late.
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I'm not sure airmail but I know with SAL they usually don't update it that often. Once a registered parcel of mine just said "dispatched from Tokyo" till the parcel actually got to me. But I don't know if airmail is like this or like EMS where they actually update it.

I've never had a parcel go missing before though so I don't think you have that much to worry about ^^
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Had something like that last week ,also around 2 h ride , took around 10 days.
Post office at its best.
And the package I ordered 5 days later than the 1st one arrived a day sooner lmao while the shipping was supposed to be even slower.
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Yor0zuya (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃━
It had happened to me sometimes my tracking says is already in chicago which is a 3 hours trip to here indiana and takes at least 3 days to arrive.
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You should call up your local postal office, they should be able to track down its current location for you. I hope everything turns out well, try to keep your hopes up as the postal service resumes.
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Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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