Megurine Luka 1/7 (Max Factory)Megurine Luka 1/7 (Max Factory)Review

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2012/08/11/496317.jpegToday we'll be taking a look at MaxFactory's latest Vocaloid figure, Luka Megurine. This particular figure is based off of the illustration shown on the left by Tony Taka. T2 is a well known illustrator who has also created characters in various games including the Shining Series. He also has a number of manga and an artbook under his belt. As mentioned, he has illustrated another Vocaloid figure before which was brought to life in figure form.

Luka was the third Japanese Vocaloid2 from Crypton and released on January 30, 2009. She is 20 years old standing 5'4" tall. She weighs in at a svelte 99 pounds. Upon her release she has given Miku a run for her money in the Vocaloid ranking charts. She was also the first bilingual Vocaloid which influenced her design which took on an asymmetrical appearance where she looks different from various angles. The previous Vocaloids outfits were based off of school uniforms. Luka's asymmetrical outfit incorporates influences from woodwind and brass instruments. The influence of the brass instruments and circulatory organ can be seen in the gold curl design in her outfit. Also the jewel on her throat represents moisture in the air and water drops.

This figure is a standard release and came out in July of 2012. She retailed for for around 8,000 Yen and at this time is still available in various stores as well as the secondary market. The goal today is to take a closer look at her and how faithful she lives up the illustration.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Warning!!!!!! This review contains panty shots proceed at your own risk.

Packaging: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆







It was pretty obvious the art styling used was based off of the illustration which is included. You can see the colors and artwork used throughout. The pictures used really shows off the figure and what she has to offer. A typical window box layout was used with three window panels. They are located at the front, side and top. The front is the largest and gives you a decent view of the contents. The side and top as usual provide a limited view and really only serve to let in light. The packaging is almost as attractive as the figure within.

Packaging weight and dimensions:
Weight: 600 grams
H: 300 mm
W: 200 mm
D: 180 mm

A lightweight non-corrugated cardboard was used for the packaging. It helped keep the weight down but protection didn't suffer much. The overall compression resistance is pretty decent but the corners are prone to being dented with little to no impact on the figure. The large window panels do not impact the integrity of the packaging. Shipping weight will probably be around a kilogram and overall size shouldn't be that bad. It looks like they achieved a balance between protection, size and weight once again. She should get to you safely and at a reasonable cost.

She's cocooned in a typical two piece blister. The plastic area around her face was flattened to give you a clear and undistorted view of her face. Not only was the blister taped together but they also used a metal wire to further secure the blister adding to the structure integrity of the packaging. Since the construction of the packaging was pretty light the majority of the strength was provided by the blister. You can see for yourself how sturdy the blister is as it easily stands freely without deforming from the weight of the figure when out of the box.

A generous amount of plastic sheets was used to protect her from rubbing and paint transfer in the package. Not only was the blister lined with plastic but the only moving part was also well protected as you can see.

MaxFactory did a nice job with the packaging. The figure is protected but not at the expense of shipping costs. It also looks good especially with the inclusion of the illustration that the figure is based off of. She'll get to you safely and look good doing it. Expectations were met once again.

Sculpting: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆
Sculpting credits go to Chieri who also worked on the first T2 Vocaloid figure, Miku, which you can see below. Chieri has been sculpting for well over a decade improving along the way. His recent figures have definitely been his best work to date and you can see one of his best below, Chie.

As you can see she separates at the waist and the connection point is pretty sturdy. You would have to make an effort to even try to damage her. The tolerances on the fit were good and you can actually pick her up by her upper body without worry of her lower body dropping off. She easily stands over 230 mm tall

Her skirt is semi-rigid and should stand up to abuse. Dropping it shouldn't damage it however you probably don't want to test how much you can flex and bend the material. Hopefully you can see the lovely details they put into the skirt. It really looks like it's fluttering about as it twirls around. I can't quite tell if they treated the inside to prevent paint transfer but so far I haven't had any issues when removing and installing the skirt. Even shifting it as it rubs against her body doesn't seem to leave any marks. Results may vary though?

Her microphone is surprisingly detailed and clean of any excess material you usually expect to encounter on the peripheral/accessories. It's also quite sturdy and you would have to make an effort to break it in half. However more than likely you'll lose it if you're not careful. Even though her hand cradles it pretty securely, depending on how you hold her when you move her about it could fall out.

Let's move on to the main attraction.



Now if you'll forgive the pictures, they were a rush job. They were not what I wanted but I needed something for this review. Hopefully you can see there were no sculpting issues to bring up. As you can see below when compared to the illustration Chieri did a nice job. The sculpt in regards to details and execution was pretty spot on. Now there is one area that could use more refinement which will be touched upon now.

If you can't tell, her face seems slightly off when compared to the illustration. She seems more chubby compared to the illustration. However that face still retains some of the characteristics that make a T2 girl. I'd say it's a combination of that nose, chin and eyes of hers. When I look at my figure I can tell she's a T2 girl. Which is more than I can say for the last YAMATO T2 girl I reviewed. With the right lighting her face is actually quite beautiful, however I don't think my shots of her do her justice. In person she looks quite lovely. From various angles but the best ones seem to be either straight on or her right profile. I love the job they did with her smile and those teeth of hers, some of the best work in that area that I've seen recently. There are no transition issues to speak of. For the most part Chieri did a nice job capturing her essence but some refinement wouldn't have hurt.

Moving on, I don't think you can deny the amazing job they did with her hair. Even without the illustration the hair alone looks amazing. The details and execution was done very nicely. The seam lines were few and minimized. They took advantage of her headset using it to cover the typical seam you find on most figures at the top of the head.

The majority of her hair is rigid and susceptible to damage. Care should be taken around it especially since most of her hair can easily catch onto something. I love the job with they did with the translucent parts of her hair. Straight on and behind her hair looks amazing especially when lit from behind. Her hair easily steals the show when properly lit up. I think they did an amazing job replicating her hair which seems pretty close to the illustration.

Moving on down you can see the instrument theme in her outfit. Look at that instrumental decoration on her chest as the circulatory organ is put out on display. The jewel in her choker that was mentioned also looks quite realistic and contrasts nicely against the dark choker. And speaking of her chest I don't think you can ignore how she fills out that vest. Her ample breasts are barely contained within as the material stretches. The detailing they put in was noticeable. I just love how that outfit hugs her lovely physique which shows through without issue. I love what they did with the transition from her shoulders to arms as you can't help but admire her defined and sculpted musculature. The definition is quite sexy actually as this toned and fit diva struts her stuff. This is also one of the few areas you'll sort of see seam lines. The area around her armpit where her arms are installed have a slightly visible seam. However they minimized it by integrating it into the design of the outfit. The tails of her vest are soft and should resist damage when you're connecting and separating her upper and lower body.

As mentioned there are no issues with the transition at her waist. The tolerances were tight and everything looks natural. I liked what they did with her tummy as well. The only real concern is with her skirt in the open area. There are some parts of the skirt that could be damaged if you're not careful but even then it's sturdier than it looks. The detailing on the belt in both sculpt and paint was well executed.

With the skirt removed you can't help but notice she has some curves on her. Again you can see her lovely physique showing through as well from that lovely tummy to that backside. She has just the right amount of curves and the transition from her panties to her flesh was done well and realistically. I love how you can get a glimpse of her butt cheeks between her thighs when she's viewed from the front, that's just so hot. She definitely has a butt that just won't quit.

Her leg to body ratio is extremely high, she's almost all legs which is classic T2 as he loves a great pair of legs. Around 150 mm of her 230 mm height is legs... They are curvy and they go all the way up. The transition from flesh to material was executed nicely but it may vary between figures. One of the thighs on mine had some adhesive spill out, it's just a tiny bit and I could probably remove it. However the tolerances look pretty good. The detailing in her legs from the curves and musculature is definitely appreciated. Also her legs are pretty solid so I don't see any leaning in her future.

Moving on down you can see from head to toe she is detailed. Note the wrinkles at the back of her ankles as the boots bend as well as the stitching. I definitely liked how they handled the laces. They didn't cheap out and carve them out of the boot but instead compromised and actually had partials for the parts that count. The laces are somewhat flexible but it's probably not a good idea to play with them as you'll probably break them eventually. The transition from her calves to the boots was seamless and looked quite natural. It looks like her legs probably went in a little bit before ending.

Chieri did a great job with her. She is detailed and looks close to the illustration. There could be some arguments that the face could use more refinement but bottom line is she's definitely a T2 girl even at first glance. MaxFactory did an excellent job with the fit and finish of her. Now results may vary but I think for the most part you should expect something similar to what I received. Expectations were met.

Painting: 8/10 ★★★★★★★★☆☆
MaxFactory usually colors their figures competently using all the tools available. This figure isn't any different. Now sometimes things are lost during the transition from illustration to figure and I'd say this is unfortunately one of those cases. Now would you say it's close enough?








Starting with her face do you see something missing? Her face was flushed in the illustration but not on the figure... where is my blush? I know the official photos did not show a blush and they gave no hint one of ever being used but why not? Would it have killed them? The saving grace is definitely those big eyes of hers. Those are definitely T2 girl eyes. They were placed precisely and seem accurate to the illustration. Seeing those big eyes of hers combined with her other facial features such as her nose and chin screams T2. Also note the lovely job they did coloring her teeth. Those pearly white just adds to that winning smile of hers. The pictures do not do it justice but the jewel in her choker looks fantastic as well especially when it catches the light just right.

Where she truly shines is that hair of hers. I love the transition from opaque to translucent. The use of shading and graduation just adds further to it defining and bringing out the details. Her hair just looks so amazing when lit up. I do wish it was closer to the illustration though in color...

Looking at her outfit note the precision they used to hand painting the gold trimming. Now there was a stray brush stroke here or there but for a mass produced figure the work is definitely precise. I think for once my pictures actually captured the beauty of the figure. Look at how her chest shines, that's actually how she looks as the light plays across the sculpted wrinkles and folds. The shininess just adds to the over all looks.

As you can see they used a fair amount of decals and stamping for some of the intricate patterns such as the gold patterns on her skirt. I have no idea how they were able to place it so precisely with that curve in there unless they did it before? The same can be said for her belt pattern. The complexity of accomplishing this definitely impressed me. Look at the decent job they did on her laces as well. Note the lovely job they did on her microphone. The detailing and realism on such a small item was executed flawlessly.

MaxFactory usually does a decent job on the flesh tone and this figure isn't any different. I love job they did on her complexion and her bare flesh. Note the shading and accents used on her flesh assisting with the transition from flesh to material at her panties and stockings. They did a nice job simulating the sheer material at her tummy and arms.

MaxFactory did a great job coloring this figure. The colors used were not flat but rich with accents, graduations and shading. You could see every tool employed in coloring her from hand painting, airbrushing to tinting and decaling. They took a balanced approach and didn't skimp anywhere. However as mentioned something was lost in the translation though. Now in their defense a lot of figures lose their luster when going through the same but at the same time I've seen other figures almost mirror their illustrations so there is definitely room for improvement but expectations were mostly met. I do wish they would have surprised me with a flushed face though as that would have made her more of a T2 girl.

Posing: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆
I think it's pretty obvious that they did a decent job replicating the pose. Forgiving the angle and positioning of my shot she matches up fairly well, down to a single strand of hair. I don't think I see anything out of place.

T2 definitely did a fantastic job with the illustration not only in looks but the pose itself. Note the placement of her arms and those taut muscles with the tilt of her head. Note how her hips sway emphasizing her curve even further especially her ample breasts as they are put further on display with her arched back. The way her legs are parted and feet turned inward while on the tips of her toes. She's quite dynamic as it looks as if she's twirling about with her hair and skirt fluttering around trailing after her. The placement of the arms and shoulders and neck is key as that's actually something I've seen used over and over again. You will see variations of that over and over again in illustrations, anime and other figures. It's a combination of allure, sexuality and submissiveness. The motions you imagine from her pose were the reason those morning workout shows were popular with guys as those scantily clad ladies used the same poses. I'd have to they were probably the influence of this pose as their gyrating, sweat drenched bodies created some racey thoughts through many minds.

Display wise you only have two options. With or without the skirt. I'd say her skirt exposes enough that it's worth it to keep it on unless you really can't live without a view of her rump. She seems to look best at eye level or above it. As mentioned straight on or her right profile seems the best. Her left profile is somewhat dangerous as her face doesn't look good at certain points or should I say doesn't look as good as it could have been.

They did a great job with matching up to the illustration. The pose is very dynamic and that hair just looks amazing especially if you light it up. The mechanics of her pose is definitely devious as it just does something to guys on the subconscious level as her breasts and hips are emphasized. Expectations were definitely met and possibly exceeded.

Base: 8/10 ★★★★★★★★☆☆
I don't think you can deny that the base definitely supports the theme of the figure. To get a sense of the size I put a CD on top of it. It appears just big enough for the figure and due to the looks you have a lot of display options. My only real concern is the mounting points. The foot pegs are very small and it's just a matter of time before they snap off in her foot when I move her or remove her from the base. I really wish they would have made them more sturdy.

Now I do have one complaint... This is MaxFactory. In the recent past they had offered alternate bases to use with displaying with previously released figures. Considering this is their second T2 girl, they could have offered an alternate base to be used with Miku. Displaying them together can be done but the bases are just too different. They could have offered some sort of interlocking expansion to the keyboard base or at least the same transparent color.

The base gets the job done and looks good doing it. The foot pegs could have been beefed up but otherwise they did a nice job. Would it have really killed them to offer an alternate base to display the two girls together? Expectations were definitely met and definitely have to say production base definitely looks better than the prototype.

Enjoyment: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆
So here we arrive at the end. We've taken a closer look at her and what she has to offer. I'd say she was pretty faithful to the illustration minus the blush and some additional refinement to her face. Her colors were slightly off but as mentioned lots of figures suffered the same fate. I do not regret getting her and I think she was worth what I paid. She's a T2 girl to me with a lot to offer. That dynamic pose and especially her hair will never get old. Expectations were met and it would have definitely been exceeded if they gave me an optional tuna club!!!!! Where's my tuna club!!!!! 8Þ

See you later.
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
StarshipPooper1 r. temu#56950903Too bad you're not in the US or I would just give her to you.

Aww yeah thats too bad. But its sweet of you that you wouldve done it if I did live in the US so thanks :)
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Chloe-tsundere1 r. temu#56905401Thanks for this review. It shows everything i needed to know.
I think her hair could be a bit more vibrant and the blush is missing yes but aside from that to me no big dealbreakers especially now that her price is really cheap! :)
Well even her retail price was good ;)
Just rlly love her. I think she might be bought by me soon hehe. Tho im still debatting if the other lukas are even better or to get all 3 hmm..

Too bad you're not in the US or I would just give her to you.
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Thanks for this review. It shows everything i needed to know.
I think her hair could be a bit more vibrant and the blush is missing yes but aside from that to me no big dealbreakers especially now that her price is really cheap! :)
Well even her retail price was good ;)

Just rlly love her. I think she might be bought by me soon hehe. Tho im still debatting if the other lukas are even better or to get all 3 hmm..
1 r. temu
wow this is an amazing review!!!
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Riesz6 l. temu#1838020Thank you for the detailed review!
Just wondering if every figure has the odd orange gradient on her legs where the stockings meet her skin. I've seen it on some but not others so I'm unsure if it's the lighting, camera, or if it's paint transfer. :( I personally am not a fan of it and hope it's not noticeable in person.

The shading? That's on purpose to help with the transition and make it look more "realistic"

If it was something like the adhesive causing the discoloration which is what I originally thought then you would see it on every figure.
6 l. temu
Thank you for the detailed review!

Just wondering if every figure has the odd orange gradient on her legs where the stockings meet her skin. I've seen it on some but not others so I'm unsure if it's the lighting, camera, or if it's paint transfer. :( I personally am not a fan of it and hope it's not noticeable in person.
6 l. temu
StarshipPooper8 l. temu#1086757Yep, her face looks fine. There's just a very slight window on her left profile that it could be "better" Display wise I don't really see that becoming an issue since you would have to hide her hair to line her up to get that not as good as it can be section which sort of defeats the purpose of the figure. When you see her and look at her face you'll be able to see a T2 girl without issue.
Thank you for the detailed opinion on Luka's face. Others on here talk like as if her face is the catastrophic end of the world.
8 l. temu
kilani8 l. temu#1086707Thanks so much for taking up my request :D You did a great job.

So, in your opinion the face looks nicer in person? That's mainly what I'm on the fence about.. I'm in love with every other part of her but the face seems strange to me.

Yep, her face looks fine. There's just a very slight window on her left profile that it could be "better" Display wise I don't really see that becoming an issue since you would have to hide her hair to line her up to get that not as good as it can be section which sort of defeats the purpose of the figure. When you see her and look at her face you'll be able to see a T2 girl without issue.
8 l. temu
kilani Sayaka Rank
Thanks so much for taking up my request :D You did a great job.

So, in your opinion the face looks nicer in person? That's mainly what I'm on the fence about.. I'm in love with every other part of her but the face seems strange to me.
8 l. temu
Sazako8 l. temu#1086330Your reviews are great as always. You must have made lots of Luka fans including myself happy bringing the Vocaloid spot light to shine on her.

I only do reviews of figures I like. I tried to do "negative" reviews before and it didn't work out. The review was really bad and I just didn't want to do it. I only do reviews of figures I like since it's worth my time and effort.

Also I don't just knock out a review in 30 minutes. Depending on the figure I actually do some thorough research on the character and any other interesting tidbits that I can find. That takes time. I spend hours picking out the pictures and setting up the layout. So hopefully all that time and effort translates into something. But in the end I am just sharing my passion. 8Þ
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