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Expensive hobbies?Expensive hobbies?

Ok so we all know that figure collecting is an expensive hobby... but anyone else here got MULTIPLE hobbies under this category? Because clearly we love to suffer have expensive tastes over here.

In the past, my expensive hobbies were always these three:
-Figure collecting, of course
-Cosplay/Conventions (Yeah those convention prices are insane, especially including hotels)

To be honest all of that changed pretty recently. I slowed down on cosplay and stopped going to conventions to give myself a little breather after doing that for almost 10 years solid. I stopped buying clothes as much as I used to because I just felt really wary of how much it cost and how much of it was going unworn or barely worn in my wardrobe. Figure collecting was my only expensive hobby left.

So... that's a good thing right? You start saving money? Happy end? Oh no here comes a contender... YU-GI-OH TCG STEPS INTO THE RING
Ah, when I started, how simple and cheap I thought it could be. I used to play Magic the Gathering and never got too hooked on it so I kept my spending pretty low. I was so, so, so wrong. I don't even want to THINK about how much I've spent on this card game since I got into it. I can't even walk past certain stores without going inside to buy cards, I would call it no short of an addiction...

My figure collecting addiction only got worse, too. I'm buying slightly less figures than I used to but more expensive ones and COLLECTING MERCHANDISE LIKE NO TOMORROW. You'd think that was cheaper than collecting figures but all that little stuff really adds up. I used to rarely have pre-order months but every single month there's stuff I have on pre-order now.

Sometimes I curse myself a little for having such expensive tastes ;;; What about you guys? Is figure collecting your only expensive hobby or do you indulge in others?
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Figures take a good amount of my money, but shortly before that I was very into making music so I collected a lot of musical instruments, such as synths and beat machines,and those add up after a while. Skateboarding also takes up a lot of my money, but it's worth it to me.
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I spend a lot of figures, of course, but I'm also big into retro gaming, and just games in general... With a lot of old nintendo games going for $80+, it's a very hard hobby to keep up. I also go to a lot of cons, but that's mostly to support my other two hobbies.
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I used to be a DSLR person. Cameras are expensive. I think my equipment was $15000 at its peak and then I sold it all and now live with mediocre gear totalling less than $2k

Figures are expensive. Probably my most now at $4k a year.

I travel a lot, now probably $40k a year but that is paid by my company so I pair my sight seeing and Japan trips alongside company meetings. My personal holidays in Japan after business travel, including food and hotels and transport probably is $2k a year including conventions.
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Conventions in Ireland are pretty affordable. 35E is average for a weekend ticket; but most of our cons are fan run, so they're just covering expenses. It's pretty great!
...collection of ideas on money:
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I always feel kinda bad when I see people who are working hard to finance college who want to collect. It looks so hard to pay all the bills while trying to study, pay for fees of college itself and study.
Though it's pretty admirable! Just a random thought I suppose.

Personally, I'm starting to feel I'm nearing the completion of my collection. Or at least I want to encourage that feeling....
Space and having found most of the items I liked. I hate crowded displays.

I wish I could be more financially stable.. but honestly the figgies aren't really making it worse XD Currently my pay check more that doubles when the season picks up :O
I guess I want to finish the collecting soon so I can move on to other things -and have the money for that. I think I might move to GK, which will take much longer to collect.

I love lots of creative things. So drawing (digital/traditional), coloring books are cool, I want to try GK. I always want to make cosplays.. but I just buy wigs in the end; I should just buy the cosplays online, but I never know where to go.
I like figures because I can't be bad at that. All of the above, I give myself too much hassle for being bad. It's a nice break from the pressure I create uwu
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Related to our hobby, I'm also into BJD dolls, mainly Dollfie Dreams, which are on a whole other league than figure collecting. These dolls cost from ¥50,000-¥250,000 and you can make it more expensive by buying outfits, accessories and more.
Non-related hobbies I have are video games (collecting special and collector's editions and obviously for me Dead or Alive), camera gear (DSLRs and good videocameras cost a lot) and model cars (ranging from $20-$1500+ each depending on the brand and scale).
Other than that, in the future I'm planning to buy my dream car, which will be a chosen sports car or supercar ($50,000+/$100,000+) that can cost quite a lot including maintenance and driving costs.
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
pocket_pancake (1 r. temu) #31474572
Sure! I'll take you up on that someday.

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You wouldn't collect indie perfumes by any chance, would you?
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SkiaEsh (1 r. temu) #31475111Books are expensive since I mostly buy reference books on specific, niche topics.

So true... I've reach the point I'm no longer willing to pay for books as I used to. It seems everything useful that isn't a generic love story novel or cooking is made of gold. ;-)
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"Ëtre l'artisan de ses propres malheurs" we say in French... By definition, most hobbies one pursue with frantic enthusiasm and that require the act of buying are bound to be bottomless pit for money.

I can understand your point. I've been an active model railroader since my childhood in the late 80s. This is probably the most costly hobby involving scale miniatures and shudder just think how much I invested in this hobby. Each locomotive can cost easily $350 and more, each cars about $40-$60 depending on quality. So, each train consist cost over $1500... and that doesn't include the cost of scenery, layout construction, electronics, control equipment, structures, paint and raw material...

My other collecting hobby is anime vinyl records (vintage and both new). It used to be affordable ten years ago, paying often $2-$10 per disc, but vinyl resurgence made it prohibitive. I slowed down a lot and I'm happy I've already got almost everything I wanted.

At some point, I asked myself which hobby made me a better person, acquiring skills and actually doing something instead of the cheap thrill of purchasing. As you mentioned with clothing, you came to the realization it was fun but not useful or enjoyable on the long run. In my case, model railroading is more rewarding than collecting PVC, even if I love it.

Let's face it, this is a rich kid's hobby or for people ready to mortgage their future. At some point you draw the line and have to ask yourself if the hobby is now toxic for your well-being. If it's costly but bring positive enjoyment, I see no harm. I know too many people devoid of curiosity or passion. They have no relevant hobby or thing they really fancy, which is quite sad. I think the moment your hobby cost so much each month is a financial nightmare, it's time to better manage that hobby. It can be more insidious, the financial situation is OK, but you are unable to raise funds for bigger and more meaningful projects, stripping yourself of your own freedom.

But well, hobbies are driven by passion, thus not rational at all, making it easy to loose control. And sometimes, stopping completely is worst, because when you come back, you spend much more! Oh well! Oh well!

Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject. We are probably many to face that problem at various degrees. Never underestimate how a meaningless well-paid job can mess your mind! ;-)
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Collecting figures is actually relatively inexpensive compared to some of my other hobbies. My current motorcycle was $9k when I bought it and costs a few hundred per year in maintenance, insurance, and fuel to use.

I also enjoy collecting guitars and guns. While these don't have any costly maintenance or upkeep associated with them, their initial purchase price is typically high; a guitar I purchased last year was around $1k; my last three guns were over $1k each, the most recent one being nearly $2.5k.

Granted my figure collection is relatively small, and while the costs associated with it are nothing to sneeze at, it didn't feel excessively overwhelming once I got into it, already being used to expensive hobbies.
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Smart tech for me.
It all started with an Alexa...
I then ordered the bulbs, thermostat, wifi oven, kettle, door bell, vacuum cleaner, fans...
Pretty much everything in my home can be switched on by word.
My display cabinets, heated blanket etc... It's all made me really lazy though!
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