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What's the Ugliest Figure You've Come Across/Own(ed)??Komentarze • What's the Ugliest Figure You've Come Across/Own(ed)??

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    PatchworkToxin (1 r. temu) #29498741This. ITEM #141162
    It just. Looks so weird.

    Dear lord, that shit is scary....
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    thanks for the laughs xD
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    a local comic shop has been trying to sell this x figure for $300 and it's been collecting dust since its release ITEM #271254

    the zero from the same line is pretty bad too ITEM #370625
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    PatchworkToxin Dat Yandere
    This. ITEM #141162

    It just. Looks so weird.
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    Yuinna Mayor of Titty City
    Necroid_Neko (1 r. temu) #29456901Why's Chii in there? Other than that, I feel that list wins the thread
    Questionable quality. Even the non-bootleg photos look terrible, so it always gave me a bit of a chuckle. :P

    sailormatlac (1 r. temu) #29479375I can't thank you enough! You made me laugh I forgot I had a shitty day!
    You're welcome~! Glad to be of assistance. Hope today goes a lot better for you! <3
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    pomfie (1 r. temu) #29478601I wanna give a shout out to Giga Pule (ENTRY #7632, very NSFW) for making most of those very specific fetish figures you've stumbled upon. They got massive orc men, quadruple amputees, dildos the size of a forearm, pregnancy, golden showers, and even a girl being penetrated by a dog. Seriously, it's SICK - look only if you dare.

    The most sick thing about Giga Pulse is that there is about 20 versions of each figure that they release with barely any differences.
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    Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
    In person, this is the ugliest I've seen:
    ITEM #21266

    How did they mess up KOS-MOS' face this badly? What worse is that it's an official statue by Namco! What, did the QA guys fall asleep or something?

    From the MFC database, it's this one:
    ITEM #136286

    It's the Sorceress from Dragon's Crown and like KOS-MOS, the creators really butchered her face.

    For non-MFC, I wish I still had the picture of it but about a year ago, my coworker tried carving Ritona Reighnvhasta (bless her heart, we need more Fault Milestone figures damn it!) out of a giant bar of spoap using an Exacto Knife, a simple arts and crafts paint brush and some leftover Behr brand paint that I had lying around.

    She tried imitating this, which is pretty ambitious:

    But one of her legs was a lot thinner than the others, one of her eyes was bigger and rounder than the other, her right arm was a bit shorter and her boots were more like clogs. Lastly, her cape was like a shell more than anything lmao Surprisingly though, the face and hair were kind of good! She threw it away because the bar of soap wasn't big enough but damn, does anyone here know that feeling of making something and it looks horrible, but continue to trudge on anway and try to laugh WITH the people that are making fun of the creation? Yeah, it's that but cranked up to 11 haha xD
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    freezermilk (1 r. temu) #29458408ITEM #233165
    this is pretty up there...
    just the paint job... turned her into jerky

    To me at least...there's a lot more that's fugly about this figure than just her beef jerky paint job...
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    KalasRaven (1 r. temu) #29441024THIS ABOMINATION!!!!! D:
    ITEM #363034
    DEAR GOD WHY!?!?!?!

    This f'ing wins it hands down... I just vomited in my mouth a little.... just saying...
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    Cupcakez89 The quiet one
    Here's a pretty awful one: ITEM #62614
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