Sale Emails Showing up Buggy? (Meta)Sale Emails Showing up Buggy? (Meta)Ask MFC

MisheruMisheru2 l. temu
I think for about the last 6 months at least, when I get a sale notification email, it will be buggy and have 3 broken links. Is this a site-wide thing or just me? An example is below:

a href="(link);
is strongselling/strong an item from your <a
href="(link); list: <a
href="(link) LOVEru
Darkness - Yuuki Mikan - 1/7 (Alter)/a

Anyone else seeing this?
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i have the same, so its not only you, not that i would care that much about it
2 l. temu
You may wish to hunt around in the Bug Reports thread.

If there's a bug, that's where you need to report it, and have a chance for it to be fixed.
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