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Nendoroid Yuuri!Nendoroid Yuuri!

(Wow, the blog interface changed quite a bit! Looking slick, MFC! still no rich text editor, tho....)

Anyway, it's already time for another figure review! Continuing on the summer of endless figure purchases, haha....

Today we'll be looking at
Nendoroid Yuuri Katsuki by Orange Rouge!
ITEM #512116


Had to bring back Aoba’s room for the background because Yuuri didn’t come with a fun insert haha...

TBH I’m really gunning for the Victor nendo; at first I didn’t really think I’d want Yuuri because I like Victor more as a character lmao… but! The thought of Victor sitting all alone on my shelf without his husband just made me sad, so I decided to preorder Yuuri to keep him company. And now Yuuri has a long and lonely wait for Victor lmao

Fast forward to this week, when I was finally able to grab my packages from the weekend, and Yuuri is here!! I had expected to feel a little buyer’s remorse, since I really do like Victor more–but Yuuri was extremely worth it, as you will see below~

First, let’s do a turnaround!

From the side! You can see that mine has a bit of a seam on his hair… but I don’t plan to display him with slicked-back hair, so it doesn’t really bother me.

From behind! His skirt is actually a separate piece made of flexible plastic, to allow for freedom of movement! And you get a little peek of his tiny butt…. Victor will be pleased

From the other side, you can see that the crystals extend all the way up his shoulder. His two arms are also slightly different colors, which makes it super easy to figure out which hand/arm parts go where!

Closeup on the skirt so you can see that the underside is painted red! There’s also a slight gradient on it. The details on his outfit look fantastic! Even the skates have been sculpted to the tiniest detail.

Here are all the things he came with! along with a white card that I had to put down so i wouldn’t lose the parts on my desk lmao.

He comes with quite a bit! A few arms, a bent leg, and even a tiny katsudon!

Now–let’s try some poses!

Yuuri’s “ta-da!” pose from the promotional pictures! or something like it. One thing I noticed immediately was that Yuuri has a small joint in his hips, so that you can pose him very naturally in motion! I was apprehensive at first considering other Nendos I’ve had with joints in the waist, but Yuuri is very sturdy and holds poses well.

Trying out the “Eros” face, along with a bent arm part and a bent leg. Such eros!! He looks calm and confident, ready to take home the gold! and his husband lmao

I tried replicating the hugging pose from the end of his Eros routine, but his arms aren’t that flexible haha…

Another point of interest: Like Mikazuki and Kogitsunemaru, Yuuri has an extra point of articulation in his upper arm. This allows for a much more varied range of motion!

Moving on, now let’s try…

The shocked face, along with the normal hair!! Oh no, he’s so cute!!!!

The normal hair has a bit of an indent on the side fringe, which allows for…

The glasses to be attached! Though I think mine aren’t on straight… But otherwise, the glasses are really cute!!! I also love that the extra arm articulation allows this kind of pose to be made!

And now for my favorite option parts…. the katsudon!!! The little chopsticks are adorable, and the katsudon looks good enough to eat!! even if I dont eat pork…. chicken katsu for me, please!

The katsudon parts can also be used by other nendos, if they look natural in fingerless gloves! I almost ended up displaying Mikazuki like this, haha…

Trying out the phone part, which is where I hit the first snag… the phone popped right out of his hand!! At first I thought maybe it was supposed to do that, but then I couldn’t get the phone to stay in… I’ll have to glue it back in place, but for the sake of the review I decided to just balance it precariously. Other than that snag, it’s a cute part! The poodle phone case is a good detail.

Taking selfies with friends at the con when you’re all cosplaying from different series

Trying out Yuuri’s embarrassed face on other nendos and…. oh no????

(this one may be a little nsfw, so it's in a spoiler tag! it's just Raiden's naked body)
Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoilerahttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/Magusfigures1502585048.jpeg
This face part may have given me far too much power…..

And now, on to some fun skits...

Yuuri: Oh, Yurio! Is that you? I didn’t know you were here already!
Raiden: Uh, you must have me confused with someone else. I’m Raiden. Nice to meet you.
Yuuri: Oh…. Nice to meet you too… <– can’t see shit without his glasses

Aoba: Hey, neighbor! Thought you might want these.
Yuuri: Oh, my glasses! Thank you. (thinking: If I’d had any more mixups on my first day I’d probably have died of embarrassment–!)
Aoba: Settling in alright?
Yuuri: Yeah. Thanks for letting me use your place for introductions…
Aoba: Anytime! You seem like a cool dude, and it’s nice to have someone my age around.
Yuuri: haha, thanks…. (thinking: this guy is the same age as me???)


Clear: Hello! You must be the new neighbor Aoba was talking about! My name is Clear. It’s nice to meet you.
Yuuri: Clear, huh? (interesting name…) I’m Yuuri Katsuki.
Clear: Katsuki-san, your outfit is very stylish. I wonder how Aoba would look in something like that?
Aoba: J-jeez, Clear, do you gotta do this in front of a guy we just met….?
Yuuri: Mmmmaybe I should go

Mink: (staring)
Yuuri: (thinking) oh jeez, this guy’s kinda scary…. what does he want?? Should I run???

Mink: (nodding, as if sure of something) Stay out of trouble, alright?
Yuuri: H-huh?? Oh… um…. thank you. (thinking: he seems scary, but… maybe he’s not so bad?)


I realized I still hadn’t done any proper faceswaps with Yuuri, so I decided to try Mikazuki’s content face…. and it’s a critical hit!!! Yuuri looks so happy to have his beloved katsudon…

Anyway, I think that’s about it for the pictures. Overall, I’m very satisfied with Yuuri! More satisfied than I thought I would be!

As usual, here are the number scores!
Sculpting: 9! Overall Yuuri is sculpted phenomenally for a nendoroid, down to the details of his skates.
Painting: Also a solid 9! The lines are clean, and there is a lot of attention to detail. I especially love the use of the gradient on his skirt, and the way the different arm colors make it easy to tell the arms apart.
Posing: 10 on this one--honestly! The wealth of different parts makes it easy to come up with cool/graceful poses, and the extra articulation in his arms and waist allow for more natural movement. I had more fun posing him than I've had posing nendos in a while, ahaha...
Accessories: I gave accessories an 8; there are a lot of them, and they all bring out Yuuri's character--but I am gonna take points off for the fiddly phone. On a positive note, though, I love the katsudon!!! I cant wait to use it not just with Yuuri, but with other characters who would enjoy a nice katsudon...
Enjoyment: 10!! And honestly, this came out of nowhere. I didn't expect to feel much for Yuuri one way or another. Like I said earlier, I'm more of a Victor fan, and was just buying Yuuri to have the two of them together--but this little guy's stolen my heart!! He's loads of fun to play with, and his optional parts have a wealth of possibilities. Seeing his smiling face fills me with such joy... I really am glad I decided to get him!

Tbh, I like his free skate program better than his short program (who can deny that Yuri on Ice is a good song??) so I was a little dismayed to hear that they were making a FS Yuuri nendoroid (ITEM #591502) too… (and it was an exclusive, no less!). But in the end I’m glad I got this one–way more optional parts and expressions, and since I plan to display him with the glasses/casual hair, this worked out better. I’d like to own the FS version someday just to have more options, but lord knows what the aftermarket’s gonna look like on that one…

A casual clothes Yuuri (ITEM #604384) was also recently announced, so I’m excited to see how that one comes out too! The skating outfits are of course iconic, but since I like taking pictures of nendos in scenes that look natural for them, it will be hard to find good backdrops for Yuuri and Victor…

Anyway, enough on that. Here’s where I’ll be displaying him for now:
He looks so lonely without Victor…. but at least he has his new friends to keep him company in the meantime!

Anyway, that’s all for now! My next review will most likely be when Victor comes home, haha. Look forward to it!

The summer of endless anime purchases continues...
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Great review! :D
1 r. temu
aye_know_hah (1 r. temu) #24624054He looks cute in every picture! I have yet to open mine >.<
Maybe I'll just wait till Victor arrives. lol.

I thought about waiting and doing a joint review, but I felt bad leaving Yuuri in his box for a month+ haha...
1 r. temu
He looks cute in every picture! I have yet to open mine >.<
Maybe I'll just wait till Victor arrives. lol.
1 r. temu
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