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First of all,
This post is

NSFW I repeat NSFW


Today's figure to review is
[Native] / [Progress] Peach Maid Figure Series - 1/8 Tabby san

It's a figure based on a illustration by Blade.
I usually talk about the character at the start, but I know nothing about her. I just got her because those cats are so cute. The girl too. Thus, I don't have much to talk about before going into pictures.

Now onto the review.

I always find something bothering me in Native figures.
It's not something major, just a nitpick, really.
And for this figure that point is that the surface finish is not very good. some of the parts have rough edges and surfaces which should've been sanded down to be little more smooth. It's not very noticeable from far, but I noticed some while taking pics.

Everything else is pretty good. The sculpt is very cute. The pastel tone paint is well applied. More on these points as I go through the pictures.

Around 50 pictures, so it may take some time to load all the pics. Hope you enjoy.

Here we go~~
(Click to see them larger, but it will move you from this page, sorry. Or just do "open image in new tab")


Box shot
I quite like this box. Native boxes usually have theme to it which is hit and miss for me. But I find this one kinda slick(?)


Before I really start.
This figure is standing on one leg and leaning back a bit.
So they included a stand for her to sit on.


She can still stand without it, but to be safe it's probably better to have it on. It doesn't really bother the view unless you look from the back.

For the review though, I took it out so you can see the figure clearly.


Spin around


The base is really boring. Wish it would be like tiles or wood floor. Some floor that she was mopping.


I really like the pastel tone soft color on her. Especially the hair.


Her top is about to come off.


My favorite part of this figure is that cat caught by the skirt. It's so adorable.


lots of frills on her costume. Gives depth / volume to the figure.


Her underwear also has some detail to it.


The gradation on her hair is well painted.
And nice detail paint on her choker buckle.



Bad Kitty~


The bucket is attached to the ribbon. the handle parts can move. It works as support the mob stick.


Wish it had paint gradation inner side of the skirt like the outside. Looking from below, the skirt is a bit plain. but I guess not many will look from that angle, only "gentlemen" like me.


I just can't stop focusing on that flying cat.



Part line is hidden by those thigh rings. The legs detach from those thigh ring to exchange the bottom torso to different part.
Almost the whole white part under the foot act as peg to the base. it's quite sturdy.


Let's look at close up.


Her upper clothes is flexible for cast off feature. But mine doesn't fit properly as you can see in this pic. Maybe I can fix it with hair dryer.


In some angles, her head seems bit big for her body, Or the shoulders are too narrow. Just some angles.


Here, you can see the clothes not sticking to her body. It could be just mine. Or it's to prevent paint smudging to the body.
So I will just take it off when I display :D




Whole costume has cat patterns. Even the bucket.
The master must really love cats. Or the cats are the master?


The white cat has a heart on its back. I forgot to take the pic. sorry.




There is a cat playing with the mop too.


The mop also has very detailed mechanism sculpt.
And I think the pole part is metal rod.


super close up~


Nice subtle blush on cheeks. moving her bang to the side to show her eyebrows is very nice design choice. Shows off her expression very clearly.


Those white shine highlights look like paint scuff from up close.
but looks good from far. matches the figure's style.




The upper body separates at the apron.
You can keep the skirt part on, but I took it off. Otherwise, I will keep focusing on that flying cat.


Naked bottom is separate part that you swap. Then there is a underwear part with a cat hanging on it. GOOD JOB CAT.


Here is the pic with the skirt on.



She is on the smaller side in my collection, if you know what I mean...


Enough of me talking.
Enjoy rest of the post without me commenting~






One thing.
It's not very detailed sculpt down there btw.







Ending with my favorite shot of the day.

Overall, very cute figure. The cats are really highlight for me.
but few issues like surface finishes, cast off part fit, boring base.
If you want really cute figure but also want little bit ecchi, she is the one to get.
One things I forgot to mention:
-she seems big for 1/8th scale. Exactly the same height as 500ml water bottle.

Huuu, it's been about 5 months since I got a new figure.
Forgot a lot about how to take pics, and how to write a review.
I really don't know what to talk about. As a result, the writing part is very rough.
But I hope you enjoyed reading or just looking at the pictures.

What are your thought on the figure? Good? Bad?

Thank you~
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Thank you for this review! I can't get over how cute this girl is~
3 l. temu
Hi awwww babe
3 l. temu
She looks great and Native definitely delivered. I would've preffered more realistic looking cats and a base that stands out for that price.
3 l. temu
Alex_Yagami Eros, c'est la vie
Nice review. Thanks. I agree that the base is lazy and could have been better but it could also be worse (bland white plastic with some logo on top). A transparent base is not that bad.
3 l. temu
Bah.... i didnt preorder because in the promo photos her legs looked disproportionately small, i low key regret my decision :'(
3 l. temu
SengokuGensui3 l. temu#23947509Yay I've been searching for pics of her since release date! Thanks for taking some.
Also, your review was really funny to read :D I really enjoyed looking through it :3
And cats ARE the masters, don't you know? XD Now I'm really eager to get mine...

Thanks for giving me confidence in writing. I really feel weak there.
"Welcome home, Meow-ster"... sorry. ;P

Panda_Chan3 l. temu#23956183What a cute figure! Now I want her omg ;; I like the colors
Get her! Get her now!!
3 l. temu
Panda_Chan Impey's Princess
What a cute figure! Now I want her omg ;; I like the colors
3 l. temu
Yay I've been searching for pics of her since release date! Thanks for taking some.
Also, your review was really funny to read :D I really enjoyed looking through it :3
And cats ARE the masters, don't you know? XD Now I'm really eager to get mine...
3 l. temu
Jenthehen3 l. temu#23941158I just got her yesterday, too and I love her! <3 I'm also such a sucker for the cats - that's what really makes this a unique "scene" of a figure - you can totally imagine it animated in your head just from the illustration and figure. I also love the cat flipping her skirt up and what 100% old me on this figure is the cat pulling her panties down - lol! It's just hilarious how the cats are "helping out." I can imagine a whole anime where she's always in trouble b/c the cats are messing things up and they are always doing things to further the fanservice!
キャー 猫ちゃん, そこはダメだよ。 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。
Oh no, kitty, not in there~~

BlackLemon3 l. temu#23942750Top notch review and wonderful figure, thanks! The paint/shading on this is really nice in particular. Now, if they could have just solved for the base/support a bit better! That clear peg is a beast!
Thanks. The stand pole doesn't actually bother me much. It is big, but it doesn't intrude on the viewing of the figure much. Only really covers up the butt from the back (and below), and with the skirt on, you can't even see that butt anyway.
3 l. temu
Top notch review and wonderful figure, thanks! The paint/shading on this is really nice in particular. Now, if they could have just solved for the base/support a bit better! That clear peg is a beast!
3 l. temu