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♥ Hello dear MFC-Community! ♥


This is my first loot post. I love to read about other peoples loots so I've thought that I want to make one myself! I am still at the start of my collection and I am also still a rather new member. I've started collecting last year, after Japan Expo in July. Since that I've got totally caught up in this hobby - if I have to believe Chrome (which I guess I can), then MFC is by now my most visited site; followed by AmiAmi and Mandarake.

I am mostly a magical-girl collector so this post will be magical-girlyyy!

So here we start my late-april-may loot!

Beware: Picture heavy!


Here we have the first part and the greatest part of the loot. A lot of packages! Since I live in Denmark and the customs here a totally crazy I always send my packages to my mother who lives in Germany. So a lot of packages are always pilling up at my mothers place until the day she visits me or I visit her. So I always have to be patient, but on the other hand this feels like christmas everytime haha!


So this is what have been inside! Magical-Girl all over the place! And some Akutagawa, because Im deeply trapped inside Bungou Stray Dogs hell.

https://jpeghost.net/x-vSbaaa.jpg https://jpeghost.net/x-wSbaaa.jpg https://jpeghost.net/x-xSbaaa.jpg https://jpeghost.net/x-ySbaaa.jpg https://jpeghost.net/x-tSbaaa.jpg https://jpeghost.net/x-uSbaaa.jpg

Like the impatient child I am I've started with the hugest box - the box of the Sakura Star Wand! OH MY GOD I SCREAMED SO LOUD!!! I love wands OH GOD I LOVE WANDS and I always wanted Sakuras Star Wand, so when I have been able to pre-order it at the start of 2017, I've pre-ordered it with the speed of light. The wand is sooo pretty. Its more simple then Sailor Moons wands but not less pretty - I like the simple design a lot. The wand is less heavy then Bandais Proplica. Its very light in fact, but it doesn't lack in quality compared to the Proplicas, even if Takara Tonys star wand is less expensive (at least the price itself, in the end with shipment and customs I've payed the same). The box is SO PRETTY. I love all the decorations and ornaments and Sakuras shadow on the box one side! Neat effects and details! Sadly I cannot say anything about the sound effects, because I was missing the right tool to open it. I have not brought the sakura cards, but if one would have done that the wand would read every card aloud with sakuras voice. I think that's a great idea, esspecially for kids.

Shippment and customs has been high for this item, but I am SO HAPPY so I couldn't care less. Now I really want the crane wand as well!

https://jpeghost.net/x-zSbaaa.jpg https://jpeghost.net/x-ASbaaa.jpg
Next one was Banprestos Homura. A friend of mine has her, so I knew she would be worth her price ♥ she is indeed really pretty and I am happy to finally have her! Since I've first started last year I have a lot to "catch up" with. The Madoka-Banpresto-figures are a must have for me! They don't cost that much and their quality is quite nice. I really love their faces and expressions. Homura looks so gentle here... and I love figures with her bow! The black bow is so cool and I look forward to my Madoka of the same line. Right now she is sadly still on the way.


Just as Homura Kyoko is brought from AmiAmi pre-owned. While Homura was in a fine condition (her box is damaged though) Kyoko... well. She is used.


At least I don't think that these damages are normal? I am really happy over her expression and her pose is also very good, but her condition was a let down for me, esspecially since I like Kyoko very much. Sad! I am happy that I've ordered GSCs one. She will arrive in June I guess... and maybe I will try to get a new one of this - or I will try to repair her, we'll see.


The last banpresto-figure! Sayaka! Not much to say to her - she is perfect ♥ so cute! Again I love her expression and the cape is so cool! I really think Banpresto did a great job with those! Happy to finally own them >w<! And I look forward to Madoka! Im not a big fan of Mami, so I will not hunt for her, since I also dont plan to display them all together.


But their line up looks very good! My mother was pleased as well. She mentioned the great colors and how well they look together. Im a little bit sad that I didn't went for the movie-edition of Sayaka as well (her hair-pin is so cute!!!), but I've ordered the movie-version of the GSC one so thats fine UwU!

https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C_yXeTHXoAAO1QA.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C_yXe7WXYAIPRTU.jpg

This time an Ichiban Kuji! I have stumbled upon this cutie a lot on Mandarake, but it never catched my eye, since the picture of this item is a foto of the box and the box looks really uninteressting... so I first saw this cutie "for real" when I've browsed though the Madoka-tag her ein mfc. So happy that I did! She is sooo cute and I really like the idea. I wont display her with that background-screen, but the idea is awesome. I really think she is perfect.


A perfect capture of that awesome scene in chibi form! Her colors are SO DAMN WELL; awesome shades, a bright and flashy pink and such good eyes! I am SO IMPRESSED by this little jewel and I look forward to the others of that line. Now I want them all haha!


I've seen these two sooo often on Mandarake or AmiAmi Pre-Owned, but neither did their quality nor their expression convince me in buying them. But then I went down in Madohomu-Shipping hell. And well. WELL. Shipping-feelz convinced me that they are not that bad afterall ahaha /o/ I've brought them from another user and I was actually surprised - they are not "that" bad in person. Madoka is really cute and I love how her braids flow in the wind. I am a huge sucker for that to be honest ////// Homura is still a little akward with her pose... BUT THEY CAN HOLD HAAANDS


A cute little Sailor Moon for my never-ending Sailor Moon collection BECAUSE YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH SAILOR MOONs.


So. Okay. I've wrote that I really like Banprestos quality. But when you unpacked several price-figures and then you come to this one... its like God descends from heaven. Oh wow this quality. Oh wow this colors. Oh wow this pose. Oh wow this expression. Oh wow those details. OH WOW EVERYTHING!!!



Over 1000 users have her so I think I do not need to say much about her except that I am totally satisfied. 100000%. I've got her from Mandarake, for just 5000Y. And I am SO SUPER PLEASED. She has been opened, but nothing is broken, no scraches. Everything is fine - oh so much more then fine! I've ordered Sayaka of the same line and now I am thinking about getting Homura (even if I dislike her pose) and Mami (I REALLY LIKE HER FACE FOR ONCE) because OH MY GOD THIS FIGURE LOOKS SO GOOD. Favourite Madoka-Figure for sure!!


Next in the list is another Madoka-Figure, but this time.... a garage-kit! Not a recast! But an original! I actually cannot believe my luck - I've got this original for just 65€ from a german seller who sold a lot of her garage-kits during lack of time to assemble them. I have never seen this one before and I was SO excited when I saw her and even more excited to see the parts >w< they are in a good condition and I look forward to start working with her! She is so cute!!!


Another magical-girl series Im really fond of: Heartcatch Precure! And here we have Tsubomi! I looove her >w<! Her face is captured so so so well. I love the School Uniform World Project. They are small, but they have suuuuch a fine quality. I hope that I will be able to add Erika sooon!


Aaand some Akutagawa-charms. I couldn't withstand the cuteness even if I haven't finished the second season of Bungou Stray Dogs yet. But believe me, I will soon! And I also want to order some doujins since I ship a lot in this series hehe...


Last but not least: drawing materials. Im a traditional artists and traditional artists have to use some money on materials from time to time haha /o/ new Color Enos for sketching (I sketch a lot tradtional, even if I own a Cintiq) and the Dr. Ph. Martins concentrated water colors so I again can mix skin tones. I use these for my illustrations but actually also for my garage-kits!


Okay - just in (xD); I've got these two cuties as a present from someone who didn't knew about the difference of copies and originals... since Megahouse is soon releasing a new Petit Chara set with Serenity I actually didn't plan to buy those (maybe the silver haired one since I prefer that design), but its still nice to have them... I think it's kinda frightening how good the silver haired bootleg is. Of course it lacks quality at some parts, but the box is really the same.

And the aftermath lol


So that was it! I've got some doujins earlier in April and I will soon get some more doujins, but I guess this entry is long enough already haha!

Let me know if you have something to add... or if I did something wrong! Im still a little noob, yes. Oh and can someone tell me how to link to entries, I cannot find the code for that x__x


Have a nice day dear fellow collectors!
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So much amazing loot! It's honestly a feat to look through these and I wish you good luck with ordering doujinshis! It's quite addictive to buy them hahaha
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Beautiful :)
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Amazing loot! Your enthusiasm make it really nice to read. Now i've got to show this to my girlfriend so she won't feel embarrassed anymore about being a grown-up who adores magical wands
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skylinedo BANNED
Mahou shoujo is my favorite. But more pics of cat for next time ... pls
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i'm not that much into magical girls but I loove Madoka magica and your article was interesting to read ^^
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I LOVE looking at magical girl loots! Awesome stuff and great collection!
Are you intending to collect all the GSC MadoMagi Movie style figures? Kyoto as well as Sayaka, Mami, and Homura? I own Madoka, but their bases are the only things that are giving me pause!
Ack, the bars connecting the figure to the base are unappealing to say the least, but the colors & detail on the figures themselves are amazing...
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Your loot is so overwhelmingly adorable! Magical girls are life! x3

I really like how your have decorated your assorted wands. You have very good taste. :3
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Aimaileafy3 l. temu#21174234Kyoko was actually listened as A-condition and nothing else was noted ;; I am that that sad over the scratches on her body, but... the eye ;;?? that is hard to oversee and hard to correct...

I've only bought from AmiAmi preowned once before, but based on that experience & numerous others I've seen on here who've gotten preowned, I don't think that's a figure AmiAmi would normally list as A condition! She probably should have been a C, with a note about the scratches, especially as you say the damage to her eye. They might have accidentally sent you one in a different condition to what you bought?
The figure I bought from them was in A condition / B condition box, and it pretty much turned out to be a completely new and sealed figure with no box damage I could see. Not saying all their A condition figures are still sealed, but they usually seem to be in that kind of new/near-new condition.
It might be worth contacting them about it and seeing what they say. Just be very polite!
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Everything you bought is so cute! I really like the Madoka figure by gsc, love her face!
Great loot c: ✿ ~
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