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The heartbreaking moment when you realize your own stupidity was the cause of a broken figure.

My Dead Master figma just took a fall from the top shelf of my detolf cabinet to the hardwood floor. I was most worried about her wings but she landed face first so my initial reaction was basically *phew*! But I then discovered one of her horns had in fact snapped clean off. Super glue to the rescue! I fixed it and it's barely noticeable but I know she's broken. It's not the same. It was my own stupid fault I knocked her off. *sigh*

So now I have a broken BRS and a broken DM. As a child, I never broke anything. As an adult, I break everything. Grumble grumble.

Pointless blog to rant about how stupid I am. FML.
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Was cleaning just last week when my BRS Nendoroid took a spill, not high up at all and onto a padded surface...and broke her neck joint. What made me laugh at the horror was that a neck peg on another of her faceplates broke after a whole 2 times of changing it out.

We feel your pain.
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Don't feel that bad, a lot of us break figures. It's kind of like an initiation in a way, and at least you know what NOT to do with your figs again.
For instance, my first real set of figs were the BRS Animation figs, and I accidentally broke off the tip of one of BGS's horns. I glued it back on, but it's still a bit noticeable if you know what to look for.
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Same thing happened with my Homura figma.
Her braid had snapped.
I blame the gravity and my slippery hands >_<"
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ITEM #6649 fell off my bookshelf more than once, and finally after about 4 falls (back when I first started collecting and just shoved figures in front of my books) his finger snapped off...

...I never found it. ;_; If he wasn't so bloody expensive now, I'd buy a new one. He was $12 w/shipping when I got him two years ago...now he goes for like $50!

I've also broken a few figma hand joints.
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... I broke one of my Nendoroid's head joints because I shook the box like crazy in excitement...

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Broke the stand of my Lelouch Zero figure when I first got him...but thankfully he turned out to be a bootleg (Had no idea at the time)

I also broke my Seras garage kit TWICE before I finally just put her away T-T I think I'll stick to PVC for now.
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Arie veteran puella magi
Don't worry I think I broke like... 3 or 4 of my figures.
.... I'm so stupid ; ;
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Eagleam10 l. temu#991670Wait, correction. The Father Anderson 'figure' I got with one of the Hellsing Ultimate limited editions...busted his flimsy bayonet when trying to fit his hand to his arm. -_-

That bayonet was a tough fit on mine. I wonder where I put that 'figure'... It's probably in a box somewhere.
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Eagleam I do what I can!
Worst for me has been breaking a foot hold peg for two of my figures while packing them up to move. Just annoying it happened but glad I haven't had a figure itself get busted, YET. I feel like it may be inevitible.

Wait, correction. The Father Anderson 'figure' I got with one of the Hellsing Ultimate limited editions...busted his flimsy bayonet when trying to fit his hand to his arm. -_-
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Worst moment for me was breaking the little leg accessory for my Alter Kos-Mos swimsuit...was soooo pissed off at that since she's my favorite figure...
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