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For con-goers and doujin merch collectors, which do you prefer to buy? And why? I've seen a lot of people collecting these even some won't use the at all. I'm curious to know. Thanks
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Clear Files or Art Prints?

19%Clear Files
34%Art Prints
47%Why not both?
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Thank you for the output!
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I have a few clear files and I feel too scared to use them, I don't want to tear them or scratch them, and I don't have a good way of displaying them so they sit there... I prefer art prints because there is more variety and they're easier to find at cons. I don't have a lot of either to be honest, but I like prints.
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chiyuun3 l. temu#19037215i store my top secret memes in mine y-yamede
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I adore clear files. At first I thought they were pointless, but I used to collect lots of Inuyasha and Pokemon cards so it struck me as something new and prettier to collect. I have a clear file holder coming in the mail and a bunch of new clear files. The art is so colourful and crisp.
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I collect posters and lithographs from video games I like, especially if it's early promotional stuff. You'd be surprised how well they sell over time (I ended up auctioning off one of my Dark Souls posters for a little under $300!) I don't think I have one single clear file though. They just don't seem that valuable a collectible, but I guess that makes them a lot easier for people who like them to obtain them.
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I don't collect either, but if I were to, I'd prefer to buy prints to display on my walls.

Clear files would just end up in a drawer/box and forgotten about.
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I only collect clear files if I get them for free, there's nothing really special about them? Every now and then I'll get a postcard along with it but I don't buy art prints because they're just a drawing on a fancy paper costing €10-20? There's nothing original about it or something that will be worth much in the future. With that money I'd either buy a doujinshi or I'd commission an actual dc artist for an original piece that will be valuable in the future.
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Clear files and Shikishi only. I wrap them in matte book-wrapping plastic and blutack them to my wall. I find it a nice way to display them for easily visibility (instead of flipping through a file holder of clear files) and it helps hide the bad paintjob of my room's walls.
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I collect both since normally the art I want is just limited to one medium (it's either a print or a clear file). In the rare occurrence wherein the art I like is printed on both, I prefer the clear file because I have a clear file storage folder for it. My art prints have their own folder, but nowhere near as organized as the clear files due to the varying sizes art prints usually come in.
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I prefer art prints. I just think they're (generally) better quality and I like the look of them when they're displayed. But in saying that though, there isn't as many art prints with art that I want. In the end, I tend to have more clear files than art prints.
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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