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Pulchra's RengePulchra's Renge

Pulchra's Renge - First Impressions

Nyan Pasu!

The long waiting has ended. Finally after a Delay Renge arrived.
A lot of Comments where written on her Page (ITEM #366058) and some of them told negative about Pulchra's quality of Figures so I was a little afraid.

But it is Renge so how can I resist. ^^


Although she is scale 1/7 I was a little bit surprised about the small Box. But Renge is a Child so it's plausible.

Box design is nice and show Front and Back of the Figure on both sides.

Front of the Box is windowed so you can take a first view on Renge.

The Lid is sealed with 3 Seals - Maybe to prevent Renge escaping? :)

First thing I noticed was the mirrored Label on the transparent Stand.
Probably no one will notice when standing in the showcase but I'm Otaku. ^^

The Figure is protected well with PVC-Foil to protect Parts from rub together while transport. She fits tight in the Base so the stand is stable and Renge will not wiggle.

The coloring is very discreet. Except her Recorder and the Satchel the coloring is overall Pastel-toned.

So the Satchel is very prominent in the glossy red.
In my opinion it's a bit too shiny but it depends on the light ambient.

On the Satchel all metallic details are painted very well. I saw Figures (not Price figures) with messed Painting on details so I would say Pulchra did a good Job.

Even the bottom of it is painted very detailed.

Also the other Details for Example the metallic Buttons on her Shorts, the Shoe tapes or her Fingernails.

Also the Patterns on her Shirt and Vest. It seems that these are Printed because the lines are so straight and sharp.
There are also shading-accents on the shorts.

Her Face is also done very well. Eyes are glossy decals which made them more "alive"

The only thing I found is a small Material-defect on the Hood but it is not really present.

So if you are a Fan of Renge you should think about it. She's not cheap but I definitely do not regret buying her.

It's state of the art to put a rating at the end of a review.
But I'm a Fan of Renge, a big Fan so any rating I would di would not be objective. ^^

So just take a look on the Pictures because mine are not Photoshopped so they don't lie. :)
You can find more Picture at her Entry > ITEM #366058

EDIT 10-02-2017
I uploadet a 360° Picture Here.
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Nice review and cute figure! :D
1 r. temu
I'm really glad to see her in pretty decent quality. Very cute! Pulchra needed to make this adjustment, and I hope they continue to get better too since they tackle figures for much less popular shows. Thanks for the review!
1 r. temu
People give a lot of backlash to Pulchra after their first figures were less than good, but they have been getting better so It's nice to see a blog that shows this as well. Sure, Renge is probably not their best figure but she is still an example of it.

Nice review! She looks adorable.
1 r. temu
She's so cute! :D
1 r. temu
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