Komentarze Figures stuck in figure purgatory

  • Definitely these.... ITEM #127990 and ITEM #131151. I would kill for good scale figures of Sinbad and Judal, but it's been years with no updates on these--not even confirmation that they've been cancelled. Sigh...
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    lightningmaid 不思議な
    Glueblade3 l. temu#17888736These two come to mind
    ITEM #198382
    ITEM #287874

    You have chosen exactly the same figures I had in mind! Ahh, that Wo-Class.. Really bummed MF didn't continue her.

    calias3 l. temu#17891175These Nendoroid More bodies:
    ITEM #173672
    ITEM #173673
    ITEM #173674
    ITEM #173675
    ITEM #170026
    I'd especially like the maid ones.

    These are amazing! Why didn't GSC finish them?!
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    ITEM #144113 Was also the first one that came to mind for me. I just love this style...it's a shame she's stuck in limbo.

    Others I really want news on:
    ITEM #141311
    ITEM #173672
    ITEM #167126

    Also RIP to every Fantasista Doll character announced by Phat ;_; the anime was pretty mediocre, but the girls' designs were so cute...
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    ANY proplica that isn't sailor moon related. wtf happened to the creamy mami wand?!
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    For me, the Jes Gistang Bishoujo ITEM #236326
    I will always be hoping for this. I need more Star Wars girls TT
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    I swear someone made this post like 2 days ago...

    First off is this creepy Wokyuu: ITEM #198382. She has a fully painted prototype, why the hell isn't she going into production?!?!

    Ruri: ITEM #190393

    Mako: ITEM #167274

    Chiya (Come on people there are more characters than Chino...): ITEM #236625

    Taaaaaniiiiikaaaazeeeeee..... I want Ena Hoshijiro!: ITEM #236194
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    ITEM #331801
    ITEM #331803
    ITEM #287715 (I REALLY hope we see a prototype at Won Fes soon!!!)
    ITEM #287721
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    ITEM #141311 Honorable mention because I have no idea who she is, other than her being some kind of character design for a singer. So cute, so colorful, so close to release. So tragic. ;;
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    ITEM #236153 RIP Melon chan... well atleast we got this: ITEM #488279 but I still want a fully equiped Yuubari figure.
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    *look at some figures* ...*sniff*... ;w; orz
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