UFO Loot Unboxing! (3/3) - 1st Trip to JapanUFO Loot Unboxing! (3/3) - 1st Trip to JapanLoot

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A Merry Christmas to all!

I hope that everyone is having a great day so far!


Welcome to the 3rd and final installment of my blog series!
For those that are just joining us and would like to follow along the story, here are my previous posts:

Post 1/3 (A retrospective of my 1st solo trip to Japan & Papercrafting): BLOG #31473
Post 2/3 (UFO Catcher Adventures): BLOG #31474

TL;DR: It was my first time in Japan and I came back with a lot of prize figures, straight from the arcades. Now, I’m finally unboxing them.

I’ll actually be going back and forth, from unboxing to writing this up, in case any immediate thoughts escape me.


This will be VERY picture heavy. The majority of text is just random commentary on the figures. I’m totally new to the world of figures, so I probably won’t have too many insightful things say about my loot, so feel free to just browse the pictures - I promise you’re not missing out on THATT much :)

And as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I initially didn’t know that not all figures were created equal, and that there is a discernable difference between prize figures, and figures of other nature. After researching online when I came back to Canada, some helpful blog posts of MFC gave me the quick and dirty – essentially, even in the world of prize figures, not all of them are created equal as well! But at least in recent years, quality all around has been on the up and up :)


And starting in no particular order, Black Hanekawa ITEM #406200


Out of all the figures I won, this definitely has the most interesting base.

I was very excited after unboxing this one and was more than satisfied with the quality. And I love it when they’ve detailed the smaller things, such as painted toenails. Oh, and another thing I loved about this figure is the amazing silhouette it casts.


There were a few minor scuff marks on her jeans, and some weird black debris on her collarbone, in which I had a can of compressed air handy and blasted it away. And as one commenter describer her as sultry comment/1641576..., I could not agree more :) This pose along with her in short hair is lovely!


Next up is Shinobu! ITEM #400947


I was anticipating the unboxing of this one the most (and it lived up to the hype, perhaps I'm just biased though, kaka)!

Right away, something was different with the box, in a good way. There was additional cardboard inside which met at the bottom, forming a sort of, hollow-pyramid shape. I do appreciate the extra care in packaging this one came in! (As I mentioned previously, I'm totally new to the world of figures, so even the smallest feature might seem extraordinary to me :3)


Although someone commented that she was boring and derpy in this rendition, I found her to be quite pleasant and cute! (Maybe since this is her most default/common outfit, other members who have a larger collection might find her more on the plain side). I also love the detailing, from the wedge sandals, to the ribbon bow ties throughout.


And I can’t forget, that adorable little fang sticking out as well!


Only “issue” I had with this figure was a small black smudge on the front of her dress, and a few other minor ones on the back of her hair. The figure also wobbles a bit whenever I touch/move the base. It’s probably due to the fact that she is quite heavy and the whole figure is supported by a single foot. Nonetheless, it should be an issue if I just leave it be.


Kiss-shot is next! ITEM #400939


Straight out of the package, this was definitely the most involved figure so far. It came in 2 pieces + base + a stand to support that hair doused with heavy conditioner xD


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much based on the box’s cover art. Her face seemed…off. This was a close up photo once I unpacked everything. A member went as far to comment that she actually looked more like a male vs female! (I mean…minus the tits).


Personally, I thought that she looked alright. It’s not my top pick if I were to have any Kiss-shot figure, but she fits in her own category. I think it’s a mixture of more narrow eyes, and much lighter hair which causes her to look more sinister, cunning and intimidating – especially combined with her striking pose (This is in comparison to something like ITEM #98667 where her eyes are big and round, and her hair is a bright, animated yellow).


The only smudge I found was a black mark on the tips of her finger/glove. The sculpting of her hair also looked a bit odd.


And now we have Sodachi! ITEM #443417


Right from the get go, I like how they kept a consistent box art style with Black Hanekawa. Now for those that read my previous blog posts, I’m no where far enough in to the monogatari series to know who Sodachi actually is. So I have no idea how much the pose here resembles her actual personality. One thing that I do recognize though, is the patented Shaft head tilt :3


This figure wasn’t particularly detailed, nor did I feel like it had the need to be. She just had a look of disinterest on her face, as if she was saying, “Whatdoyawant”. But one thing I did notice when I looked at it up close was the mouth. Up close, I saw little specs of PVC, bearing the colour of her skin tone between her lips – it looked like they were not coloured properly. Now unless her lips were sewn shut or something in the anime, I’m sure this wasn’t intentional. My first thought was that this reminded me of Hannibal Lecter with the mask on!


And to round out my monogatari figures is 10-year-old Kiss-shot! ITEM #440647


Again, I’m not too far into the series (yet) so I have no clue who she is, at this age. But the change in hairstyle is a welcomed change. Like the Shinobu figure, I love the addition of bow ties that aren’t just painted on, but look more like a separate piece that was glued on to there.


The base on this one was also unique compared to the last few. In printed on the stand itself were crows(?). I took this with flash which made the purple much brighter than it actually was.


The only mispaint on this one was a small black fleck on the front of her pink dress.


Jumping on to Darjeeling from Girls & Panzer! ITEM #446591


This was a nice figure, clean and simple and very adorable to look at. I didn’t even notice at the time, but when I was looking back at the picture, I really like to high gloss dress shoes she’s wearing.


The paint job on this one wasn’t as nice as the others unfortunately. The paint on the front where the collar and tie was located looked a bit sloppy. The back of her hair also had hints of pink in several areas…though I’m not sure if this was accidental or intentional.


Up next we have Teruzuki from Kantai Collection! ITEM #442887


The packaging on this one was also a bit more secure than the previous ones. It was a box inside of another box. This was also the only one that came with instructions on a separate piece of paper, inside of a plastic bag xD


This was my first and only multi piece figure and I love it! The smaller part even had articulating limbs! (Or I should say, articulating barrels). I also LOVE the heels that she has on! Teruzuki’s pose is also adorable as heck!


And the last of my Kan Colle collection is Mutsuki! ITEM #314584

This was by far, the one that had the most bells and whistles (similar to Teruzuki). They could have fully excluded all the “ship” parts, so props for including those! And once again, I love the shadows that some of these cast, especially this one in particular.


Only minor scuff marks could be found on the front of the skirt and a minor one on the knee.


Rin is up next! ITEM #440641


My far my largest figure (well, technically, would be a tie with Miku) and she’s awesome! I love the pose and everything about her! And those ribbon bow ties get my every time :3


And Miku is next in line! ITEM #440642


It’s like they know my weak spot now and are just tacking on ribbon bow ties where ever they can xD I love this figure as well – just like Rin, Miku has an awesome pose. The only minor issue was with a black mark near the top of her thigh.


And again with the footwear! Those black boots look so sleek on her! (And have a sort of vinyl feel to them)


And a set group pic, cause why not!


Now we have the 2 glasses from monogatari – Yotsugi & Shinobu!


They both come with the same coaster, with a silhouette of Ararararagi.


And here are the glasses themselves! The graphics on the glass are nice and sharp, and I love the decals on it as well! I won’t be using these to drink out of, stemming from a worry that washing may chip away at the decals.



The only flaw I saw was with the back of the Shinobu glass. Even though the graphic doesn’t wrap around fully, similar to the Yotsugi one, the graphic on the Shinobu one was slightly slanted.


And to wrap things up, the Hanekawa and Shinobu pillow/cushions! ITEM #526340 & ITEM #526529
I’m so glad I won these from the prize machines because I could not find them for purchase anywhere else! Both of them are nice and fluffy and I’ve already put to use the Shinobu one as my back rest.


I also love that they both have a different design on the back!



Well, this pretty much wraps up my mini-reviews on each UFO prize.

For those that have seen my 1st blog post (blog/31473&...) you might know that the only thing resembling models that I own are papercrafts I've built. And those papercrafts currently occupy 2 levels of my shelf, with the other two filled with binders full of information regarding accounting and scrap paper (also containing accounting).

Clearly, this was going to be an issue and I needed to reorganize some items. (And yeah, in case you’re wondering. The text on the black Frisbee reads, “Certified Management Accountants”)


Well, after a bit of fumbling around (stealing a board off a different shelf) I some how managed to fit everything! (And them shadows! <3). I'll need to find a different home for the glasses though.


And a final shot of the "new shelf":


Well, this concludes my story and all the loot I brought back. I hope everyone enjoyed reading/browsing through it, as much as my whole overall experience was.

And I hope everyone has a happy holiday and a wonderful 2017!
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Pekola3 l. temu#17090738I think I'm in love. Oh my.
Haha, I had to have so much self-constraint in unboxing these!

Medzevil3 l. temu#17113339Awesome loot. I really like the look of the shadows behind each figure, makes them pop out more.
Yeah! The shadows were a pleasant, unexpected surprise!

nishikinomaki3 l. temu#17113596i love the hanekawa figure! ive never actually seen monogatari, but maybe ill start watching it...
very nice way to start off a collection! lots of cute girls (:

She's one of my favs! Both figure and in the show :D

And thanks! Though until I visit Japan again, I'll be growing it via papercrafts (currently working on Asuna right now!)
3 l. temu
i love the hanekawa figure! ive never actually seen monogatari, but maybe ill start watching it...

very nice way to start off a collection! lots of cute girls (:
3 l. temu
Awesome loot. I really like the look of the shadows behind each figure, makes them pop out more.
3 l. temu
I think I'm in love. Oh my.
3 l. temu