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Hey everyone,

I'm looking into buying some shelves to display my figure collection but i don't really know much about it.

I would like to have some corner shelves (quiet large to put 3-4 figures on it) at an abordable price, so if you have any ideas they would be welcome!

Thanks for your awnsers!
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I started with Detolfs. They got the job done to an extent. They aren't very big and it's not as tall as I'd like. They wobble and are flimsy and make glass clanking noises. Also the shelves aren't adjustable. Detolfs are cheap. Like 60-70 bucks. Also dust gets in because it's not really sealed well.

I got a book shelf from Ikea with glass doors. The Billy or Besta are great. Besta is much deeper than the Billy. The Billy should fit nearly all figures except huge mechas or figures with big weapons. The shelves are fully adjustable which is great. You can skip on the glass doors if you want as they cost as much as the shelves, but the glass doors help keep dust out. Besta doors have thicker borders. For Billy doors use the Morliden as it has a very thin metal border. A full height Billy costs around 80$. You need two Morliden doors for a full width Billy which is $50 x 2 = $100. Total setup for one is $180.

Here's a picture of my 3 shelf setup with the doors open: picture/1673882... I can move the shelves up and down to accommodate these taller figures, some are 17" tall.

The other options that are higher end than Detolf and Ikea book shelves are much more expensive and I don't have experience with them yet.
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Shimakaze693 l. temu#17072246I use the 5 shelf bookcases from Walmart and Target. Only $35.

This. They're fantastic, cheap, and sturdy. You can usually find the Target ones on sale for $26.99 or even cheaper with a coupon.
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Well, the first I think you should do is to ask yourself if you think you would prefer having an open or closed display for your figure. And, then make some measurements of the areas that are the least exposed to direct sunlight.

As most people have probably said earlier: Detolf's are popular for closed display because they are affordable and wont take up a lot of space. But, you have to make sure to assemble them properly, and they do wobble a bit if you do not attach them to the wall. They also make popping sounds in when the temperatures are cold because of the metal frames that support the shelves. They are also really easy to assemble too.

You will probably have trouble with fitting in 1/4th scale figures though as they're too big to fit if they stand up.

Edit: Be sure to buy three detolfs though, because there's just no way that will be enough in a few years. There's always more.
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Another person here backing the Detolf. Just started collecting myself and got one earlier this month. My husband was able to assemble it on his own quite quickly and it is very sturdy (especially if you secure it to your wall with the included fastener). It is nice that you can see into it from all sides and works well for a variety of custom lighting options. I would say each shelf could reasonably hold 4-5 scale figures. One important not is that if you do get a Detolf, MAKE SURE THE METAL BARS ARE FACING THE INSIDE. I have seen many people screw this up and if you do, the shelves will not receive the support they need and are liable to come crashing down.

Hope this was helpful and that you get a good display for yourself!
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I use the 5 shelf bookcases from Walmart and Target. Only $35.
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I have a detolf and they work great, but they are on the fragile side. I've heard good about Billy Bookcases. Not sure how much they cost
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(this is why I shouldn't post 'round the holidays... i'm kind of a jerk)

Let me try to helpful for a damn change... of the Ikea options, if I remember right there is an accessory that will let you put a BILLY bookcase section in a corner, next to other sections on both sides (the side units help support the corner unit).

The main advantages of Detolfs are cost and there are no thick supports for the corners that can block the view of the figures, depending on the angle. The disadvantages are that the shelfs are not adjustable, and many people don't like how low the bottom shelf is, and put the units up on something (which adds to the cost). Also, the size of the shelves can be a limiting factor as well for if you try to do something like, for example, put a full set of Love Live idols (nine of 'em) on the same shelf.

There are other types of cabinets available via Ikea, all with variations of materials, number of shelves, and size/adjustability. Which one works for you will depend on where you want to put it, the size limitations of the location you plan to put it (always measure where you think you might put it, including height, to make sure the thing fits before you buy it), and what type/number of figures or other things you plan to put in it. Those variables will be difficult for us to help you with as they are so specific. The nice thing about Ikea is that their online catalog tells you exactly what the measurements for the assembled unit will be. As well as the size of the flat-pack unit, so you can know if it fits into your car or truck.

I've seen more corner units available at places like furniture stores, but those units are designed to kind of be display items in their own right, rather than just a container to display the figures (IMO). Hence they tend to be more expensive.

Hope that helps, and bah humbug (sorry, I'm just not a merry kind of guy)
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I'd also recommend Detolf, but do check IKEA for other possible solutions. :)
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As other people have suggested there's the classic IKEA Detolf for 75€
Also since you're in France, you can find all kinds of cheap secondhand display cases on LeBonCoin (just make sure to inspect them for scratches before buying)
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I don't own any, but detolfs (Ikea?) are by far the most popular from what I've seen of users collections here on MFC. I simply use the bookshelves built into my desk and a thin bookshelf tower beside it. If you don't care whether there's glass doors or not you can get pretty much any good looking bookshelf and it will be fine. Just make sure that it is sturdy - I wouldn't risk using a cheap easily bending and warping shelf from Walmart.
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