Komentarze 3D printed chainsaw for Busou Shinki

  • Rajke Ca Fanatic
    Looks really great. I didn't know that this was possible as a particular.
    Have to remember this. :)
    3 l. temu
    That's so great to see, well done! It came out really nice :)
    I'm pretty comfortable with drawing too and I've always wanted to try out some 3D. More so now that I realise all the cool little accessories I could design for my figures! I tried to learn once with Blender, but it's really intimidating. But Sketchup sounds like a nice stepping stone!
    3 l. temu
    I wish I would now how to 3D model TT^TT
    3 l. temu
    Very nice.

    I miss Busou Shinkis.
    3 l. temu
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