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I'm a creative sort of person and something I've been interested in dipping my toes into since seeing it demonstrated at WonFes 2015 Summer is 3D printing accessories for my figures.

I’d always been intimidated by 3D modelling software in the past but a colleague recommended Sketchup to me and I’ve found it really easy to use. The trick is that I’m comfortable with illustrating and Sketchup is designed to make it easy to transition 2D geometry into 3D geometry. With just a few hours practice, I’d been able to learn enough of Sketchup to produce this industrial-style chainsaw for my Strarf Busou Shinki.



I was pretty excited to get the finished item from Shapeways, an online service that you can upload designs to and have made. It’s ended up being quite large (about 20cm long) which makes it look a little out of scale but certainly impressive. The chainsaw teeth are even modelled within the handle and you can just about see them from where they enter the handle.

I failed to make the connector that secures the chainsaw handle to Strarf’s exoskeleton hand the right diameter, so the chainsaw requires a bit of blue tack to keep it in place but otherwise it’s a good fit. There is another downside that due to the weight, it’s difficult for the exoskeleton arm to stay upright whilst holding the chainsaw!

Despite the minor issues, I’ve really enjoyed designing this and I hope to make some more Busou Shinki accessories in the future! If you have any suggestions for accessories that you think would work well, please let me know!
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Rajke Ca Fanatic
Looks really great. I didn't know that this was possible as a particular.
Have to remember this. :)
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That's so great to see, well done! It came out really nice :)
I'm pretty comfortable with drawing too and I've always wanted to try out some 3D. More so now that I realise all the cool little accessories I could design for my figures! I tried to learn once with Blender, but it's really intimidating. But Sketchup sounds like a nice stepping stone!
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I wish I would now how to 3D model TT^TT
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Very nice.

I miss Busou Shinkis.
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Your source for old and rare figurines!

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