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As I tweak the terms of my stockholder and privileges with Banpresto and hunt older releases, I see myself in the need of expanding constantly my display. I had at first thought of doing a double display like the one I had long time ago, then the incident of the exploding Detolf happened and I became really scared of putting pressure on the shelves as I used to back then. Being more conscious about the display, I settled for something less "wow".

I started reading your comments about Detolf and since I have been an user a Detolf since perhaps 2007, I decided to give them a second chance.

I realized that in most pictures and videos I see on the web of exploding Detolf, almost 90% of them are glass included in the White Detolf sets. So I chose to get Black Detolfs.

My number one complaint was the new tiny hole they do at the top instead of the former bigger whole which you could fit easily lights and cables. Another complaint is that these new Detolf are shorter in height. The wood however seems to also be shorter in depth yet thankfully this does not affects the glass sections themselves (not 100% sure yet, need to measure).

Ikea, after I presented my report, settled with me and it benefited me to obtain new lights and furniture.

I added 3 new Detolf to my collection and 2 Dioder light strips. I know it would look much better if I add more lights but I just dislike having so many cables around.

This two were taken when I repainted my Red wall and removed all my custom made black shelves. This was a VERY SENSITIVE display as my larger figures would fall with every little bump to the furniture. So I had to think where to put them. See pictures below these ones.


I am still waiting close to 150 figures that Banpresto is sending me by the end of this month and end of next one.
I will be making a new shareholder loot soon and explaining some new cool stuff that I managed to settle with them.


I don't usually like to post blogs that show things incomplete but with me is always a never ending change. Be it adding stuff or moving stuff around.

The most complicated thing is to find the space. Then comes the situation in which I am undecided if I want series together or all mixed up style.

Originally I had only planned to collect Master Star Piece figures and World Collectable Figures. But then Banpresto released The Figure Collection (Dragon Ball stuff) and they were not in scale with either figure line. Then the World Collectable Figures PREMIUM messed my display even more as I have to decide if I want to mix them with regular WCF or if I want to set them with the likes. Problem is that if I keep them separated then I will not have enough space as more PREMIUM WCF keeps coming out. I can't do my custom wall shelves for larger figures (well, I could but it is not feasible right now).

Using the WCF boxes as stands, which I've done for years now, is the best approach to display the WCF figures. Using acrylic risers takes too much space and the number of figures I am able to display is reduced by 10-15. Not to mention, these risers are expensive. I did however found something else to use and create same effect. Something that I might buy and then make a blog about it. It will definitely create more focus on the figures as I know you guys mentioned using the boxes derails the attention from the figures and makes it a bit more chaotic.

Down here are images taken today, so much work ahead. Arrghh! And I still don't know how to display some of them.... Can't wait to fill those spaces. It is bothersome to see so much empty space. Kinda feels incomplete.


As you can see, many empty spaces (for now). The back wall with the Kamen Rider and Misc WCF is still untouched. I did moved the top row which had the Star Wars WCF into the curio for a Star Wars themed display (thanks to those PREMIUM larger figures). The other shelves containing the J Stars and some recent releases is also untouched. I don't think I will be expanding that area because it is high enough and any higher will be hard to appreciate the figures.



I definitively will be taking a look at those stuffs I would like to test as risers but for now, money is tight since all of my shareholder loots are shipped to Japan and I have to ship them to me from my broker. This upcoming shareholder loot, Banpresto mailed a total of 100 figures including some HK only releases *hint hint* to my broker (address registered as a shareholder) and just the shipping to me is USD$310. You might say is fair since I am not paying for the figures but still with bills, I got to budget, lol.

This is when I had my Red wall with cust made shelves picture/1525558...

Double Decker Detolf display picture/1410153...

Larger Figures on Black Furniture display s1.tsuki-board....
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Which display do/did you like best?

30%Red Wall with Black Cus shelves
15%Double Decker Detolf
35%Larger Figures on Black Furniture
5%The new one I am working on
15%The new one I am working on But ADD + LIGHTS
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that's to much sauce.
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Lexiy The WCF Aficionado
elliewellies4 l. temu#13503165Wow so many colours. You have an amazing collection. I love how you made the different tier levels with the boxes, that's a great idea!
Thank you. Yup
4 l. temu
Lexiy The WCF Aficionado
silentwinter914 l. temu#13497662I hope you have an air filter so you don't need to dust and like air proof the room or something. Geez thats almost too much to comprehend, im getting dizzy
I do actually.
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Lexiy The WCF Aficionado
AdrienAgreste4 l. temu#13464034holy.... i dont have any suggestions but what an amazing collection :o :o

Thank you
4 l. temu
Lexiy The WCF Aficionado
amaterasu4 l. temu#13459242You have an awesome collection! Great setup too! How often do you dust your figures?

Thank you
4 l. temu
Lexiy The WCF Aficionado
adrikyn4 l. temu#13458619The displays honestly all looks the same to me at this point, haha. There's so much it's overwhelming...
4 l. temu
Lexiy The WCF Aficionado
quileh4 l. temu#13457912How do you dust all that?
Complicated to explain haha
4 l. temu
Lexiy The WCF Aficionado
bambipie4 l. temu#13457668Maybe you should open like a museum.

Lol not at that level yet
4 l. temu
That's an impressive collection, but also very overwhelming to look at. x.x
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Wow so many colours. You have an amazing collection. I love how you made the different tier levels with the boxes, that's a great idea!
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Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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